Intimacy of Devotion… Unraveled so slowly for all to see… So many amazing stories…

2084 Mono [xxx words]

Running around like an ant in this stinking heat; that’s all I ever do… for decades…  I don’t think it will ever change…


2084 hen gase [xxx words]

The year is 2084, and an insignificant cog of a man eases back into his kline to relax, thinking his life was going ok.  The next few octs would show him just how little he had…


The Chronicles of Summer Rain Story Index

The stories that chronicle Summer’s amazing experiences are listed here in reverse chronological order, earlier volumes below. It you want to start at the very beginning, you need to go all the way to the bottom!


Volume 17, CSR Philadelphi, (xxx) words

[on FIMFiction, will add link soon.]


Volume 16, Princess 2 (sigh, not started yet…)


Volume 15, CSR Maude, 162646 Words

Waking up on someone’s back porch with no memories, no clothes, no name even… Somehow, she finds her way back… 


Volume 14, CSR Princess,  77503 Words

An average young mare, thoroughly beat up by big city life, tries to leave all that behind, head west, and find some peace. Soon living in a small house on the outskirts of a small town, she finds peace, a bunch of real friends, and a whole lot more.


Earlier Volumes

The earlier Chronicles of Summer Rain volumes were posted on FIMFiction. The links take you to the summary page / chapter index for each story, and you can navigate next chapters using controls available there.

Volume 13, Brush Pony, 20,845 words

Volume 12, Sweep of Time, 36,820 words—-sweep-of-time

Volume 11, A Wing and a Prayer, 32,157 words—-a-wing-and-a-prayer

Volume 10, Ariel Dawn, 73,754 words—-ariel-dawn

Volume 9, Future Perfect, 115,629 words—-future-perfect

Volume 8, Dark Melvain, 150,260 words—-dark-melvain

Volume 7, monsters in the Grass, 68,461 words—-monsters-in-the-grass

Volume 6, Quests in Friendship, 3,576 words

Volume 5, Faded Memories, 37,004 words—-faded-memories

Volume 4, Fury Run, 26,348 words—-fury-run

Volume 3, Follow the Equestrium, 40,959 words—-follow-the-equestrium

Volume 2, Homecoming, 43,049 words—-homecoming

The Chronicles of Summer Rain (original), 132,801 Words

Setting the stage

— Sisters, 3,767 words

— Pinkieness Times Two, 2,095 words

— Destinies, 6,057 words


Background Material

— The MLP Universe: Season 3 of the Friendship is Magic(1)

My Little Pony(1) video series

— Parallel Worlds: The first Equestria Girls(1) movie

1. c/tm Hasbro