I don’t know, maybe I made the last entry sound too… nice… Well, it was the day of my gen, and an oct no less. (An oct is a free cycle after 7 ergos cycles.) And I had just learned that my Echelon level had been decreased by 1, to E436; that meant I was one step higher in the Echelon. That was not a big thing, but it did mean a few more RU’s every oct. Well, in the middle of that oct, I thought through just writing about my life some, what I would say. I wandered into my ergon, opened up a new frame on my vid, and began to type. I had no reason that I knew of. Still, maybe I need to add a little more realism to what I wrote that cycle.

Well, I mentioned reprog; I think I need to explain that. It involves the total erasing of all memory; it is only done on adults of course. You get put in a special machine that somehow uses, I don’t know, electrical signals I think, to completely erase all your memories, and I mean everything. The brotherhood vids stress that the procedure itself is painless, and does not affect your mental functioning, your mental ability at all. Well, even if it did hurt, you wouldn’t remember that. Still, everything you knew, everything you experienced up to that point, it is all gone.

The result is an adult, at whatever age the reprog happened, but with no memories; it is like you are a baby in an adult’s body. They put you in another complex machine as soon as the erase process is done. Well, that machine… You get mounted in some sort of harness, and you just float there, at first. The machine feeds you through tubes, and also cleans you up, since you don’t remember how or when to use the lav. Two vids carefully control everything you see and hear, and also carefully supplies the stimulus to help you learn, well re-learn how to move your body, how to interact with your body and your surroundings. As you progress in your awareness, the vid content is carefully advanced. As soon as your ‘cognitive motor function’ supports it, you learn how to eat using utensils the way we eat; the vid walks you patiently through that. And I have no clue what ‘cognitive motor function’ even is; a vid I watched used that phrase. Language acquisition is the next step, and you learn how to make intelligable sounds; the vids actually walk you through interactions with other adults, over vid of course. The day/night, wake/sleep cycle is also introduced at around this time. Once you can eat, talk and begin to actually learn cognatively, the vid content shifts to include information about where we live, about the brotherhood, the more complex aspects of everyday life here. And you learn how to use a keyboard, to spell, things like that. The vid content is slowly, constantly changed to encourage you to progress in a lot of different areas, all at the same time. Well, that machine holds you in that harness, and carefully controls everything you see, hear, and learn, feeding you, cleaning you… After about 300 cycles (about a year) the machine puts your first mat on (clothing), then eases you out, and you stand up, then slowly walk out. At that point, you have the cognative abilities, physical abilities and background awareness of a 10 year old child. That’s what the vid said. I don’t remember any of that!

From there, you go into another area, where real brotherhood help you, with a lot of vid content, to the 20 year old mark where your cognative abilities, learning and understanding seem to plateau out, and you can rejoin the brotherhood. You even get a new number at that point. You are part of a group for most of that second step, so you can learn how to get along with other brotherhood. That second process also takes about a year, I think. From there, you can go on to adv (advanced training) if you want, and with the system’s assistance, you can select a skill to learn in more detail. Adv is usually expensive, and so you generally need someone else to support you through your adv. There are usually others in the brotherhood that will volunteer to do that for you; they generally look for members of the brotherhood going through adv for the same ergos they are already doing.

Still from reprog to brotherhood again takes around 600 cycles or roughly 2 years. That is not a huge loss. And the result is that you completely start over. There are a number of reasons that members of the brotherhood go through reprog. Some just get bored with the way they are living, and want a new start. They volunteer for reprog. Once on the list, they wait for an opening. Once they get in, two years later, and they are really starting over. Some among the brotherhood wind up with more difficult psychological problems. The system may suggest (or require) the use of “psychs”, drugs that can tone down a lot of issues like that. Should this approach fail, or the member refuses the psychs, the system requires reprog next. The system can use machine capabilities (small machines that help) to actually enforce that; it is no idle threat. And of course, violent actions against yourself, or against others of the brotherhood, repeated anger and rage, such things result in almost mandatory reprog. This is why brotherhood vid content often reminds us all about that.

One of the foundations of the brotherhood is that we are all equal. I explained that already. Another foundation is the free right to self expression. The self expression mandate ensures that every member of the brotherhood can do whatever they want, any way they want. However, no brotherhood member has a right (is allowed) to negatively impact any other brotherhood member, and the system carefully watches, watches out for that constantly. Well, it enforces that; self expression is a basic freedom, and the self expression of other members of the brotherhood is just as important, just as valuable as my self expression.

Still, I don’t know exactly how many of the brotherhood have actually gone through reprog. I would guess, based on the brotherhood that I have talked with, that the percentage is quite high. Well, I was reprog, too. And everything leading up to the reprog; it is sealed off and cannot be accessed by anyone except very high level Echelon. You can’t even access your own records before and leading up to your reprog. From what I can tell, it doesn’t really matter. You know you were reprog, and when. Well your personal records start from the reprog, and the date on which you were reprog, that becomes your new birth cycle number (also called your gen). Oh, I think the first reprog doesn’t cost any RUs. You have to pay for the second one if you volunteer for it… Well, enough of that!

And all of us need to eat. Every doma has a food deck that supplies the food, along with a small table next to the deck with movable seats. You can select something over a small vid, or just specify a preset, and use that (most common). The food is compositioned down below, then brought up to your food deck by a series of transport paths. It arrives at your doma just the right temperature, and tastes like it should, based on what you ordered. The food even has vitamins added, along with any other chemicals that the system detects that your body needs. And when you are done eating, everything left (utensils, containers, any food), it gets sucked up (down) a different path for cleaning then re-utilization. And this part is really cool. The system will allow you to actually cook up (joke, sorry) recipes for different, new food items. Then, the system will pay you in RU’s for the use of that recipe! The whole process is similar to the process I use to specify the parts for that personal transport I discussed before. As you work through the steps of the recipe, the system watches, and constantly analyzes… It tells you right away, for instance, if a specific ingredient can even be used! Well, the list of basic ingredients is available, and most start there. Using those thousands of basic ingredients, you specify what needs to go in the food and when, exactly detailing any cooking or cooling steps involved, mixing, etc. Well, if you do everything right, well such that the food deck equipment can make what you specify, it will actually make that for you, and send it to your food deck for you to check out (taste). For some of the brotherhood, that is their ergos! Well, and some will let you use their recipes once, then you need to pay (once) to be able to keep using it. These recipes are available in a central location on vid. My favorite food? It is an old dish called a “hamburger”. They are quite filling, but taste amazing. I tasted one on a trial. I just had to purchase the recipe; it was, it tasted that good to me. I am embarrassed how many RU’s I actually paid for that recipe, but I eat them quite often. And I have learned that if I want to be worth anything during my ergos, I need to have just a small one. I can set the portion size. And just a small serving of that usually lasts me the rest of the day, easily.

Yes, I am laughing. You can order as much food as you want, even repeatedly, subject to the wait for the time it takes to prepare the food, then deliver it to your food deck. I guess that freedom was demanded by the brotherhood at first. The system well, realized, I guess, that overweight brotherhood translated into substantial use, substantial demands on the healing machines (also down below), and an increase in deaths as a result. At some point, the system changed the food compositing equipment. The first serving is normal, and has everything you would expect, mostly artificially composed. Still, it looks, feels, tastes like it is supposed to. However, subsequent food you order before the system thinks more food is good for you; well the food has a harmless but filling plastic fibrous substance added. It doesn’t affect the experience of the food at all, but wow, it makes you feel stuffed very fast! Most in the brotherhood avoid additional servings as a result. Fewer of the brotherhood are substantially overweight, and most of us live a lot longer.

I did mention pairings before. There are basically two types. A temporary pairing (TP) is just that. Both enter into the pairing knowing that it cannot be permanent. How long it lasts depends on the brotherhood involved; most end shorter than longer. And the system can recommend termination of a TP at any time. This is a rather strong suggestion. No other restrictions apply to a TP except that it is viewed as temporary from the first day. A friend and I used an STP (same gender TP) to share costs for our doma while we went through adv (advanced skills training). The actual basis and conduct of the TP is pretty much up to the pair. Well, the self expression mandate guarantees that anyway, as long as no other member of the brotherhood is negatively impacted. We did STP because pairings bring reductions in doma costs and other helpful operational aspects, an important consideration since we were both going through adv at the time, and we had little in the way of extra RU’s. Serious STP’s happen too, but I have seen the raw side of that. And the system requires acceptance of any health issues; the system manages the healing machines down below after all, and there are limits to what these machines can safely do. I can only decide for myself, but it seems there is a lot of pain and frustration there. The use of, maybe the need for, psychs and alcohol (still allowed) seems commonplace. And there is a much greater tendency for one of such an STP to really dominate the other, and that violates the first foundation of hen gase. Still, an STP, that is their choice, their perspective. As a Minister, I try and help any of the brotherhood that reaches out via vid, regardless of the reason or perspective. Like I said, I enjoy that. All pairings need to work on treating each other as equals; I have seen that much. Permanent pairings (PP) are not near as common, and far more difficult. This is because the pairing is viewed as permanent by the system. The only way out of a PP is through reprog, which the pair does need to fund with their RUs.

I don’t know, maybe there are other gaps that need filling in. Well, in view of the first foundation mentioned above (we are all equal), the vid access between children is very carefully controlled by the system. My daughter Violet is 5, and can only have vid connections with other kids between one year lower and one year higher than her age. The system knows your age long before you even turn your vid, any vid on. It carefully enforces these age limits (up until you are 20 years old) to prevent, well adults especially, from taking advantage of children. I seriously doubt that is a problem now. From some of the few historical vids I am familiar with, I think that used to be a bigger problem.

And I do occasionally have nightmares. In one, I am doing a Minister Help session; that is my ergos after all. But I begin to feel a definite pull, somehow… It is like the vid is pulling first my head, then my whole body towards the vid in front of me. And when I type on the keyboard, my fingers begin to stick to the keys, and I have to really pull hard to get my fingers back. Soon, I have to put my arms out, and hold the edge of the vid to keep myself away. The dream ends as it feels like my head is being powerfully sucked into the vid. I know such a scenario is physically impossible, and remind myself of that after I wake up, but still. Another nightmare is short; I wake up with a start, and hear the tail end of what sounds like a huge hammer hitting something very solid, way down below, in the base of the tower where my doma is. It is very loud, very solid sounding. I always wake up just as the loud impact sound is fading. And sometimes, I feel like the whole tower has actually, well, lurched. After waking up, I try to remind myself… These towers are rock sold; and have been here for decades, far longer than I can remember. They could never move. And that noise, I don’t know… Well, like I tell the brotherhood, most dreams, most nightmares, you need to just ignore…

Still, our life is stable, a lot more stable than it used to be, we are told. Between the system’s mangement of, well, everything, to the careful brotherhood vid content… Paying for your doma requires a bare minimum of effort for most of the brotherhood, and the system does its best to care for the rest of your needs. And most people spend their lives in their doma, in their kline, doing whatever they want to do. Well, every kline can be used, well each kline does include the algorithms to effect physical exercise. I have not used that much and maybe I should use it more. Well, talking to the brotherhood most of my ergos, I can’t be bobbing about while I exercise as I do that! Besides, I need to stay pretty focused for brotherhood sessions, Echelon sessions too, I guess.

Maybe I am still making everything sound too nice. Well, maybe not. You can eat just about anything you want, and make up your own recipes for new food until you find something you really enjoy. You can watch just about anything you want to watch as well, and new brotherhood material is getting released at a rapid pace, and there is tons of older stuff. You can do just about anything for your ergos and easily pay for your doma. Well, you can easily go and do anything you please, as long as no other of the brotherhood are negatively impacted. One of the brotherhood told me recently he spent one day just laying in a pond somewhere, with just his face above the water. That was all he did. He said it made him feel so much better. He was self expressing. That is a protected activity! The brotherhood I live with… We really can do, see, taste just about anything we want. Everything is practically given to us, and on top of that, we can vid-visit with anyone, any of the brotherhood, anywhere…

…Still, I just feel… From the problems I deal with, it is clear the brotherhood don’t seem… fully content, even with all this…

I remember seeing this picture once. I think it was a brief picture from one of the brotherhood teaching vids. The picture was taken from way up in the sky. The view looked down on a bunch of the huge dome things that we all live in; each dome holds 200,000 to 300,000 of the brotherhood. The sun was low, so it was early morning or late evening. And a thick fog covered the ground completely. All that could be seen was the top half maybe of the domes. Well, that sea of domes, looking like silver balls poking out of the misty fog, it stretched away for as far as the view included. Well, there was a substantial mountain range encroaching from the left, and the domes went right up to the edge of the mountains, then stopped. Still, the domes were all the exact same distance apart, from each other, carefully geometrically arranged. This regular pattern repeated itself to the edge of the view and beyond. I could not count… There were a lot of the brotherhood represented by all those domes! And I had no idea if this was all there were, all we were, either. And just before the scene changed to something else, I noticed that one of the domes… It was… the exposed part of the dome was a charred black, and the top of the dome was caved in, with a jagged hole. I guess I never had the courage to ask anyone about that, what happened.

Still, that glimpse… That sea of domes and the millions of the brotherhood they held… There were a lot of the brotherhood, and I mean a lot! But in the last 7 or 8 years especially, I just began to feel, more and more… So many that I sessioned with… I sensed, I was feeling little more than quiet desperation… Going through the motions, just to get through another day. I… thought it was just me at first, and I hoped having Violet would help me see through… It wasn’t me; I was just reflecting what I was feeling from the brotherhood I was trying to help, each of the brotherhood I talked to. Quiet desperation; it seemed highly contagious.



c2017 by Shysage



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