The year is 2084, and an insignificant cog of a man eases back into his kline to relax, thinking his life was going ok.  The next few octs would show him just how little he had… [xxx words]

Chapter Index (links follow each chapter title)

The background music for the opening chapters is named simply “In Game Music 5” from the PC game named Machines, c1999 by Acclaim Entertainment. I have no idea who holds the copyright now, or if it is available anywhere for purchase. It feels… distant… alone… abandoned…


Ch. 1

Ch. 2

Ch. 3

Ch. 4

Ch. 5

Ch. 6

Ch. 7

Ch. 8

The background music for the next chapters is the Toccata in F Major from the Fifth Organ Symphany by Charles Widor. The version I have was played by E. Power Bigs, digitized from an old record… It is… playful majesty!

Ch. 9

Ch. 10

Ch. 11

Ch. 12

Ch. 13

Ch. 14

Ch. 15

Ch. 16

Ch. 17

Ch. 18

Ch. 19

Ch. 20

Ch. 21

Ch. 22

The background music has faded completely away at this point. All that can be heard is the quiet hiss of the air flowing into the doma from equipment far below, or the sound of the wind blowing outside the dome through a missing panel in the meadow up top…

Ch. 23

Ch. 24

Ch. 25

The background music returns ominously… Overflowing with foreboding… “The Serpentine Labyrinth” from the Forever Today add-on to the Seekers of Adoulin Original Soundtrack for Final Fantasy XI, all copyright by Square Enix.

Ch. 26

Ch. 27

Ch. 28

The background music has faded away.

Ch. 29



2084 hen gase is copyright 2018 by Shysage



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