Wading through a huge list of Blog entries in order to read a story, this is… tedious!  We have added a Story Index menu item along the top which allows you to both find any of these stories, as well as read them through, start to finish, in a more orderly, and hopefully less tedious manner.  Moving forward, every chapter we post will still be added as a new Blog entry first.  If you are following along, jumping in at the top Blog will show the latest chapter of whatever story is being posted.  We will additionally add the latest chapter to the appropriate Story Index item, so if you like a Blog entry, you can quickly find the whole story and start reading at the beginning!

Given the subject matter of this web site, mature content is inevitable.  We have floated that you should be 17 before reading a lot of these posts (mature category), but we know we can’t enforce that. Even though we try to avoid anatomical references and gory details, we know that some will read these posts, these stories just for vicarious enjoyment of the contents; we can’t stop that either.  But like we occasionally point out, why settle for simply that, when you could have so much more?  We are trying to light the way, if only in a feeble manner, anyway. The intimacy of devotion is such a treasure, such a priceless jewel, even if this approach might seem rocky at times.


And, please… I don’t, can’t write for a living, not yet anyway. I work my tail off like the rest of hen gase, and spend much of the rest of my day on other responsibilities… I fight through each day like so many, it seems.  As a result, I can only focus on a chapter at a time, and generally release chapters as I feel they are done.  If you run into a chapter you don’t like… don’t just red-flag the whole story, wow!  Maybe wait until the whole story is posted, and read it through from the beginning. It might make more sense then.

And… yes, after I complete a story — Use the Story Index to go back and read it through again, start to finish, like the novel it is intended to be!  I hope you will be glad you did!

Yes… my whole life is a work in progress. I don’t think I am alone there.



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