I think it was just a few weeks later. I had already shared with Delores and Kacey some of the earlier journal entries I had done, the ones Shysage and I had transferred to that new computer anyway, about when I was Maude. A bunch of them, because of the salesmorons, Tina did not get to read. But Kacey did, and laughed sarcastically as she mentioned she now had a name for a bunch of the guys at her college… Still, Tina was so bummed for what she couldn’t read, but I think she understood why, to some extent. Those entries she could read included the more recent ones about the first few days Bill blazed into my life; he was soon living in one of the apartments out back. Tina thought those journal entries were amazing. Delores pulled me aside and said quietly with a few tears that her little girl was growing up. But Tina wanted to come thank us herself! And, she wanted to see the bed Bill (Shysage) built. I have no idea why! And Kacey was home from her college for some reason, so that rare, comfortable sunday afternoon after church, Delores, Kacey and Tina came over, mostly for hugs, I think. We didn’t mind! And Ariel got along so well with both Tina and Kacey. Tina wanted to see Bill’s apartment, then I suspected we would relax on the front porch (swing) for a while. I never need an excuse to visit with Delores and her girls. Shysage led us all around back, unlocked the door to ‘his’ apartment, then pushed the door open, then sighed as he looked around the room. He backed away, and… hugged me. I think he was fighting back tears. Tina didn’t waste any time, wriggled through and in, then surveyed… “Wow, so this is where it all–” Tina stopped talking abruptly, and was looking at the wall behind the bed… “Cool, what is that?” she asked, amazed. Before anyone could say or do anything, Tina ran, bounded up on the bed, hoping to stop herself with a hand against the wall… The wall didn’t stop her… Instead, Tina fell… through… she kept going… There was a glimpse of blue, then a bright flash… Tina was gone…


1. CSR Maude: Revelations is copyright 2017 by Shysage. And “CSR Maude” is vol. 15 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain. This is the last chapter of the novel CSR Maude. (sigh…)




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