Later that sunday afternoon, Ariel said she needed a nap. So much had been going on for all three of us. Shysage, well we both hugged Ariel, and Shysage said we were going for a walk out back, and wouldn’t be gone long. Ariel smiled, then headed into the guest room, now her room, and literally flopped on her bed, curled up and didn’t move. I smiled, but I knew Shysage was fighting back tears. I hugged him, and smiled at him, my Shysage… my forever man… Summer’s shield… He smiled back (my only goal), and wrapped an arm around my waist. Hugging arm in arm, we walked slowly to the back door, through, down the steps, down into our own private ocean of brilliant green, glistening wet oat grass that seemed to stretch so far…

We walked very slowly, and aimlessly, hugging tightly, for a while. We didn’t want to be too far away from the house, from our treasure Ariel, but we just kept walking, slowly, hugging. I knew Shysage was in thought at one point, then he shook his head side to side, and said quietly “I don’t want to think about… any of… that…” He stopped us, and we hugged tightly. Yes, we had each other back, miraculously, I’m sure. I think we both needed that, needed each other. We just stood there hugging for a while more. I was soon weeping softly… I love my Shysage so much…

Shysage turned us, and we began walking slowly back to the house. We weren’t in a hurry, and just took our time. When we were most of the way back… I don’t know… It sort of just hit me; I needed, desperately needed my man… I have no idea why that happened all of a sudden like that. And I was immediately unsure how to even try to comunicate that to Shysage. But amazingly… slowly… obstinately… resolutely… Shysage said quietly “I will, precious…” I began crying quietly, partly because I really needed him, and partly because he knew, and I didn’t even have to explain…

We were near those small apartments, and I glanced over. Shysage saw that, and look briefly, too. “Will your bed hold both of us?” I asked quietly, still sniffling. Shysage smiled, and turned us towards the apartment that held his first bed here… We walked quickly over, and in, Shysage checked for snakes while I… Well, I couldn’t wait, and had most of, well, Edna’s clothes off by then, just dropping them on the floor. Shysage did the same thing, laid on his back in his bed and held his arms out. Still crying, I was quickly… The details are not important. Shysage took amazing care of his woman, and we both enjoyed every single second. I am sure Shysage took into account that Ariel might be up soon, and we didn’t want her to get freaked out, not finding us easily. Shysage was not taking his time, I realized that, but he didn’t need to, and that didn’t stop him from making me feel so amazing inside. I never stopped crying; I needed, need him so bad. When we were resting still, I kept crying… How this man could devote himself so completely to me… I can’t think of anything more important to a woman…

We did lose track of time after that, though. Maybe it finally hit us, hit me, what had happened, I don’t know… I hugged my man tightly… Well, I don’t know how I ever survived without him. I guess I did, as Maude, but just barely, I think. We were hugging tightly… clinging, really… “Oh, Shysage, I love you so much…”

Shysage frowned, then tried to slowly explain… “Summer, I missed you so much… I mean, I think we all hurt so bad from losing what we cherished… Well, it was ripped away… But after your amazing body woke me up… It still hurt so bad… I had you as Maude, and you were close, and I could take care of you in so many ways… protect you… But you were still… You felt so far away, even in our closest times… Like I kept saying, I never would leave you… But you were still, still seemed so far… And then when Ariel showed up… Well, everything just hurt, I don’t know…” Shysage didn’t try to go on beyond that point.

But I began to think… Why did PonyRos have to do that… Why can’t Shysage and I just enjoy our devotion; why was there always somepony (it seemed like) trying to stop us, to rip away the treasure we had… Yes, we stopped Chard-Onix from killing others… But we weren’t trying to take anypony elses’ treasure… Why… My thoughts trailed off at that point. Then I smiled. Shysage, Ariel, and I… we did have so much… We had each other again. “Oh, Shysage, I love you so much…” Yeah, I said it again.

Shysage kissed me. “I know, Summer… I just hope I never have to lose you again… It doesn’t get any easier…” I smiled back at Shysage, and we just sat there, hugging tightly, for a while… We didn’t know what the future held, but we had each other… and our Ariel… And true friend could take care of the rest. That had to be enough.

But I was so relaxed… I rolled slowly off Shysage towards the wall, laid on my back, then stretched slowly for my man. Then I sighed, slowly and deeply. That was about as much as I could do, then I flopped my arms out to the side… Only… The arm that would have flopped against the wall… It didn’t stop… It kept going until my arm was… flat… I looked right away, but it wasn’t my arm that I saw… It was my… front… pony… leg and hoof…

I sat quickly up, and was wide awake immediately… I turned to face the wall, looking, then I saw… dimly… the same faintly tinted brown arch against the textured white wall in front of me. I touched one of my fingers gently against the wall, and ripples burst outwards from that very spot… The Portal… It was here… Shysage was sitting behind me, and just pulled me gently backwards, into his lap… We cried together for a while. That Portal was the pathway to my home… And I couldn’t, probably shouldn’t even go there, probably for a long, long time… But on the other side of that Portal… my sister… my princess… Cel and Lu… so many other very precious friends… Equestria(1)…


1. c/tm Hasbro inc.

2. CSR Maude: Revelations is copyright 2017 by Shysage. And “CSR Maude” is vol. 15 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain




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