I think I woke up a little early the next day. And, even before I first opened my eyes, I was weeping softly. Losing Delores, even for a while… But I was weeping softly, because, even in the midst of all that pain, my Bill… He so cherished me last night… Oh, my goodness, I really needed that, needed him… And, the minute I opened my eyes, Bill gently kissed one of my breasts, then got out of bed quickly, ran around to me, and picked me up. I just melted in his arms. He walked me slowly out to our swing, carrying me like I was so important to him… And, the front door was wide open already! Bill had planned ahead for this… for me… For a while, I let Bill just enfold me, hug me into his devotion on our swing… Bill’s hug, his body… the warm breeze… And I remember when Bill first pulled the swing out of the pump-house out in the back field. Well, I thought it was a bed at first, and I honestly wondered how anyone could ever sleep in that thing. Well, I had fallen asleep on Bill a number of times swinging. But maybe that was just him… Bill was… is everything to me…

Bill guessed at the time, picked me up again and carried me inside. He helped me sit on the end of our bed while he gathered our clothes so we could get dressed and ready to go. And as we were walking to the Diner later that morning, I just had to realize… Since we were married, My amazing husband seemed to know exactly how to excite me, to fill me with the most spectacular pleasure, and then join me in feeling more amazing than I ever thought possible. And he didn’t always do the same thing. It was like he spent time coming up with amazingly creative ways to… push the right buttons… “Bill, you take such good care of me…” I got this much out then cried softly. “You really do put my pleasure first, but it seems so different each time… I… I just couldn’t ask for more in a man…” I stopped and cried, and my Bill quickly pulled me close, and hugged me tightly.

Bill was in thought as I tried to calm down. Then he said quietly “Maude, I don’t know how, but I love you more and more as each day passes. I guess I always try to find new ways to show you that.”

I cried a little longer, then looked in his eyes, and said quietly “Please don’t ever stop…”

Bill kissed me, and said quietly “I can’t… I would die…”

We resumed our walk. But I realized he really meant that. Well, I think if either of us… We would both die… That was scary, but very comforting, all at the same time. Maybe I would be a mess today…

The Diner was busy from the minute we got there. Even the locals annex was active most of the day, but those were Bill’s tables. Well, we did get a small break in the middle of the afternoon. It was a very hot day, but thanks to Bill playing with the AC and the cook’s vent fan… It was very comfortable in the dining room; every window was shut. I think many that came in just needed a break from the heat. But it was dry heat, and that should make it better right? I still don’t understand that…

But, during that slow time in the middle of that afternoon, a small family came in and found a booth near the front windows. I actually remember my vision getting all messed up, and only then realized they were walking through the front door… This family had been here once before that I remember, and I did a journal entry about that bazaar day. Of course, they brought their adorable little girl with them, this time too. If she was mine, I would never let her out of my sight! They found themselves a booth, and sat down. I let them appreciate the AC for a few minutes before I wandered over to take their order. Bill was doing the dishes in the kitchen, and I walked back there, to get him and bring him out to meet them. I pulled him away, and said that he just had to come see this adorable little girl. Well, I noticed that there were tears in Bill’s eyes. “Bill, is everything ok?” I asked quietly.

“Wow, Maude, I love you so much…” He said this, and we hugged tightly, briefly. Then Bill took my hand and followed me out to the dining room. Even from a distance, the mommy looked sad again, even with my vision doing wierd things. Walking to their table, I quickly remembered that part of their last visit. Well, my Bill is full of surprises. The little girl’s dad was next to the window. Bill squeezed around ahead of me, then slid into the booth, and pulled me in next to him. Well, I was looking at that cute little girl. She was wrinkling her nose into the most precious face… “You brought your mommy and daddy back to visit” I said, sounding as cheery as I could; my vision was pretty messed up and I had no clue why. And, while I was doing that… Bill reached around and carefully pulled the string out of both of my little ponytail things, and then gently guided my hair down over my shoulders. I have no clue why Bill did that, but I just wanted to melt. But the little girl’s mommy gasped.

And after Bill finished putting my hair down, that little girl looked at me briefly, then said loudly “Mommy, that lady looks just like you!” I looked up at the mommy, and I gasped too… Now that my hair was, well clean… This little girl’s mommy and I looked absolutely identical… Golden blond hair, blue eyes, face… I think we stared at each other in disbelief…

Bill reached out his hand to the husband, and the husband put his hand out and they shook hands. “Bill’s the name” my Bill said.

The husband answered quietly “Shysage, and pleased to meet you.” But that voice… And I replayed my recollection of my last visit… The man’s voice was the same as I recall from their last visit, that was clear. But it was exactly, and I mean exactly the same quiet voice that my Bill had… My Bill and this man Shysage… Their voices sounded exactly the same… I was stunned…

Well, I think Bill had his wits about him; I certainly didn’t. This was just bazaar to me on so many levels… My Bill put his arm around me, and hugged me tightly. “And this is Maude, my amazingly beautiful wife.” I blushed… brightly…

The other man, Shysage, hugged his wife the same way, and also said quietly “And this is Summer, my amazingly beautiful wife.” His wife blushed brightly too.

“Well, my husband is amazingly handsome too!” This part… was… so… very… bazaar… The man’s wife, Summer, I guess, said these exact words at exactly the same time as I did, and in exactly the same way… We both said that at the same time; it sounded like only one person was talking! That was SOOOO freaky… And she and I, we both realized it, looked at each other, smiled and giggled afterwards, in exactly the same way…

And, as much time as I had spent around my Bill, I now realized… “Oh, my goodness, Bill, you both could be twins!” This brought a tear or two to both of them. I still don’t understand men all that well, anyway. Well, this was just bazaar… It was just very, very bazaar…

Still, I stood up, and held out my hand to this beautiful woman who looked just like me. She got up, and I pulled her into a tight hug. I said softly “It is very bazaar how alike we look. But if you ever need an adopted sister, let me know.” I really meant that.

I guess, Summer understood, and she replied quietly but quickly “Done!”. Then we cried softly together. But we cried at the same time, in exactly the same way… I… That was even more bazaar, I don’t know…

After a few minutes, we both sat back down. That cute little girl had watched us hug, I guess. “Mommy, does that mean I have two mommies now?”

Summer hugged her daughter, and said “nah, they…” and froze right there.

The other man, Shysage I guess, said “And this is our beautiful daughter Ariel.”

I jumped right in. “So you are Ariel! That is such a pretty name…”

It sounded like my Bill was having difficulty even talking, but he said quietly “Maude, let’s get these nice friends some food.” Then we both got up, and I got back to work, and took their order. Bill headed back into the kitchen to wash dishes. We got busy about then, but I got them their dinner. We didn’t have an opportunity to visit together any more. But from what I could tell, the mommy didn’t seem sad any more. I am not sure why she wasn’t sad now, but I was glad about that.

But when they came to the register to pay, the husband looked at the bill, then asked “Summer, do you have a five?” Well, I guess I realized… I looked at my new adopted sister. “So Summer is your name, not just the season.” And, after saying that I thought it might sound dumb, I don’t know. But I added how I felt “That is a very pretty name!” Well, I was trying to be upbeat, anyway, and I hugged her again. Still, it was just very strange that she smiled at me, even though I could tell, well maybe I could feel inside her, that she was fighting back tears again. And I don’t even know how I could feel that…

Their adorable daughter was standing there reaching up to me, just like last time, and I kneeled down and gave her a big hug. “Your mommy and daddy are very nice!” I put Ariel I guess, down, then sighed. “Well, you know where we are, stop back in whenever you can” then I smiled. They left, and just like last time, the hugged together before they got in their car. But, I thought I heard this: “thank you true friend…” That made no sense to me. They were soon in their car and gone. And those double vision things went away soon after.

Like I said, that was all bazaar. Well, it was very bazaar, I don’t know. A man that looked, sounded just like my Bill, and a woman that looked and sounded just like me… The order up bell brought me back to reality though, and Bill and I were quickly immersed in the dinner rush. And we had to stay late, we were so busy… But after my Bill got all the cleaning done, we were walking home arm in arm, hugging… We had to walk in step to do that, but we weren’t in a hurry. And Bill had remembered the flashlight this time, too.

As we walked, I was deep in thought. I was not… That family with the cute girl, and parents that looked just like Bill and I… It was not their visit today, it was their first visit, a few months ago, maybe even weeks before Bill sat on the front steps… I had to stop… that… But I hugged Bill tightly, and said quietly “Bill, before you came to me, that family visited the Diner. And I looked at the husband, and realized he was very handsome, and I said I wanted to find a man like him. And… now…” We both burst into tears at the same time, and cried together as we worked our way home. We made it to the swing, and just cried together, hugging tightly, for hours.

It was all just so very bazaar…


1. Maude: Revelations is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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