Last night, my man had given me one amazing shower! Well, we did shower, then he made me feel so on fire inside, then so amazingly took care of his woman… Shower time had really scared Bill and I, a week ago maybe, wow! Time in the shower is an amazing opportunity now, and Bill… Well, I think we both slept well and close, and naked too, in case that even matters! And Bill didn’t even wait for me to ask. The sun was up; my husband got up, picked me up off the bed, and carried me out to our swing. The already warm air felt so amazing on our naked bodies as we hugged each other close. Well, Bill’s manliness always feels nice up against me, and I think Bill would say the same for my breasts. I think we appreciate each other’s bodies! I like married!

Bill mentioned that, well we never had visitors, except for the Sheriff one evening when I woke up screaming from a bad dream. Still, Bill left the front door open, then we kissed for a while. And, it felt… Maybe tonight we could shower again. Actually no, Bill is always so creative about cherishing me. It is more fun to just wait and see what he has in mind, well up his sleeve, I heard someone say once. After a while, Bill got up while hugging me close (he picked me up!), and said something about moving the swing to the back porch, and getting an alarm clock out there. Wow, swinging out back… My Bill stood there, holding me up, still cradling me in his arms, and I kissed him, briefly. Maybe we were both ready for a shower right now. Well, Bill carried us both into the bedroom, and sat us down in the rocking chair. Bill said quietly “ok, we have half an hour maybe. Let’s just try to relax and feel each other inside.” Well, Bill then tipped the rocker way back, then hugged me close. So, exciting things were out, but… Soon we were both… Tears flowed as we reached for each other’s hearts. That was just amazing. And I remembered saying, hoping we could still do this after the ‘s’ word became a part of our relationship. That was so true. Maybe… Well, we were both naked and in broad daylight. But, after taking care of each other last night, maybe it was easier to focus on reaching into each others’ hearts like this. I still knew I needed Bill so much, maybe even more now. And, at one point, Bill even took my ring, and said quietly, just one word, “forever.” That absolutely did make me cry, and I did the exact same thing back. Yes, rocking chair time was still an amazing way to start our days together.

But we did have to work. After that half hour, my Bill put each of his hands on each of my breasts briefly, which made me shiver, then he moved his hands around under my arms, then stood up while helping me stand up. We kissed and hugged briefly too. Well, maybe a little more… I don’t know how fast we can get ready for work any more. But Bill mentioned that we should try to get to the Diner a little early. He explained that the AC would not cool the Diner off right away; it would take a while. If we got there maybe 15 minutes early, and opened all the windows, this would help a lot of the hot air to get out, and maybe make it easier on the AC. That’s my Bill, just trying to help others. I’m sure our first customers would really appreciate that.

Getting dressed, watching each other… Why do we both enjoy that so much? We did walk slowly to the Diner, hugging… And Bill did find another one of those pretty gold and white flowers to put in the small pony tail thing behind my left ear. We were early, but rounding the front of the Diner, there were already a few standing at the front, waiting, talking. Delores was one of them. While she and I hugged, Bill went quickly in and opened every single window in the Diner, and propped the back door open. He said it was pretty warm in there. Delores mentioned she needed to talk to me briefly though, after everything calmed down. Well, I thought that might be a while. “Our lunch rush…” I thought that as three more cars pulled into the parking lot. Bill said it was tolerable, so people went in and found a spot. Bill had already turned the grill vent fan on for the cook, and I saw the cook in front of the grill as I walked into the Diner, and fished around for my order tablet and favorite pen. Bill caught me and we hugged and kissed briefly, leaning against the low singles table thing. I quickly put my head on his shoulder, and worked at not crying. Wow, I love Bill so much…

We did get to work, and were quickly busy. Ok, so Bill and the cook were busy! I didn’t feel like there was that much for me to do any more, except talk to our customers. Well, I took orders, and posted them for the cook. And I delivered small orders when they were ready. Big orders — I found my Bill for that, and we usually hugged tightly first thing. And Bill did all the cleaning, washing dishes, and just about everything else. And at one point, I realized; maybe I could do this until I was 98, well as long as my Bill was here to help me, anyway. I looked out across our busy dining room, until I saw my Bill, then I just sighed… “Yes, I could do this… forever…”

I didn’t forget about Delores; she was sitting calmly sipping on a soda. I eased in next to her, and we hugged right away. A tear or two fell for both of us. There was really nothing to say. Still, she pulled out her cell phone thing, turned it on… “I got a text from Kacey last night” Delores started. “Lemme read it to you, then you can decide. This is what Kacey’s text said.

“Mom, let Maude know that I posted two pictures from Maude’s wedding on my facebook last night. Aside from a guy who added ‘Figures…’ below it, I also got a long post from a girl (I think) named Pinky. She was adamant that she knew both Bill and Maude, ‘who they really were’ she said. She wanted me to put her in contact with them, with Bill and Maude. That is really up to Maude though. I thought I would pass that along. The internet can be a scary place.”

That was Kacey’s text to me, via Delores’ cell. I seemed to recall this same person showing similar interest about me before, I don’t know. And Kacey’s warning at the end; she had said as much over christmas. I… There was no reason that I knew to respond to this person. I smiled. “Tell Kacey I said she and Tina looked absolutely beautiful for my wedding.” Delores smiled, worked at her cell thing a minute then put it down on the table.

Before we had a chance to even say anything, Kacey texted back, I guess. Delores read the message, then hugged me tightly. Then Delores smiled. “That was from Kacey.” The order up bell rang, and that was… time for me to get back to work. Delores got up too, and we hugged tightly, briefly. “Maude, you are such a good friend…” That made me cry a little, and we hugged again. Delores left, and I met Bill waiting for me at the order up shelf to deliver a big order. The cook had given him a heads up as the cook collected all the food for the order. Bill and I hugged tightly, too briefly, and Bill noticed my tears. “Delores is such a good friend…” That was all I really needed to say, and my man helped me calm down. But still… Not having to do, well, everything besides the cooking… I could actually enjoy things like that now… I asked Bill for rocking chair time tonight. He just smiled. He would give me anything I wanted if he could.

Aside from the maybe 5 minutes I spent with Delores, we were pretty busy over lunch. Things calmed down in the afternoon, though. Bill and I actually stopped and hugged some more in front of the singles counter. I just lost myself on Bill’s chest, in his hug… We had been there fifteen minutes easily. I realized I was next to Bill, enjoying being next to Bill, and basically ignoring everything else. “Oh, my goodness, Bill, I should be working…”

I looked up at Bill. He smiled at me, and I relaxed right away. “Well, when another customer needs you, you can do that.” Bill said, then chuckled. He was watching out for that, of course. Bill was taking care of his woman while taking care of his woman. (Typing that made me chuckle, then cry… Wow, I love my Bill…) “Besides…” Bill said softly. “We are newly-weds. What would anyone else expect?” I sighed deeply. Then the order up bell rang…

Later in the afternoon, a local walked calmly up, on his horse, tied it up in the parking spot with the bar thing, gave it some food, then came inside to “enjoy a little AC” he said as he found a booth. And strangely, I could actually remember… His name was Earl. We were slow, so I was soon asking him what he wanted. “Just black coffee, please, and I want to talk to you and your new hubby when you get a sec.” While getting Earl’s coffee, I snagged Bill in the kitchen prepping burger stuff for the cook. We hugged tightly, too briefly, then walked to the dining room and sat next to each other across the booth from Earl.

Earl shook Bill’s hand and introduced himself right away. Then Earl looked at me and laughed heartily. “An’ I remember the day you thought my mini stallion was cute, then he shoved you over on your back side because you were standing on his food!” I laughed pretty hard at that… It didn’t hurt… Bill smiled, anyway.

Earl sighed… “I guess I’d like to ask you two young’uns a favor, but I gotta’ tell you the whole story first.

“I raised 500 ta’ 800 head o’ cattle on my ranch for years. Always had t’ irrigate, too. This is the desert after all. Well, Ed an’ I met at church, and were good friends right off. We talked about both our operations, helped the other a lot… I was always jealous of his farm though, it was so small… tiny! I had to manage thousands of acres with all those cattle…” Earl laughed loudly. “Ed just had… your back yard!” Still, he went on. “And when Ed wanted to irrigate his chicken farm, well he asked me first thing. We set it all up together. We got his well good an’ deep, twice what any o’ mine were. And the sprinkler piping…” Earl laughed again. “Well we did his setup fixin’ everything I had done wrong with mine!”

Earl sighed. “I retired from cattle years ago… such a cut-throat business any more. All I do now is raise a few horses, well an’ ridin’ ’em too. Bein’ able to do that, ridin’ in the cool of the morning… ’bout all a man like me could ever want.” He looked out the window at the horse he rode in on and sighed, smiled.

Bill was… “Earl, how can we help you?” Bill asked calmly.

“Well, here’s the thing” Earl started. “I just grow oats for my horses any more. But my wells are all bottomed out. Maybe I have too many in such a small area. An’ I used ’em all a lot, for years. An’ truckin’ oat hay in anymore is gettin’ real expensive. Well, I was just thinkin’… I know Ed’s well is still good, and will be findin’ water long after… What I would like to do is plow flat your back yard, well that whole back pasture, where all them chickens used to be… I’d get the irrigation squared away, then plant oats, just enough to keep my horses goin’ though. And I can even keep the oats near the house mowed nice, sorta’ like a yard maybe.” Earl thought a minute, then added “Probably keep the rattlers away too. They don’t like all that water, and certainly don’t like oats! They don’t care much for my horses, and their manure is what I’d fertilize with. An’ all that water probably flush away the chicken smell; I can still smell that!”

We all laughed. But… grass… behind our house… here in the desert… That sounded so wonderful to me… “Whaddya say?” Earl asked.

Bill was smiling, too. He reached out his hand, and the two men shook on it, Earl said later. It was a done deal.

Well, my Bill was looking out for… us! “Earl, that sounds fine. Six days a week we work here, and we would prefer you do your work while were are here. And I think sundays, well we just relax at the house.”

“Aww, that sounds fine” Earl answered right away. “I work slow, can’t do near what I used ta’. Afternoons is all I can usually do anyway.” Earl thought a minute, then added “An’ I don’t work sundays at all, never have. Just church an’ relaxing for me. A body needs a day of rest, you know.” I think we all agreed with that.

“Earl, that sounds fine. We are glad we can help you and your horses. And getting some green grass near the house, well my bride and I love relaxing together.” Bill said this, looked at me and… blushed!

Earl just smiled. “You young-uns… Hope it lasts for ya!” Wow, I didn’t have any doubt about that, not for Bill and I!

The order up bell took me away, and Bill and Earl talked a while longer. But, like I said, I never minded that. Earl came up, paid for his dollar cup of coffee, and left a dollar tip even. He and his horse were soon slowly on their way. Bill and I ended up back next to the low singles counter one more time that afternoon. I just melted into his chest, into his hug. Part of me did feel like that scared little girl again, but with Bill taking care of me… I didn’t need to cry, but I did, softly. Bill kissed me a few times, and I calmed down.

The dinner rush came and went. We were busy, well Bill and the cook were busy, then things slowed way down. Just some locals were left, just enjoying the AC, I think. It was still stinking hot outside. Bill was in the back helping the cook clean, when Delores’ husband Victor walked slowly in. I was at the register, and I smiled and said hi right away. Victor got to the point. “I need to talk to Bill, if that’s ok.” Victor walked slowly to one of the empty front booths and sat carefully down. I walked into the kitchen, and explained to Bill that Victor had just come in, and wanted to talk to him. Once we were out into the dining room, I watched Bill ease in across the table from Victor, and the order up bell rang. I was delivering two burgers to another table.

Next, I heard Victor say a little loudly “Now, you are sounding like my wife…” Victor didn’t sound pleased at all. Just a minute later maybe, and much louder, Victor said “That… NO! I came here for some help! Not THIS….” Victor slowly got up from the table as my man was still sitting there… Victor glared at me as he walked slowly past me… Almost to the front door, Victor yelled loudly “An’ stay away from my family…” Then he was gone…

Well, That meant Delores… Starting to cry myself, Bill was already up, and we ended up hugging again in front of the low singles counter while I worked at not crying… Trying not to cry himself, Bill slowly explained what had happened…

“Victor said his cardiologist didn’t like the results from his heart, and wanted to run a bunch more tests. Victor is scared…

“It was quiet a minute, then I said ‘Victor, if you walk all the way around your truck ten times, that is a quarter of a mile. I think even that small amount of exercise would really help…’

“That made Victor mad, and he said I sounded like Delores.

“I… I looked Victor in the eye and said ‘So much fast food… Not near enough exercise… Victor, you are killing yourself…’

“Victor was furious… You heard the rest…”

Bill did cry softly. “I was just trying to help him…” Well, we cried softly together for a few minutes, leaning against that low singles counter. I loved Delores, and Kacey, and Tina… It was like they were the only other real friends I had, well besides my Bill. Victor said we couldn’t… I was slowly crying more and more as this all sank slowly in.

One of the local ladies walked up to us, to me, and put her arm on my shoulder. There were tears in her eyes, too. She slowly said this. “Thank the good lord some man cared enough to tell Victor the truth… An’ Bill, you just topped everything by doin’ that; I don’t care what anyone else says about you ever again. Victor can give hisself a heart attack now if he wants ta’, but he can’t say nobody cared enough to try an’ warn him.” Bill and I had turned, and were facing her by then. She hugged us both. “Don’t fret young-uns, it’ll all work out.” She paid for she and her friend’s dinner, then they left.

I still just barely made it through the rest of that evening. I think my man knew I was hurting, and actually skimped a little on the cleaning so he could hurry… for me… We walked quickly home, and I collapsed in his lap on the swing and cried for a long time. My Bill hugged me tightly, and cried with me. Hours later, I calmed slowly down. My amazing man said just this. “Maude, Victor dying of a heart attack would hurt you and Delores, and Kacey and Tina, far more than this…” Bill thought a minute, then said quietly “I think that lady was right. We just need to wait and see how it will work out.” Well, I cried buckets again, but only for a little while. I knew my Bill was right. I was crying for Delores and her two amazing kids.

My precious man… “Maude, is it too late for a shower?” Well, it was late, and… we did more than shower. My Bill took care of his hurting woman, and joined me in the most amazing pleasure… Then he dried me off, brushed my hair, then snuggled next to me, naked, in bed. In my wildest dreams, I couldn’t ask for more than that… We were both quickly asleep.


1. Maude: Revelations is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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