Ok, so Bill and I were married yesterday, and early this morning, we had enjoyed the ‘s’ word… Wait… No, we simply reveled in giving everything we could to each other! That was so amazing… Oh, my goodness! And I have said a few times that I have so come to treasure that amazing tune flowing softly in the background(2). I have no clue why it is there. I haven’t heard anybody else mention anything like this. And, I’m afraid to ask.

But even after we had given each other everything, my amazing Bill just continued to cherish me in so many other ways… It was around noon, and I don’t think either of us wanted to get up any time soon. We were rocking together in Edna’s, now our rocking chair, with just our marriage clothes on. That’s what Bill called them with a smile; we were totally naked, cooling off after showering together. I was sort of curled up on top of my Bill. Bill was running his fingers slowly up and down my arm. I sighed. I didn’t even want to move.

“Maude, are you hungry?” Bill asked out of the blue.

“Husband, I am very hungry. But the only thing in the frig is some small bottles of water, and I haven’t even opened that frig in months…” Wow, I was even talking slow.

Bill didn’t even take time to think. He looked down at me and smiled. “How does a hamburger sound?”

Oh wow… “Bill that sounds amazing! We can’t do that here though…”

Bill had already thought this part through. “Let’s head down to the Diner and get some lunch. I have helped the cook a time or two, and I think I can handle hamburgers at least.”

Well, I giggled loudly. “Can we go like this?” Bill’s body responded just to that (I was still sitting in his lap) and I giggled again.

“I don’t think so” my Bill said softly after he smiled. But I think he had some plans about that too. Bill hugged me tightly one more time, then I got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Yes, Bill was responding. Maybe tonight… Bill got up and rooted through Edna’s clothes some, then pulled out a hanger thing with some kind of long shorts. Well, it was like two small dresses, one for each leg. They were light colored, tan is the name I think, and clearly made to be worn out and about as far as I could tell. And they had a belt thing that could be adjusted to keep them tight so they didn’t fall off. Bill threw them on the bed next to me, then brought me one of his white t-shirts that smelled like him. Right there, I put both on. Bill said I looked amazing, but he wasn’t done. He asked me to come into the bathroom. He picked up the scissors that I used to cut my fresh twine with (before Bill), and he slowly, carefully cut maybe 6 inches of material from the bottom of that t-shirt. It was shorter, and my belly… That felt cooler on this hot day. Bill liked what he had done; I could tell from his eyes. But he also explained it didn’t look like bed time clothes or anything; they should be fine for our quiet lunch together at the Diner.

Well, Bill had done all this with no clothes on himself. I enjoyed watching my husband! We both looked through Ed’s clothes, and couldn’t find any amazing clothes for my Bill. I guess Ed never wore shorts, or even light colored pants for that matter. And Bill didn’t think his white shorts were appropriate for anywhere else but around the house. I just sighed. Jeans and a white t-shirt would have to do for my Bill. He still looked amazing, especially after he shaved for me, and before he got any clothes on. And I touched him, held him… I could now!

Once ready, we got our sneakers on, went outside and locked the front door of our house. I was about to start walking. Bill said quietly “Let’s see if the wagon starts.” Wow, even a short ride in my Bill’s car… Well, it did start. And rather than fight with the door on my side, Bill had me climb across from his door. That was amazing fun, and I ended up sitting in the middle so I could sit next to him. Wow, I love my man… Bill put his arm around me, and we slowly made our way to the Diner in Bill’s car. It is only about a mile, but Bill obviously wasn’t in a hurry; he laughed and said he was going slow to save gas. I loved every minute. I decided I absolutely loved going places in Bill’s (and only Bill’s) car. Of course, it didn’t take very long to drive the mile or so to the Diner, even though Bill was going very slow!

We pulled up to the Diner, and parked in the back. We were supposed to be closed until monday, and we didn’t want to draw any other company! Bill helped me out his door, then I followed him over to a funny small door thing half way up the back wall of the Diner. I had no clue what it was. I guess Bill figured out how quickly, then opened it up, looked that the small square things poking out of the panel, then Bill said “Oh, wow…” He fiddled with some of them, then he closed the funny door thing. I was interested in knowing what he was playing with, and I guess he realized that. “I’ll let you know if this works” he said with a smile.

We unlocked the back door to the Diner (same key as the front door), and propped the back door open to get some cool air in maybe. It was pretty hot inside. We sneaked to the front of the Diner, and Bill opened just one of the front windows, and a cool breeze was blowing slowly though the Diner. I don’t know how Bill can figure stuff like that out. Right after that, Bill threw a bucket of ice into the soda machine, turned it on briefly, and got us a soda and a straw (we shared that soda, of course!). Now all we needed was a hamburger. Bill turned the gas grill on, and we waited for it to get hot. It was soon smoking pretty good, which meant it was smoking pretty good in the kitchen too, just like it always does. The cook says that is how he knows the grill is hot enough. But of course it was getting pretty smoky in the kitchen. Again, that’s the way it always is; we just get used to it, and prop the back door open if we can. Instead, Bill walked around, reached up and flipped a switch thing or something on the metal thing above the grill. Something big made some growling noise above us… All the smoke was quickly gone!

“Bill, you fixed that!” I said excitedly. That smoke was one of few the things the cook really does NOT like about the Diner. “Bill, he will love you for that…” I said this a little more calm. Well, Bill knew that helping the cook was helping me. This would be a huge help.

My Bill grabbed two patties and buns from the big frig (all our food and stuff is in there), carefully closed it tight, then cooked us up two yummy hamburgers. He even carefully toasted the buns for me, for us. He apologized though, the fries would have to wait until next week. He said that starting the deep fry for just one order of fries was kind of a waste. I didn’t complain. My man cooked us up some amazing burgers. Cheese, mayo and a little catsup, and some lettuce, all from the little frig, and we were done. The burgers were amazing, they tasted amazing. I think we were both pretty hungry. I wondered if the ‘s’ word does that, I don’t know. But I knew my man had sensed some of what I was thinking. We were standing next to each other, our backs leaning on the sink. Hamburger in one hand, he pulled me closer alongside with his free hand, his hand on my skin…

I don’t know what he had in mind though, because Delores and two of her friends walked in through the open back door. “Love birds!” Delores said with a smile. Bill and I both blushed, I think. He and I put our burgers down, and we hugged everybody.

Bill tried to stay calm… “Delores, we really appreciate you pulling that off, getting us married. I realize it was a tall order, but everything worked out…” Bill was crying softly by the time he was done. Of course, I hugged him…

Delores just smiled, walked over and hugged my Bill again, then me. “You are both so… Well, one in a million comes to mind, maybe two in a million now. It was a delight for me, for all of us to help you both. I just wish Edna could have…” I hugged Delores. I think she and I both would have loved for Edna to meet my Bill. I am convinced Edna would have approved.”

We calmed down. “Delores, how did you know…” I started to ask.

“Maude, it has been years since the hood vent thing over the grill has worked. We saw the cooking smoke from across town. I am surprised you didn’t have anyone else stop by.” Delores laughed, and we did too. Bill quickly turned the grill off though, and only then sheepishly asked if Delores or her friends wanted a hamburger. “Nah, we just ate…” Delores said. “And the food was terrible. We will be in line on monday.” Then she laughed again. Delores sighed. “We were actually on our way out to your house. We have all your wedding presents in the mini-van for you.”

Bill spoke up. “We can put them in the wagon and save you a trip, if you want” he suggested.

Delores thought a minute. “Well, that works too. But finish your lunch first!” We ate while visiting with Delores and her friends. Then Bill refilled our soda, turned the soda machine off again, but put our single straw and a lid on. We also closed the front window we had opened earlier. And Bill turned the grill hood thing off too. The cook was in for a real surprise come monday! That sounded like something Edna would say…

We locked the back door of the Diner, then Bill opened the huge back door of his, well our station wagon. That door seemed to work fine! And while Bill was transferring presents, I carefully pulled Delores aside, and thanked her for the pink present. I explained that I was finally able to actually use the top of that set, it just didn’t stay on all that long.

Delores bent a little closer… “So, you did have the ‘s’ word, right?”

Tears formed in my eyes. I just said quietly “Oh, my goodness…”

Delores just sighed. “Well, you two did things right, far as I see, and you both earned that!” Delores and I hugged again.

Delores and her friends drove off in the mini-van, and Bill drove us slowly home. I sat in the middle again, and felt my man’s arm around me the whole way home. I wish we could have kept driving… Bill carefully backed the wagon up near the porch. Then I watched my man unload a mound of wedding presents from the back of the wagon. I was really suprised, there were a lot of presents there! For now, they went in the living room, well on the couch. It doesn’t see much use any more! We would open them at some point. My Bill was the… I got married to him, and I treasure him so.

It was late afternoon by then. Bill took my hand and gently led me back out to the front porch. Bill sat on the swing sideways, and had me lay on my back on top of him. Bill had a leg off the side, and kept us slowly swinging. I just about went limp, laying on my man like that. I was so relaxed… Bill’s head was right next to mine, and he kissed the side of my head often. Bill put his right hand on my belly, and began to rub my belly. Bill had shortened this shirt… That worked well, and felt nice. It didn’t take long; I pushed Bill’s hand up higher. Maybe Bill read my mind. He seemed to be getting better at that. Bill said quietly “Maude, your breasts are very beautiful.”

Ok, so that’s what they are called. No matter, I said softly what I felt. “Bill, they are yours now, and you touching them makes me feel so amazing inside…” That’s what my Bill did. He slowly caressed my breasts. One breast for a while with one hand, when that hand couldn’t move any more, he would switch to the other hand, my other breast… All this felt absolutely wonderful. For over an hour, maybe two, my Bill made me feel… so… amazing… inside… We hadn’t planned this, either, it just happened. Well, and Bill was responding too, I could easily tell that. I had to wonder how comfortable he was in jeans though. He never complained. I could have let him change, but… I didn’t want him to ever stop… As devoted as he was to me, his gentle touch… I felt it on the outside, I felt it on the inside. I think Bill felt that too. I didn’t want him to EVER stop what he was doing…

But after that hour, maybe two, Bill suggested rocking chair time, and I added “and marriage clothes” and giggled. Well, I love my man, and I love the way he loves me. That doesn’t communicate near as well as it feels… With no clothes in the way, I laid on my back on top of Bill again, his head next to mine, and he just gently caressed me… on a most sensitive part of me… And I knew he was enjoying… We were sharing the way Bill was making me feel… It was amazing… And it would have been awkward for me to roll over on top of Bill in that rocking chair. As gently as I could, I told my Bill to get in bed. Then I… We finished together, what my husband had started in me over an hour ago. It was blindingly amazing, and we both cried together when we were done.

“Maude, I could just never survive without you…” Bill said through his tears. “And to think…” Bill stopped there, but that last part was just a scary thought. And from our vantage point now, it was absolutely harrowing… My Bill was on his way to end it all, and just happened to stop at the Diner for one last hamburger, which he almost couldn’t afford… Laying on top of my man, I hugged him so tightly, we both hugged so tightly, and we both cried buckets again… We had almost crossed that edge of never… That was… harrowing… We cried together for another hour maybe.

That would not have been a very happy ending for our first full day married. Bill said so, and I agreed. We showered together, taking our time, which was amazing — hugging my Bill in the warm water… My man carefully dried my whole body, kissing a few places as he did. Then he asked me to sit on the bed while he brushed my hair. I sighed a bunch, that was simply wonderful… And I am increasingly realizing that Bill really likes my hair. Well, I really like him brushing it!

Bill locked the doors, turned all the lights out, then laid on his side on our bed. I was quickly scooted right up next to him, also on my side. His hand was on my belly, and he pulled me up close to him, next to his amazing manliness…

Oh, I was so content…

I think we both fell quickly asleep.


1. Maude: Revelations is copyright 2017 by Shysage.

2. “Angelic” from the “Exodus” CD copyright by Andy Hunter. Please purchase this tune, and play it in the background as you read.




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