Waking up, starting the day with my man’s head on my chest… Well, except I realized he was crying softly. “Bill, what’s wrong…” I asked as lovingly as I could.

Bill moved his head up against mine, and I could feel the tears on his face. Slowly, he said “Maude, I just love you so much…” then he cried some more. I told him I loved him too, but we just cried together. That seemed to be the best thing to do right now. Bill slowly relaxed. Well he told me I was so very beautiful a few times too. I told him he was so amazingly handsome. I honestly felt that way.

“My precious Bill, how would you like to start our day?” I asked as I looked deep into his eyes. He almost started crying again.

“Can you shower, then can we do some swing time? I really like the way you smell after a shower.” My man asked for that.

From what I could tell, he seemed to be having… maybe he would be a mess today, I don’t know. I smiled, I couldn’t fault him for only occasionally being like this. Well, if he was feeling weak, I would take care of him. I said softly “Bill, I am your woman. If you are having a hard day today, I will be the one to care for you.” Bill did cry, but again, slowly calmed down as I hugged my man close. Wow, we really need each other.

Bill sat on the toilet lid while I took a shower. It wasn’t quick; I washed my hair carefully. My man really likes my hair. And when I got out, Bill already had the brush in his hand. My man dried me off, then lovingly brushed my hair for me. He took his time with that brush, and I was soon weeping softly; he was too. Such a small, but hugely meaningful gesture. Oh, how I love my man! Bill already had clean work clothes ready for me, so I got dressed. Even though I was wearing jeans and a dark blue t-shirt, I felt absolutely amazing, so thoroughly cherished by my Bill. He still had his bed time shorts on, and I asked if we could swing like this. Bill said he wanted to get totally ready, then swing some, then leave early again to get everything setup for a busy day. I watched my handsome man get dressed. He decided to shave too, but I didn’t mind that! And by the time we were ready to swing, Bill realized that we should really just head to the Diner. At least we could walk slowly and hug, as early as we were. And Bill stopped us a few times, and we hugged tightly, kissed, and wept softly. I guess I realized as we headed to the Diner, my man Bill cries quite a bit, compared to other men from what I could tell. I didn’t care at all. I was very fond of my Bill being so sensitive to me. And he could have a bad day if he needed; I would just hug him more!

We walked around the front of the Diner. There was a sign taped to the front door.

“The Diner will CLOSE

PROMPTLY at 2pm.

Will re-open Monday.

Thank You.”

Well, it was friday morning. This was… I didn’t turn to look at Bill, but I said “Bill, do you know…” I stopped there.

Bill said quietly “The cook said something about a vacation. Maybe he needs a break…”

I smiled broadly, and only then turned around and hugged my man. “More Bill time” I said, almost loudly. Maybe Bill and I, we could use a vacation too!

I think he almost started crying again. But he did say quietly “I can hardly wait…”

Bill got the fans and such going right away. Almost as soon as it was tolerable (Bill said) inside, we were quickly packed for lunch. A bunch of locals were with us too, and it was pretty intense, for Bill and the cook anyway. And at about 1:30, some of the local ladies were stationed at the front door. They were explaining to people who came that we would close soon, so most had to leave. I felt bad, but we were open so many days of the year as it was, I didn’t think this was unfair.

By 2, it was just a handful of local ladies and Bill and I. The cook had already left after Bill helped with his cleaning some. The ladies walked out the front door. I hugged Bill tightly, and I think I saw a tear or two. “Just us…” I said quietly.

Bill could only say “mmmmm”

Bill and I walked out the front door. Wow, heading home with my man so early! I shivered. Bill locked the Diner front door, and we turned around. The local ladies were all packed into Delores’ mini-van. But the side door was open, I don’t know. Bill took my arm and walked me over to that mini-van. Wow, Bill teared up again. He kissed me on the lips, then said “I will see you in a few hours, precious Maude.”

I was very confused. “Bill, wait… I’m coming home with you…” I protested.

Bill took both of my hands, then held the ring he had placed on my finger less than a month ago. “Maude, do you remember when I first put this ring on your finger and promised to give you everything?” I would never forget that amazing night. I didn’t need to answer.

Bill almost couldn’t… “Honey, you and I are getting married this afternoon…” Bill said I looked at him with an almost childlike wonder. Then I burst into tears and hugged him tightly. “Oh Bill…” I cried over and over… I was a mess… As I cried buckets, and looked at my man, the ladies carefully pulled me into Delores’ mini-van, and my Bill carefully closed the door, and we were off.

My man had done it. That which I wanted most… My man had done it… I just cried…


1. Maude: Meanderings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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