Maybe for the first time in a few nights anyway, I slept very well. Having Bill near, not worried about getting on fire inside… My man had everything, and I mean everything under control. My beloved Bill would take care of everything, anything, he would take care of me. I woke up, rolled over on my back in front of my amazing man, stretched slowly and completely, then sighed deeply. Bill was awake, and propped his head up on his arm and watched me stretch. When I was done, he smiled and said “Yup… Whole lotta’ woman…” Then he gently kissed one of my pointy things through my white t-shirt that smelled like him. I smiled, and we kissed.

“What would my amazing Maude like first thing this morning?” Bill asked softly.

“Can we have some just Bill rocking chair time?” I replied just as lovingly. I meant with no clothes at all.

Bill smiled. “Maude, it is up to you, but daylight and your amazing body…” Bill didn’t have to finish, and we both knew the hazard that this was, but only until it was an opportunity. And it wasn’t just my body; seeing his body in the moonlight… I giggled, then looked so lovingly at this amazing man, so careful to take such good care of me. Bill looked so lovingly back, then almost started crying. “Oh, Maude, I love you so much…” I cried, so we both hugged and cried briefly.

Bill put his head on my chest as we cried. That felt so special. I just kissed the back of his head occasionally. He kissed my other pointy thing, just once. I squirmed, then giggled. I sighed, then said quietly “Soon, an opportunity.” My man cried some more.

We ended up on the swing after this, and Bill said it was probably ok, swinging in broad daylight, in our bed-time clothes. He said I was mostly covered up anyway, and that was his main concern. Still, he said that, if anyone started down the driveway, we would need to jump up and run inside. He left the front door open as a precaution, but that didn’t happen, that morning, anyway. We just enjoyed the already warm breeze blowing past us. And my man said I looked so beautiful… I told him I was trying to not look at his amazing manliness. We both blushed, smiled, hugged, kissed… We mostly just enjoyed swinging together though. We didn’t say much, but we were together and alone and close. I hugged Bill’s neck, and his arms were around my back. I felt so close to my man… And again, I really appreciated Edna’s swing. I don’t think she and Ed ever did this, but I didn’t really know. That made me cry. I missed Edna…

Bill and I realized at the same time, but Bill said it “We are probably late.”

I got quickly up and ran in to check the clock, then smiled, and told Bill “15 minutes ’til lunch rush…”

Our work clothes were at the foot of the bed from last night, and we quickly dressed, grabbed the flashlight and keys, locked the door, and headed to the Diner. Bill smiled, and said “Lets just hold hands and walk fast”, so that’s what we did. We were only a few minutes late, but very out of breath. Bill got the fans going, and had me stand in front of one of them to cool off. That was the only peace we got until the lunch rush was over. It worked out kind of nice that way. Lunch rush is often kind of a blur like that, and it seemed like my day actually started early afternoon. Bill kept telling me I was beautiful. I told him I could listen to that all day. We hugged often. Days at the Diner later in the week like this are seldom slow. Bill and I still made time to hug and be together quite a bit. I think we enjoyed every second.

Even the salesmorons were being mostly calm and considerate. Our evening rush was pretty rough too, but Bill and I did what we needed to do. And it seemed like a bunch of locals, including Delores and some of her friends, came in at around the end of the dinner rush, and stayed until late. My precious Bill took over for me and let me visit with them. It was slow anyway. I got to know some of Delores’ lady friends a little better. That was nice.

A little after 10, we had everything ready for tomorrow, locked up the Diner, and headed home. It was late and very dark. I used to have to worry about salesmorons as I walked home so late… That would never be a problem, ever again. Bill would see to that. Of course, we hugged tightly on the way home. I think I was still… Bill was just becoming more loving with each passing day. I actually said that to him, and he fought back tears as he said that he feels like he loves me more and more each day, even though he doesn’t know how that’s even possible. We stopped and I told him I felt the same way. We hugged briefly, kissed a minute, then kept walking.

Bill felt we should shower when we got home, though. But he also asked sheepishly for some more swing time in our bed-time clothes afterwards. I didn’t mind that, not at all. Our showers were pretty calm. Bill showered first, and didn’t have any… opportunities. I showered next, and after I was done and drying myself with the towel, my naked man swept me off my feet, and pulled me up close to his chest. I melted, and was quickly crying softly. It was almost midnight, and so my man just carried me calmly out to the swing, and we hugged and cried together out there in the dark for a while. The breeze felt so nice on our naked bodies. Bill warned me though, that he was keeping an eye out for headlights. This was our house, but still. Bill left the front door open again, just in case. That was my man, watching out for me again. For a few hours though, it was amazing. Calmly enjoying just being with my man as the warm breeze blew slowly by. We could revel in our mutual devotion, out here, just like in our rocking chair.

Well, we never made it to the rocking chair. Our bed-time clothes never made it on, either. On the swing, I fell asleep on my man’s shoulder as he hugged me close, and he let me sleep there a while, then he gently carried me to our bed, and laid me down. Then he locked everything up (all the lights were already out), and came and lay on his side next to me. He said that, without waking up, I rolled over quickly on my side, all by myself, and scooted over next to him. He put his hand on my belly, pulled me close, and my man fell asleep too.

We woke up at about the same time the next morning. I could tell it was still pretty early, based on the angle of the sunlight beaming through the east windows. I sat up, stretched slowly while sitting, then looked over at my Bill. Well, he was excited, I guess. And once I turned around to look at him and noticed that, he did what I did yesterday morning, took his time and stretched fully, looking so… I wanted to jump into plan b right away! Bill said he was ok, then I said maybe I wasn’t, then I giggled. I just laid on my man’s chest, and looked into his eyes, and we kissed and looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a little while. That was very nice, but it wasn’t helping either of us calm down. I told Bill that, then he laughed a little, said “Awww…” I giggled and said something about plan b again and we both laughed. I didn’t think either of us needed that, not yet. And we kissed a little more.

“Maude, how can I help you start your day?” my man asked quietly. Well, I really liked swing time in the mornings like we had been doing. My Bill suggested bed time clothes at least, and I agreed. We both calmed down getting those on, then my man picked me up again, and carried me out to the swing. Over an hour… I enjoyed every second. Bill and I, we both cried softly, hugging tightly. Of course I was sitting in his lap. Bill never completely settled down, but just maybe I appreciated that.

I felt it was still a little early, but I asked Bill if I could get up and check the clock. Instead, he picked me up and carried me inside to our rocking chair, then sat me back down in his lap. I could see the clock from there. We had plenty of time, so Bill and I just cried softly and hugged there for a while. Bill asked if today would be busy, and he watched me roll my eyes and smile. Then he suggested that we get to the Diner early, just so we could be ready. I really appreciated him thinking ahead like that, for me, for our customers too. Getting it cooled down in there especially before anyone came, that was so considerate.

We were able to walk slowly to the Diner, hugging tightly. We had left early enough that, we would still get there maybe half an hour early. My man had the fans, windows, etc. quickly setup. And Bill explained that it was quickly cooling off in the kitchen too. That was an important consideration since neither Bill nor I could cook! Again, Bill taking care of the cook, he was taking care of me too. The cook thanked Bill when he arrived.

We were standing next to the low singles counter, hugging and sighing for a while, then people began to stream into the Diner. One of Delores’ friends told us to stay put, as they found a booth, but we couldn’t stay like that very much longer. Our busy day felt like a friday (friday and saturday are our busiest days) and started early, and felt so long. It was like we had a rush the whole day, with maybe an hour or two of slack in the middle of the afternoon. Well, I didn’t rush, Bill saw to that. But he and the cook… They were busy most of the day. And Bill sent the cook out on a few breaks out back, and the cook thanked him for that too. That really helped the cook keep his sanity, he said. And I guess the cook was teaching Bill how to cook hamburger patties. That was a lot of what we served. When an order or two of just hamburgers came through, Bill would send the cook out on a break. He only came in briefly to guide Bill a little.

I just relaxed and talked with Edna’s friends and other local ladies when I could. I smiled a lot. We had forgot to put my hair up, but Bill said to leave it down for today. Bill loved that, and the locals did too. Well, the salesmorons… Bill took care of me when they were here. Even Bill was getting very good at spotting them, and I let him take their orders. Bill said that, once they had been ‘defanged’ (his word), they should leave me alone. They did.

For me, at least, the day went very nicely, and I got to talk some more to a few of the local ladies. And Delores came in after dinner for a while too. We cried together, that was so special. I cried for Edna a few times too. My presence here had given her this same luxury (visiting with her friends) in her last few months on this planet. I thought of Bill’s words… “Well, I am glad I can help someone at least.” As my life increasingly felt so empty, I was helping Edna, in a way that she really cherished. But when she was gone…

It was another late night, and Bill and I finally relaxed as we walked slowly home in the dark, hugging tightly. Bill did the flashlight as always, I could close my eyes if I wanted to. I would follow him anywhere, anytime. I just kept my eyes on my man. Each day just seemed to bring us closer and closer together. I mentioned that to Bill, and he stopped us, and we hugged tightly and cried softly. I think he felt the same way.

Bill asked about swing time when we got home. Of course, I jumped at that. Bill asked if I could wear my white shorts, too. I said he had to wear his, then as well. I don’t think either of us minded. But I asked Bill about my white t-shirt that smelled like my man, if I could wear that. He would take it off shortly, and I usually got a freshly scented Bill’s t-shirt each night. We were standing on the porch at that point, and Bill said quietly that it was up to me. “Give me your shirt” I said playfully, and he took it off on the spot. I took my work shirt off right there (slowly) and put my man’s white t-shirt on right away. We walked into the bedroom, brushed our teeth, then changed into our white shorts (taking turns). I asked Bill if I could kiss his manliness. He took the rest of his clothes off, then sat on the edge of the bed and flopped over onto his back. I only kissed him there once and briefly, even though we always had plan b if we needed it. Well, I guess we were both trying to avoid making us need that. I could only look forward to the time… Well, for now we just had to take things day by day. I don’t think either of us knew much more than that.

After we both had our bed time clothes on, standing together hugging in the bedroom, Bill said he wanted to try something new out on me, to see if I liked it. I smiled, and asked “Is it plan b?” Bill smiled and kissed me on the cheek, but didn’t answer. Still, I didn’t think plan b was what he had in mind. Well, he did this. He crouched a little, and placed both of his hands over the sides of my legs, just above my knees. Then, applying just a little pressure, my Bill slowly rubbed his hands up my legs to my thighs, then around and up my back all the way to my shoulders. And, as he did that, he slowly pulled me to himself. When he was done, I was almost limp, almost falling on my man, completely relaxed. Oh, my goodness. This full length hug wasn’t extremely exciting (this time anyway; we had bed time clothes on), but it was more just so relaxing, for my Bill to pull as much of my body as possible, as close as possible to himself. And I realized that my Bill was on the look-out, trying to find new ways to caress my soul like this.

But, I started crying. I think I scared Bill, but it took a minute or two for me to even put these pieces together. Well, for almost the last year, salesmorons had been stealing from me, taking touches from me, touching any part of my body they could, any chance they could, any way they could. In varying degrees, that left me feeling so dirty inside, so worthless. But Bill’s touch, well his whole body hug, given out of the selfless devotion in his heart… My Bill with that one gesture erased everything that those vile salesmorons had done… Bill’s touch that night showed me I was not something dirty… I was his priceless treasure… That is why I cried… Why it was that specific thing, I don’t know. Well, Bill hugged me basically all over, and on both sides, all at once. I think that was most everywhere I had been violated by salesmorons… But it was like… Well, it felt like my Bill put something inside me all back together again, I don’t know…

Bill carried me to the swing because I was crying pretty hard. I was sitting in his lap as he hugged me, and I tried to explain this to him. Then he cried. Almost immediately, he asked me if he needed to do that again. He said I absolutely WAS priceless, and he didn’t want any of that past stuff hanging around inside me. That made me cry more. We cried together for a while…

Swing time was amazing, and I fell asleep on my man’s shoulder. Today at the Diner had been pretty busy, and I guess I was bushed. Bill carried me into our room and gently laid me on the bed on my back. He said I didn’t even wake up. Bill said he locked everything up, then climbed in bed and curled as close to me as he could, then he fell asleep too.

I wished I could say that I got another amazing opportunity to experience my man, up close and personal, or for him to glimpse or feel a little more of me, or for us to maybe feel a little more of that fire soon to be opportunity. It didn’t happen that night, but it really didn’t need to. We were already giving so much to each other, our hearts, souls, even our wills were so deeply intertwined… The feeling of minutes of pleasure; we would surely cherish that, and revel in it, when we could. But even now, we were both already giving to each other so deeply, investing so fully… That depth, that devotion was just irreplaceable…


1. Maude: Meanderings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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