Having a man, your man, who will put you first, who will do anything possible to protect you, to care for you… Well, last night, early this morning, I realized I had that very thing. I was Bill’s woman… And it wasn’t like he owned me, or anything like that. It was the exact opposite! My Bill had bound himself forever to care for, take care of me, to put me ahead of himself. For the woman inside me, that was both crucial and just so… It freed me to be who I was, no matter what. Delores realized the change in me right away, and she and her friends listened as I explained. I felt different, in a wonderful, amazing way. And my Bill and I, we had not enjoyed the ‘s’ word together yet, either. We had come close maybe…

A mad-dash day at the Diner quickly began though. And, even though it was early in the week, it was a busy day. Delores and her friends merged into the lunch rush. Bill even had to serve a bunch of orders, we were that busy. But I still made time to sit a little more with Delores and her friends. I hugged them all as they left. Then I found my man, and hugged him. When I was sitting with Delores, Bill saw what I was doing, and gladly covered for me. And Bill said that my whole attitude had, well, calmed down, in a good way, he added. He said quietly that he didn’t think it possible for me to become any more beautiful to him, but me relaxing… He said he was counting the minutes until we got home. I reminded Bill that his loving care, his obstinate intention to put me first… That was why I was like I was. We both sighed together, and hugged some more.

And in the middle of the afternoon… Things had slowed a bit, and I asked Bill if I could relax and sip on our soda at an empty table for a few minutes. He gently kissed me on the lips. That was a yes. Without groans, raised eyebrows or anything else, my Bill gladly took over my job, and just did everything in the Diner, like I had for months, just so I could enjoy a little peace and quiet. I know that seems like such a little detail… But from giving me a few minutes off my feet to just rest, all the way to making sure my need for the ‘s’ word was taken care of (soon maybe), and everything in between… My Bill would carry me any way he could… I wanted to cry. I guess I hoped I could cry tonight on his chest.

And a salesmoron came in a little later in the afternoon. Maybe it had been weeks since his route had taken him through our area. I walked over to his table, and even before I was there, he said loudly “Wow, Maude, what happened? You look HOT!” I tried to ignore that, and calmly asked what he wanted to order. He was evidently a smoker too, and when they sweat; I had to ignore that too. But, instead of telling me what he wanted to order, he started talking and it was anything but what he wanted to order. Some of the things… Only my Bill would…

I didn’t get upset, at all. I didn’t have to. This salesmoron was not my problem, not anymore. I interrupted his ranting, said calmly “Excuse me”, to the salesmoron, then I walked quickly away. I found my Bill; he was in the back washing dishes. I kissed Bill’s cheek, and he dried his hands. I said “Table 6”, then handed my Bill my pen and small order notepad.

Oh, this precious man… “Don’t come out until I say” he said lovingly, but sternly, and right away. I guessed that this meant my Bill would keep me back here until that salesmoron was gone. And this meant that my Bill would again do my job, taking orders, serving other customers too, all that time. That is exactly what happened. At one point, Bill had a question about a ‘usual’ order, and came back into the kitchen to clarify, kissed me on the cheek, then went back out. Maybe an hour later, my Bill came back to the kitchen, kissed me again, smiled and said “I think it is safe now.” And he led me back out there, and reviewed in process tables with me just to make sure. Then he was back to washing dishes, which we needed by then. I was just relaxed. I was Bill’s woman. I knew my Bill would take care of me, take care of everything. I was done fighting. I didn’t have to fight, ever again, while my Bill was alive, anyway. This was such an amazing difference. Words simply cannot express…

It was a hot day, but my Bill kept everything adjusted. It was nice here in the Diner. Bill took care of just about everything else. All I had to do was smile, take orders and deliver food. And, if I had a big order to deliver, I just asked Bill to help me. He usually carried most of it, and then kissed me before he want back to whatever he was doing. And I didn’t have to clean the bathrooms, ever again, Bill said. And he made it a habit of checking them every hour or so, and doing whatever additional cleaning needed to be done. Some of our customers weren’t, aren’t very considerate. Bill began to keep an eye out for some, and quickly cleaned the mess they left behind. But for the rest of our customers, that was probably a huge thing, and I’m sure everyone appreciated such a small detail. Whenever I had to use it, the ladies room always smelled nice, and looked nice. Bill made sure of that. When I was doing this solo, it was all I could do to clean them each evening, if I was lucky or not too beat…

Dinner rush was dinner rush. The locals were always patient, and the salesmorons had realized that, well dinner rush was dinner rush. If they were hungry, they came, waited, then ate. If they were after something else, they came at other times. With Bill at my side, that just didn’t work anymore, whenever they tried to come. Maude was clearly taken, and my man carefully protected me from piranha.

That night, we were done cleaning and out the door by 9. Bill had his flashlight handy, and walked his woman slowly home. Finally, I was alone and next to my Bill. We hugged tightly, walking slowly and in step. The sun was not all the way down, and Bill only occasionally turned the flashlight on, just to check ahead some. We were walking home, mostly in the dark. We even stopped a time or two to hug and kiss. We didn’t stop long, because I think we both wanted to just be together and alone. Rocking chair time was probably at the top of my list. I didn’t say anything. My man would probably ask me. Unlocking the front door of our house, he did. Bill’s plan was almost as simple as mine, but much more… “Maude, let’s take turns showering, then… rocking chair time. That ok?” Watching my man before and after a shower, I just smiled. Bill opened the front door, put the flashlight and keys on the table next to the door, then pulled me gently inside, and to himself, and hugged me tightly. I shuddered violently. I had been thinking about showering… Right now, even watching my man, before and after his shower… Some day, hopefully soon, we could shower together. That is why I shuddered. Still, hugging, I explained that to Bill. He shuddered too…

Bill locked the door behind us, then took my hand and led me straight into the bathroom. It was dark in our house, since it was dark outside. Bill knew the way, then turned on the bathroom light. I shielded my eyes briefly, then smiled at my man. “Let me shower first, and I will leave the water running for you” he offered. I smiled, put the toilet cover down, then sat down and watched my man. He knew I was appreciating this, and so he wasn’t in a real hurry. Too soon for me, he was stepping into the shower, and playing with the controls. I just watched, and maybe shivered a little. Bill, dripping some, stepped out long enough to kiss me, then he took his shower. I picked his clothes up, put his shoes by the door, and everything else where it went. His white t-shirt, I would wear to bed tonight. It smelled like my man. I threw it on our pillows. I almost picked up his white shorts to bring them to the bathroom, but then I realized that we wouldn’t need those until we would actually climb in bed. Then, I walked back into the bathroom, sat on the toilet cover, and just waited. After his shower, Bill turned the water off and asked for a towel. I handed it in the end like last time, but I would rather watch… I could tell Bill was finished drying, and it was quiet. “Oh, Maude…”

Well, something must have been up. “Bill, I want to see my man” I said excitedly. Bill sighed, then opened the shower curtain, and stepped carefully onto the rug next to me. Bill’s amazing manliness was… Well, he was very excited.

Almost apologetically, my Bill tried to explain. “I just couldn’t stop thinking about showering with my woman…”

Oh, I love my Bill so much. “Honey, that’s fine. I hope we can do that together soon.” But I wasn’t done. “Bill, can you hold still a minute?” Well he was almost facing me, and I was very close so I bent over to very gently kiss the tip of his amazing manliness.

Bill responded right away. Well, more accurately, he reacted right away. He gently put his hands on both sides of my head, then very slowly backed away. Tears were slowly running down his face. “I think I’m trying to have some self control…” Maybe he was on fire inside, like I was the other, well last night…

I just smiled at my man. “Bill, I love you so much…”

Without even moving or letting go of my head, Bill said quietly “I told you… Wow, you are a whole lot of woman…”

I looked lovingly at my oh so hot man… “Bill, I am YOUR whole lot of woman” then I smiled. I meant every word.

For five minutes maybe, neither of us moved. I was appreciating what I was seeing, and getting excited myself. Bill, nothing changed and he didn’t move. I said what I realized. “Precious Bill, you won’t settle down like this, will you…”

Almost whimpering, Bill said softly “So close to you… I don’t know what else to do, but I don’t want to be away from you…” Tears again fell slowly down his face…

I sighed. “Bill chest time?”

As if still exerting greatly, Bill said quietly “Ok, lets try that.” He backed away from me slowly, then carefully walked into the bedroom and climbed up on the bed then lay on his back. The light from the bathroom wasn’t bright, but… I smiled… I could still see my man. I laid on my side next to Bill, and my head was up on his chest. This chain of events was certainly a change of plans, but Bill needed this. Bill needed my understanding right now, I think.

Then I sighed. “Bill, I hate to see you so… We can finish this now, I will finish this now if you want. I just love you so much…” I know I was crying softly when I was done saying that. I meant it…

Bill just said “Oh, Maude, I think…”

I just sighed again. “Bill, I will be able to feel you near, but I am closing my eyes. I… There will be plenty more opportunities for me to look at your amazing manliness after we are married.” My eyes were already closed. And I still had my work clothes on, too. Through a half hour maybe, my man slowly calmed down. Well, his body slowly calmed down. I didn’t look, even though I wanted too. I wondered if my sensitive man would surely feel that, and then just… And only after that half hour did he begin to slowly rub my back with the hand that was around me. We rested in our bed together like that for another half hour maybe.

“I think I’m back to normal now, Maude. I apologize, but you just look amazing…”

I smiled. Then, I looked up and kissed my man on the face. “Should I shower, or just wait?”

Bill looked back at me. “Get up and I’ll follow you. You need to get clean too!” Bill sat on the toilet cover, and I undressed. Of course, he watched his woman. Bill had turned the water off, so I turned it back on, jumped in, adjusted the water a little cooler, and took my shower. I heard Bill take care of my clothes, then come back in. “I love you, precious” he said, loud enough for me to hear over the shower.

Rinsing my hair, I… All of a sudden, what I had just seen, well… My Bill… His amazingness… Oh my goodness… I shrieked… “Oh Bill… You are so…”

From that alone, my Bill knew I was on fire inside… My man… Bill quickly pulled the curtain back, turned the water off, then picked me up easily. He stood there, with me in his arms, dripping wet, totally naked… I threw my arms around his neck, pulled my body close to his and just pleaded… “Bill, how do I stop this…” And, I could tell now that Bill’s manliness was again…”

Bill was saying “oh my goodness” as he carried me to our bed, still dripping wet, and he laid me down. He just stood there, shaking, he didn’t know what to do either…

“Bill, maybe we should just…” That one suggestion just made it harder for both of us…

Bill slowly walked around to his side of the bed and laid down on his back. I rolled over so I couldn’t see his amazingness, then turned so I could lay on Bill’s chest, so I could look into his eyes. My head was soon next to his… We cried together for a long time, hoping we would calm down…

Early in the morning, we both finally fell asleep together like that.


1. Maude: Meanderings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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