We woke up together, and neither early or late, even though we had spent most of last night in our rocking chair. Bill rolled over to face me, and we kissed and hugged briefly like that. What I really wanted to know, though…

“Rocking chair time?” my man said quietly, clearly a question. I was absolutely elated… I wept softly, crawled to the end of the bed, then off, turned to face Bill and took my bed time clothes off, and waited. Bill did the same thing, then we hugged briefly. Oh, my goodness, during the day… Bill gasped too… We were soon sitting in the rocking chair, naked, feeling the same… revelling in such painfully necessary dependence. It was clear however that we could not do this for hours as we had last night. I could say it was because we needed to leave for work in a bit, but really… The sun was up, the room was bright, and we saw each other in such vivid detail… I felt so… It was even more difficult to…

After maybe half an hour Bill started kissing my shoulder again, and I realized, well maybe we both had enough, as much as we could take and not… for now anyway…

“Precious Maude, I would be honored if we could do this more tonight.” We hugged tightly and cried softly together until our bodies couldn’t take it any more. And I don’t know how I would even be able to work, or do anything between now and tonight when we would be back in our chair together, naked…

We both got dressed, together in the livingroom where our clean clothes were. Well, we took turns, and watched each other get dressed. I was more and more appreciating what Bill had said to me about us staying together. Practically and emotionally, it was necessary maybe, but physically… it was such a treasure. I treasured Bill’s body as much as he treasured mine. We brushed our teeth since we had been too preoccupied, Bill said. Boy, what an understatement.

We were soon walking slowly to the Diner, arm in arm. There was just nothing to say… I couldn’t live without Bill, and he couldn’t live without me. We would be together all day, but more than anything else we could have right now, we just wanted together and alone and naked in our rocking chair in our bedroom, well, at night so we could feel each other’s skin without noticing everything else! The rest of the day we would do what we needed to do until that time. Halfway to the Diner, we stopped, faced each other, and hugged tightly and completely. Bill had worked hard to try and shield me from his responses, and I appreciated that. But now… I think we both yearned to feel each other, as much of each other as possible. Our tight hug wasn’t short, and we only stopped when we realized we needed to.

But we both calmed down as I unlocked the front door, we went inside, and hungry people began to flow through the front doors. It was, we were quickly busy. It was hot too, and my Bill took care of the AC just fine. Oh, my goodness… Bill and I found time even more often to hug briefly, to kiss… I think that made it a lot easier to wait until tonight… Well, I just wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of the local ladies said I looked different. After such an amazing weekend with my man, I surely felt different. So much was growing up, out of my soul, so much that I had… I just didn’t know… Bill and I, we got to work, for the most part. The Diner needed us, the hungry people needed us (even a few salesmorons). Bill and I, we still gave in such a practical way to those around us.

After the lunch rush, Delores came in, sat in the same booth she always does, and ordered her usual lunch, which was a small cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce with a few cooked onions; she ate it with a fork. After I asked about her usual, she said “Come back when you can, I want to talk.” She was done eating, and sipping a soda when lunch rush was slacking off, and I managed to find time to slide in next to her.

“Well, Maude, how did Bill’s gift work out?” I realized she was referring to the clothes she got me to wear at night.

I was honest. “Well, Bill certainly appreciated them, but we decided that the top part should probably wait until…” Well, I know I was blushing at that point.

“Oh Maude, it’s no problem at all. That’s fine” Delores said quickly. She was in thought briefly, looked out the window and then just sort of talked.  “Wow your Bill is special. Most other guys would jump in bed with any girl in a heart-beat, especially a pretty girl like you. The next day, they are off looking for the next one… Well, maybe I’m old fashioned, but I can’t see any girl giving a guy all that she has, unless that guy has accepted responsibility, total responsibility for the girl. There has to be that long-term committment first, or the guy is really just stealing the only thing that a girl has to offer…” Delores was dead serious as she said all this. Then she looked at me and smiled. “I don’t think many would agree with me about this, not any more…”

Well, I agreed with everything Delores said.  More importantly, I was pretty sure Bill would agree, too.  But after she spoke her mind, I just said softly “Bill and I are trying to take that slow…” I stopped there and started crying softly. Then I added “I could never leave him though, and he feels the same way…”

Delores got this strange look on her face, bent close, and said quietly, seriously “Wait, you two haven’t even had the ‘s’ word yet?” Delores sounded amazed. But she looked at me, maybe curiously, but I couldn’t tell beyond that.

Well, it took a little while to connect that, what Delores said, to the birds and the bees discussion; Edna had tried to explain that to me once. It took some time for me to pull all those things together, but I did. Still crying softly, I shook my head side to side. “Bill thinks that should wait until… And I agree with him… I love him so much…” And at that last thought, I was getting ready to cry more.

Delores said softly “Maude, your Bill is one in a million. Nobody does that anymore, they just…” She stopped right there, then thought a minute. Almost scolding, she said quietly “Maude, don’t you EVER let him go…”

Still crying, I said quietly “I… I can’t… I just can’t… I already told him that if he wanted, I would… But he just said he would never demand that… He will wait until he can give me that…”

We stood up and Delores hugged me a minute. Delores sighed, then spoke quietly “Oh Maude… I didn’t know men like that even existed any more…” The order up bell took me back to work, and Delores left.

That afternoon, the delivery truck came right on schedule. I took Bill’s hand, led him through the kitchen out the back door, and propped it open. Bill was quickly helping unload the truck, well he was doing all of it. I stood at the back door of the Diner, and told Bill where to put stuff in the kitchen. That was all my Bill wanted me to do. I didn’t fight that! When Bill was just about done, the driver looked up from his cell thing and noticed me. He had seen me often, in the past, as the zombie eyed food service worker. But now…

“Wow, Maude, you look hot! What are you doing tonight?”

I was… surprised, maybe a little upset… shocked… I just sat there, trying not to scowl, and couldn’t say anything… Then I felt Bill’s strong arms slide lovingly over my belly from behind me. Bill gently kissed my neck. I wanted to turn around and cry on his chest. Instead, I just closed my eyes and smiled, lovingly enjoying my amazing man’s presence. I put my arms over his without even looking.

“She has plans with her fiancee” Bill said softly, then kissed me on the neck again. We didn’t even wait; we turned around and walked back into the Diner together.

“Bill, you have rescued me again…” I said quietly, fighting back tears.

“Can I ask for rocking chair time tonight for that?” Bill asked softly.

I did cry… And I have no idea how we made it through the rest of the day. I think Bill knew I was having, well, I just wanted him and alone. Bill knew that. He just went out of his way to hug me, to talk to me, and to kiss me when he could. I fought back tears every time, but I think I really needed that, to feel him close. It was almost scary how desperately I felt I needed him. I mentioned that to him as we sat on the front steps briefly sharing some ice cream in the middle of the dinner rush. Bill looked so lovingly at me. I wanted to cry like a baby. He just said quietly “I hope it never ends, though.” I felt the same way.

Somehow we finally found ourselves cleaning up an empty Diner getting ready to close. Well, I wandered around like a love-struck, I don’t know, something, as Bill did most of the cleaning. At least I put the chairs up for him, and I closed the shades and windows and put the fans away. Bill did the rest. Don’t tell anyone, but as he did his work, I kept imagining him with no clothes on! That didn’t help… But we were finally on our way home. We walked slowly, arm in arm. Bill forgot the flashlight, and was using another one that a different man gave Bill to use tonight.

I think we were both shivering ever so slightly as we locked ourselves in our house and got ready for bed. Well, we brushed our teeth together in my bathroom, then I watched as Bill changed into his bed time shorts, then shaved for me in the other bathroom. I again tried to keep my hands on just his chest and back. That was getting noticeably harder.

Still, night-time together with my man was just becoming more quietly special for Bill and I. As our hearts were increasingly intertwined, both our bodies screamed out for more. Our devotion was such a precious thing… We both worked hard to curb what we wanted, to preserve what we absolutely needed.

And I just had to reflect… Since Bill had blazed into my life less than 2 weeks ago, there had been a good number of occasions where both our bodies were painfully, or really wondrously exposed to each other; we both saw, and we both responded, our bodies responded. Carefully, maybe lovingly recounting each of these events, I realized that absolutely none of these occasions were of either of our doing; absolutely none of them were Bill’s doing, his coercing or him just working things out; he was certainly no overnight jumper. No, each had just amazingly happened to us both, thrust upon us by circumstance. Neither of us minded, I think, and we tried to manage our yearnings as best as we could. Still, sometimes even giving just a little helped a lot. I have mentioned that before.

Bill really didn’t need to put on his bed time shorts because I… we both knew where our next destination was, and neither of us would have any clothes on for that. Our rocking chair time had become so important to both of us. I realized it was safe to just assume that is what we would do before we went to bed, to sleep. Maybe it is better to say, we both needed to do that. I was pretty sure Bill would agree with that. I didn’t even bother changing. Bill followed me into my bathroom as I brushed my beautiful golden blond hair, then Bill sat down on the bed in front of the open door as I took my work clothes off. My bed time clothes were on our pillows already. When I was done, I watched my man take his white bed time shorts off, and throw them on the pillow with mine, and I sighed. Both shivering just a bit, we sat on the rocking chair together. Bill moved it first so he could put his foot, his legs up on the bed. That put us at more of an angle, so I was more laying on Bill, and we both liked that better. It felt like we were closer; I think we were. It also took some pressure off Bill, well his manliness. It was all around more comfortable, more meaningful. Of course our bodies responded, but our souls were just revelling in each other really, and that was really why we savored this time. We spent less time looking, and more time hugging and crying. Reaching in and really enfolding each other, we just couldn’t help…

I was not surprised that Bill let me know we needed to get up, quite a bit earlier than last night. It was dark by now, but I wanted to trust my man. He was waging a valiant effort at self control, and honestly, I wanted to help us both with that. His sensitive areas are a little more out in the open than mine. One day, maybe soon… Bill rocked the chair slowly back to it’s normal position, and I carefully got out of his lap, and turned on one of the small lamps. Of course, I liked what I saw. I cherished every chance to look at my man. He watched me get dressed (bed time clothes), then I watched him. Then we climbed into bed.

I had been wearing my short lady shorts for a few nights now. They were white like Bills, but with thin yellow trim and a beautiful but small pink bow in the front on the top trim. These shorts didn’t come up on my belly near as far as my jeans did. That didn’t matter to me. I wore them for my man.

But after those few nights, I just seemed to sense… Rather than me put my head on his chest, I asked him to put his head on my chest for once, for a while, as soon as we were in bed. I giggled and said I was asking for equal time. Of course, he did what I asked! He had seen my chest before, and I guess he really like to be near them. It was a gift for my man. A small sample, maybe. He sighed immediately, but was soon shivering quite a bit. And again, it wasn’t the cold, it was hot in our room. I told him to stay put, and he soon calmed down. Like I said, our wedding day could not come soon enough… But, being able to calm my man like that… I love him so, and to actually use the thing that was so pulling at his soul, to actually calm the raging torrent he felt… I was soon weeping softly, and he was too. Like I said, just giving him that, seemed to calm him down. We both cried softly together for a while. I ran my fingers through his hair. I think we both melted.

He asked if he could put his hand on my belly. That is what he usually did while we had rocking chair time. Honestly, I didn’t think this would be a problem. I just smiled and said “Bill, you are my man.” We both understood that was a yes. Bill slipped his hand under my white T-Shirt that smelled like him, and laid his hand calmly on my belly not very far above my short shorts. He relaxed there just a few minutes. But… wow, his warm touch… there… now… I don’t know why, but I was soon a shivering mess myself, and it was hot in our bedroom!

Bill realized… “Maude, I’m going to get up, but, can I kiss your belly first?”

I think I said “Yes!” more than once. He got up on his hands and knees, pulled my T-Shirt back and kissed my belly… I immediately grabbed his head quickly with both hands, and pulled it away as I squealed loudly, and even though laying flat, sat most of the way up. “Wow, that tickles…”

He put the T-Shirt back down gently over my belly, then I let go of his head. Up on his hands and knees, he didn’t say anything for a while, and looked so lovingly at me… Tears began to slowly roll down his cheek, sparkling in the moonlight…

I reached out, and, crying myself, said “I need my Bill…”

Laying next to each other, Bill on his side and me on my back, heads close, we hugged tightly and cried together for a while, our tears mixing on my shoulder. And, again, each time something like this happened, I found myself in ever more desperate need of this amazing man… No other would ever do…

My Bill put me back on his amazing, hairy chest, and we both calmed down and were soon asleep.


1. Maude: Meanderings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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