Last night was amazing… I finally got to wear something besides my work clothes next to my man for the night. I traded jeans and a dark blue t-shirt for one of Bill’s white t-shirts and some beautiful, ladylike shorts. I think we both enjoyed that — a little glimpse for him maybe. Well, maybe more than a little… And I got to wake up next to the same man, my amazing Bill. We were quickly kissing and hugging… “Bill, its sunday, the Diner is closed…” I tried to say this as softly and lovingly as possible.

“A whole day with you… I…” Bill got this out then tried to avoid crying. Well, we cried together, hugging. I think this prospect, in all it’s amazing glory, was just so new to both of us.

After we calmed down… “Bill, we can stay in bed a while if you want” I mentioned as lovingly as I could.

Bill slowly looked the full length of my body at such a close distance. “Oh, Maude… You are a whole lot of woman… I don’t think I have enough will-power to stay so close to your beautiful body too much longer unless we change…” Bill said this slowly, quietly.

Well, the sun was up, and I guess I realized… Being around each other at night, when the lights were out, even on a moonlit evening, that was very nice. But now, with the bright sunlight… Through his shorts, I could tell Bill was responding. That just made me…

“Rocking chair?” I offered quietly.

“A little while, if my Maude wants.” he replied softly.

I just smiled. “Let me brush my hair quick.”

We were soon rocking slowly together in our white bed-time clothes. Well, Bill just had white shorts on, but I loved his chest… I was in Bill’s lap, and he was still responding, but I just hugged him close, pulled his head to my chest (covered with that white t-shirt, sigh…) and we both soon calmed down. Maybe our bodies realized that still had to wait.

“Bill, can I wear one of your white t-shirts to work, to the Diner?” I asked this out of nowhere, really.

Bill thought a minute, then asked me to get up. He walked me into the bathroom, with me facing the mirror in front of him, and he stood behind me. “This is the problem…” he started to say. Then, still standing behind me, he took one of his fingers, pressed it in a little, and sort of made a slow circle over my t-shirt, around one of the pointy parts of my chest, which immediately poked out. He slowly said “I am not sure I want people at the diner to see…”

Well, when Bill did that, I just froze. “Bill, can you do that again?” I asked, quietly. Well, Bill did it again. “Again…” He did… “Ag…” Bill kept going.

I couldn’t take it any more, and burst into tears, and turned quickly around, shut my eyes tight, and hugged Bill tightly to my chest… “Oh, Bill, what did you do to me… Make it stop….” I said frantically. The next thing… “Oh, Bill, please don’t stop…”

I really was a mess, and I don’t think either of us knew what to do. Since Bill was around, it was like my body was slowly waking up, I don’t know. But what he just did… And I knew Bill felt bad, and meant no harm. We were both crying, and Bill was saying over and over “Oh, Maude, I am so sorry… I didn’t think…”

I don’t know how… My Bill eased away from me just a little, took three of the fingers on one hand, then just gently pressed in on the part of my chest he had just rubbed. Then he kissed me on the lips, and pulled my head to the side next to his head. I rested on his shoulder. He hugged me close with his other hand, low on my back. I slowly calmed down. Bill did too. We didn’t move, and just stood there for the longest time. While I cried softly, Bill kept saying “Oh, Maude…”

“Bill, I love you so much…” I said this a few times, too.

But he explained a little more. “Maude I really apologize… But when I can, I will do that for hours if you want…”

I jumped right in and said “Mmmmm… I can’t wait…”

Bill continued “I could have moved you, us onto the bed, but that… I am having problems… Wait, that sounds wrong… My body is responding a lot to your beauty, too…”

I smiled, hugged him just a little more tightly. “I noticed, precious Bill…”

Bill hugged me tight, kissed me on the lips, and only then pulled his fingers away from my chest. I said right away “Awww….”

“That was very nice Maude, I won’t… Maybe we can do that some more tonight, but it is very risky, I think…” Bill was just concerned…

I just sighed. “Bill, it is up to you. I just want you near me today… well, always…”

Without his arm in the way, Bill pulled me close. We both realized…

Bill started to say “We should get dressed, but…”

I sighed right away, and said “Work clothes…” dejectedly.

“Bill hugged me again, and… Then he finished his thought. “…but I don’t think either of us should wear work clothes today.”

I smiled broadly. “Can I wear this?” Bill hugged me again, and didn’t say anything. I could feel his manliness… We needed to change out of our night time clothes.

Bill surprised me again though. “But I think we should pick each other’s clothes.” Bill walked over to Edna’s huge closet (her dresser was inside) and carefully picked out two items. Some white shorts a lot like his night-time shorts, and a beautiful light blue short sleeved shirt with yellow mixed in. I gasped. They were beautiful. Bill said lovingly that the light blue shirt goes over his white t-shirt that I was already wearing. And I should just leave the shirt unbuttoned.” Well, it was already warming up.

I ran quickly into the bathroom, and got my short shorts off, and those white shorts on. I came back out, and threw my white shorts on the bed. Bill watched them fall on one of the pillows, and just sighed. “Tonight, precious man…” I said softly. Then I picked the light blue shirt up and put it on. Unbuttoned, that shirt was not hot, the material felt thin anyway. And my legs were not covered, well from above the knees down. Oh, wow… Everything felt amazing.

Bill walked me into the bathroom to look in the mirror. Bill said quietly, and almost couldn’t finish. “Maude, you are so very… beautiful…” I guess I looked amazing too. My man said so!

I turned around right there, hugged him close. I said very quietly, softly “Bill, I am your woman now. I am yours. Our wedding day can’t come soon enough for me…” Bill wept softly for a few minutes. I guess we both did. I also think we both really felt that way…

I couldn’t wait. “My turn?” I said, trying to suppress my excitement. Bill just smiled. A few of Ed’s shirts were at one end of Edna’s closet, Bill said. I quickly found one that looked exactly like mine, and told Bill to put it on, just like my shirt, and leave it unbuttoned too. Maybe I was shivering just a little. I like my man’s chest.

As Bill put his shirt just like mine on, I walked quickly around to Ed’s dresser. I rummaged through those drawers quite a while, and found no other shorts, except for more of the shorts like Bill was wearing now. I sighed…

Bill sighed too. “Maude, these are fine for around the house, just pick out one that is darker colored.” That was quickly done, and I gave the shorts to Bill. I was waiting for him to just put them on, but he said he needed to use the restroom anyway. Well, he used my bathroom, and changed while he was in there. He walked out and threw his white shorts on the pillow next to mine. I just sighed. “Tonight, precious Maude…” he said softly. He still looked amazing in the dark blue shorts I had picked out. And the colors on our shirts worked well with both white or dark blue. I had to hug him some more. But I soon felt… I just giggled, and that made my man blush.

“Well, we have two chores to do first thing…” Bill said.

I just said what I felt. “Bill, I will follow you wherever you go today…” Bill sighed, and kissed my lips briefly after that.

We got our worn out tennis shoes on, Bill grabbed the flashlight and we headed out the back door together. I mentioned Edna’s snake stick, and Bill thought that was a good idea. We were soon out in the morning sun. It felt amazing, and it was already pretty hot. With these clothes on, I think we both were comfortable, even in the heat. I stopped Bill, and we hugged a little while right there in the warm sunlight..

Bill’s first chore was at a big tank thing next to the dryer. He used the flashlight to make sure there were no ‘visitors’ (snakes). Then he opened some thingie, and turned a knob, pushed another knob I think, or something. When he was done, there was a faint whoosh sound deep inside that tank thingie, then Bill closed the same thingie he opened. “Maude, if this works, you get the first shower.” I kissed him for that, even though I had no idea what he had done, or how it would affect a shower.

Our next destination was down a long path away from the house. I quickly realized we were headed for the pump-house, Edna called it. And Bill reminded me again that we had to walk slow, and be careful of snakes. Walking slow with my man… I was soon weeping softly. “I love you, Maude” Bill said so quietly.

Bill had me stand back, then he used the snake stick to jiggle some big thing nestled along a wall, inside the pump-house. Nothing moved, so Bill reached in, pulled it down, and let it thump a short distance to the ground. We saw a small snake slither back into the pump-house, then Bill carefully dragged this big thing out of the pump-house, and he dropped his end again. He said he wanted to shake any spiders off. I don’t like spiders. Bill next dragged the whole thing clear of the pump-house by a good 20 feet, and dropped it again. Then he looked it over. Well, it looked like a folded bed to me, with a metal frame and springs and such, but how anyone could sleep in that… And it had big chains hooked at various places… I didn’t have a clue. But I watched as my man slowly dragged that metal bed thing all the way back to the house. He stopped halfway there and rested, and we hugged for a few minutes. I could tell his heart was… He said this was a good work-out. I asked him if I could help, carry the other end maybe. “Oh Maude, you are my woman. I do all the heavy lifting around here now.” Well, at the Diner, I used to do everything, including weed-wacking the lot to the south, and emptying the delivery truck because the driver was on his cell thing with his girlfriend or something. I guess my man would do all that from now on!

Bill dragged that strange metal thing around to the front of the house. He walked slowly, facing forward, looking for snakes. We didn’t find any, fortunately. Well, he dragged it up on the porch, I don’t know. Then we sat together on the front steps for a little while and just hugged. “Well, I can relax the rest of the day after this” he said with a grin.” Then he got up, went into the house, and came back with a small step-ladder, he called it. He put one of the chain ends into a hook already planted in the ceiling. Then he moved and did the other end. I… It was Edna’s porch swing! Bill disappeared inside, then came back out with a broom, and carefully swept the entire swing off. Then he swept everything that fell off (including a few more spiders) past the front edge of the porch. Then he put the broom away.

Bill was about to sit down, but I had him wait briefly. I ran into the pantry, Edna called it, and brought out a sack. Bill pulled the blanket out of it — it was perfect for this swing. It was thick, and had cut-outs for the swing arm things, and overlapped the ends and back some to help it stay put. It was blue with pretty white and gold flowers. This swing blanket had clearly seen some use. It still looked lovely. Oh, wow… Bill sat on the swing, at the end close to the house, and I quickly sat right next to him. We were soon swinging slowly, relaxing, enjoying some quiet time together. Bill quickly put his arm around me and hugged me close. I… This was just so relaxing… so peaceful, well with my Bill next to me it was…

Bill just said quietly “Relaxing here on this swing, as long as the weather allows, that will be our sunday morning tradition.” I just wept quietly in his embrace.

I also told him a little about this swing. I was talking next to Bill, but not talking directly to him. I was just remembering, slowly, out loud what Edna had told me.

“Ed and Edna used to sit out here for hours, too. Evidently, they went through a few swings over the years… Many evenings they would come out here and just relax together… They talked together, about their day, the business, things like that.”

I laughed. “Ed didn’t say a lot, and I think Edna probably did most of the talking. Some days when Ed wasn’t feeling good, they would both spend the whole day out here, and direct the ranch foremans from this swing.

“But when Ed got sick, I guess they couldn’t swing any more. Edna had the ranch hands take it down, and put it out there in the pump-house. She said if Ed couldn’t swing with her…”

I was crying softly when I was done, and my man carefully pulled me up some, and I climbed up into his lap with my legs out across the swing, and he hugged me close as I cried. “I really miss Edna…” I said as I cried…

Bill answered quietly “Well, I want us to sit here for quite a while, but after that, our next chore is to work on your journal.”

I stopped crying right away and smiled at my man, then kissed him. “Bill, nobody will probably ever even want read it.” I said quietly, clearly resigned to…

Bill answered right away “I will. Maude, it will just be for us. It is important to you, so it is important to me.” Well, I know Bill wanted to relax on this swing a while. But the more I thought about my journal, the more I thought about Bill reading it… That was a very exciting prospect to me. I really wanted to share that, my life, with this amazing man. I didn’t have to think long… And maybe he knew somehow… “Maude, we can start on that whenever you want” Bill said quietly. Well, he whispered that in my ear, then kissed my ear.

“Have you played with that other computer yet?” I asked quietly.

“No, that will be the first part of that job though” Bill said.

“I want to be with you when you do that…” This came out as a question as much as a statement.

Bill smiled. “Oh Maude, I want you right next to me for… forever…” I just hugged my man tightly, never wanting to let go…

We soon got up though. Well, I had to get up first, then Bill got up, and we went into the house. We had kicked our shoes off while we were swinging, and we put them back in the house. Bill watched as I set up a few fans, then started up my big computer. Bill cleared some things off a small table nearby next to a wall plug thing, plugged the new computer in, set it up on that table, and quickly figured out how to turn it on. It was so small, and so quiet… just like Kacey’s…

I put the disk thing into this old computer, and brought up my first journal entry. The thing complained at first, so I took the disk out, and let it sit a little. It worked fine after that. We were both ready, well our computers were both ready at about the same time. Bill mentioned that he would read to me from my old thing, and I would type that into the new computer. He said he had already opened a file for me. I walked over behind Bill, kneeled down and kissed his ear. Then I looked at the file he had started. The very first line… “I love you so much, Maude…” I wanted to leave that in…

Well, we got going. Bill read from that big, hot old “xt” thing, and I typed everything in on this nice small, quiet computer. And the z and s keys worked right! That caused me some problems at first. I don’t know why, but Bill said quietly “Let’s not change what you typed before.” That made the first chapter look very wierd, but I did what my man said! The first two chapters were short, but we kept them just like they were. And Bill would open a new file for me every time I had to take one disk thing out of my old computer and put another one in. Then we started in on the third chapter. Well, I was pretty focused on getting it all typed in. And I only vaguely realized that Bill was very quiet as he read, and surely fighting back tears. Well, that third chapter was about my first month or so here, from what I could remember, well more from what Edna told me.

Once chapter 3 was done, Bill asked that we stop for now. I turned Ed’s antique off, and Bill turned the new one off, and set it on the table next to the big one. Bill helped me gently up, took my hand, and led me back out to the swing on the front porch. It was maybe the middle of the afternoon and still pretty hot. But the porch was blocking all the sunlight from the swing.

Bill sat next to the house again, and I didn’t even ask. I sat in his lap again, and we hugged tightly. And I think I surely felt… Something was bothering, maybe hurting my man… “Bill, what is it…” I asked softly, then kissed him.

Bill didn’t answer right away, and tears formed in his eyes, and slowly rolled down his cheeks. I rolled over to face him and wrapped both arms around him. He hugged me tightly, and was soon crying pretty hard. I just cried with him. I moved (he helped) so my head, my face was on his shoulder, and I kissed his neck, his face a lot. We cried together, hugging tightly, there on that swing for a while. Then Bill tried to back off his crying, and explain.

“Maude, so when I am around, your head doesn’t hurt at all. Otherwise it hurts a lot?” he asked with great difficulty.

I started crying again. “My head hurts fiercely unless I am around my man. Bill, you are the only one…” I was crying so hard by then, and we cried together some more. But I… I worked on calming down… I didn’t think Bill was done, and I wanted to know…

Bill worked on calming down too. Soon, I realized, maybe felt… He was trying to say something… to figure out how to say…

“Maude… For both of us… Our memories of ALL of our past… start abruptly… at the… exact same time… And you are probably the only other pers…”

My man was a cast-off with no recollection beyond last summer, just like me… I didn’t realize… He was… Me too… We cried together for another hour maybe, pretty hard too. Then our crying dropped to sniffling.

Bill said this slowly… quietly… lovingly…

“Maude, I’ve already told you that I simply cannot ever leave you… I knew this as I drove you home in my old car…

“Since you and I alone, remember from the same point in time…”

Bill was breathing haltingly, fighting back tears…

“I… We… probably… share our past… before…

“Maude… I absolutely SHOULD never leave… YOU…

“And, how I EVER found…”

I understood everything my man was saying… From the bottom of my heart I deeply wanted everything he was saying… I absolutely would never leave him… We cried a long time together in our new swing…

An hour later maybe, now bathed in the evening sun, I stopped crying abruptly. I kept hugging Bill tightly though. Bill tried to calm down too. His ear was close. Calmly, resolutely… I whispered… “Bill, I’m never leaving you…”

Bill turned his head to look into my eyes. Then he brushed some hair out of my face. “I already need you so desperately Maude… But I feel so strongly that we were… together… before… I just have no idea how… what…”

“I am your woman, Bill. There are many questions. We will face them together.” The sun was low in the west. My Bill looked amazing in the orange glow of the setting sun. I told him that and kissed him some more. Bill started us swinging again, and we just rested there quietly. I put my head back on Bill’s shoulder, and kissed him, and we both worked on calming down.

“Bill, we can put bed-time clothes back on soon, right?” I asked playfully. Then I shivered violently; I had not planned that.

Bill sighed, then said softly “Not until we both take a shower.”

“I’m ready” I said, trying to conceal the excitement I felt. I knew fully experiencing my man would need to wait, but I had grown to cherish even the little ways we could, well indulge, maybe. I loved this man so much. And I loved both his white shorts, as well as the way he responded to mine. I had quickly come to cherish such little things. I’m sorry, cherish is just the only word that works here… for my man…

Bill helped me up, and we headed into the house, and locked the front and back doors. I wasn’t too worried about that, but Bill was protective of me, of us. I didn’t mind. All the windows were open though, since it was summer. Bill sent me into the bedroom for my white shorts, and he stepped into his bathroom (the front one), and started the shower. He let it run for a little while, and played with it some. I was sad, but he left me in there, closed the door, and was probably sitting on the couch waiting for me. I opened the loose plastic curtain, and got in the shower, then pulled the curtain back across like I usually do. Wow… The water was WARM!!! I was quickly sitting right under where the water came out. It felt absolutely amazing… I just stood there… I didn’t want to move, that water felt so good. After a while, I realized I needed to wash my hair. I actually got some shampoo from a bottle I had not used in months, and took my time and really washed my hair. Oh, that felt so nice… My warm shower felt amazing… And I could thank my Bill for that too! I knew right then he would get big hugs for this… While my poor man had to wait… I took a pretty long shower. It was hot, but the shower wasn’t freezing. And I quickly figured out how to adjust the temperature a little cooler. I didn’t want to stop this shower, but I finally did. I reached up to get my towel, then began to dry myself.

I reached down to dry my legs, then noticed… A fairly big spider was standing, on the bottom of the bath-tub, just looking at me. I don’t like spiders… I was immediately… I almost called Bill, but I was totally naked… I guess we sat and looked at each other for a little while. I was slowly panicing. All of a sudden, the spider quickly moved… I screamed… I tried to back away, but realized I was at the edge of the bathtub, and began to fall backwards… Loud noises, I was sure this would hurt… I fell… …into Bill’s strong arms… He had quickly opened the curtain, and with one arm he caught my back, then he had his other arm under my legs… He just scooped me up. I rolled over onto his chest and cried loudly… Soaking wet, totally naked… my man eased us back into the rocking chair in our room, and softly draped my legs over the armrest. I cried in my man’s arms for a while as he slowly rocked us. One of Bill’s arms was around my back, and the other one was… gently caressing my legs and knees. And I only vaguely remember picking Bill’s hand up from one of my knees, and purposely moving it to the middle of my belly. That’s where I wanted it. Bill never moved it from that spot, and just gently rubbed my belly with small circles. And I kept crying. But I slowly calmed down.

Still sniffling… I moved my head so I could see my man’s face. “Bill, I want you to look. Try not to really excite me, but you are my man. Beyond any other man on this planet, I am so completely yours. I want you to feast your eyes on your woman, and touch me, carefully.”

Bill kissed my lips then smiled. “I already am, my amazing Maude. You are… such a treasure… Your body is a work of art…”

I just smiled. “”I can tell, precious man.” There was a brief delay. “Bill, I would gladly lay on my back right now and spread my legs for you if you told me…”

“Oh, Maude, for me to demand that of you would make me a vile monster… We will be able to fully give our bodies to each other and enjoy each other’s body after we marry. Until then, I won’t take, I will just try to give, to give you all I can until that day…” I just wept softly. I treasured Bill so much more with each passing minute…

It was quiet briefly, but Bill wasn’t done. “Precious Maude, from now on, there will be no closed doors between us. Especially after what we discussed this afternoon, I think we need to stay close together, as close as possible. Your fall really scared me, it could have been much more serious. And I think–”

I jumped in… “So I can be in the bathroom while you shower?” Bill’s body responded right away, and Bill smiled. “Maude, if that is what you want. Like I said, no closed doors. I think we need to keep the distance between us to a minimum. I think there may just be too much at stake…”

“Can we go now? I asked, again with not very well veiled enthusiasm.

Bill smiled at me. “Can I look a little more?”

Well, it was dark outside now, so it was dark in the bedroom, and I really wanted to go turn a light on. There was some light in here from the bathroom, it would have to do. I just leaned back some, and kissed my man’s neck and let him enjoy what he saw. I know that he did.

Then I got up. “Bill kept looking, then said softly “Maude, you need to get dressed before I… (brief pause) I think I need a shower…”

I jumped quickly out of Bill’s lap, ran and got my bed time clothes from the bed, then brought them back to Bill. He was watching me the whole time. Only then did I get them on. I sat on the end of the bed, and Bill moved quickly right next to me. We hugged tightly and kissed… for a few minutes.

“I think my man needs a shower” I said, then I giggled.

Bill took my hand, and walked me into the bathroom. Before he did anything else, he stood me in front of the mirror over the sink, then he stood behind me, and wove both arms around my belly and hugged me tight. Even through that t-shirt, that felt amazing. Bill kissed my neck, then said quietly. “Precious Maude, look at your hair.” Bill didn’t have to say anything more, and I started crying softly, right away. After washing it carefully… It really was blond… It was a beautiful golden blond. I could tell my man absolutely loved it, and that was all that mattered to me now. I turned around and we hugged again. We didn’t hug long because… Bill carefully guided me down on the toilet seat cover after closing it. I just sat and watched my man.

He took his matching but fully unbuttoned shirt off. Then he shaved, because he knows I appreciate that. I just stood behind him while he did that, and tried to keep my hands just on his chest, his back. I told him more than once that he was a whole lot of man too. I almost couldn’t finish saying that.

After the noise was done, I sat back down on the toilet cover. Well, it was time for Bill to get in the shower, and he had to take his blue shorts off first. I think he just stood there briefly, unsure of what to do. Well, knowing Bill, his real question was what was best for me. I didn’t wait for him to try to figure that out. “Bill, you are my man. I am staying here. You can take your pants off, then get in. I will try to sit still.” Then I giggled. Bill sighed, then bent over to kiss me. I looked up into his eyes, and we kissed for a minute maybe. He took off his shorts, reached over me and put them on the towel rack behind me. I saw… Oh my goodness… Then he got in the shower. I was glad because I was shaking! He turned the water on, worked at adjusting everything, and only then pulled the shower curtain shut. Then he poked his head out and said quietly “I love you so much, Maude…” Then he took his shower.

I could say that this man’s body excited me so, and when I excited his body, that excited me more. But I had to be honest. I was excited… Every fiber in my body was on fire… simply because… I just wanted to give… Bill and Bill alone… everything… How could we ever wait…

I worked on calming down while he showered. He didn’t take a long time, but he used the shampoo. I only then realized that it smelled nice. Well, my Bill smelled nice no matter what.

He turned the water off. He mentioned a towel would be nice, so I gave him mine, reaching my hand through at the end. I hoped we would share bath towels now too. I wanted to share everything with him… When he was done drying himself… He was not sure again. “Maude, do you have my bed-time shorts?” he asked quietly.

I had something very different in mind. “Bill, can I ask for some rocking chair time before you get those on?”

Bill sighed loudly, but I knew it was a sigh of contentment. “Of course, precious Maude” he said lovingly. Then he just pulled back the shower curtain and stepped out. I did this, I just had to… I jumped up and hugged him tightly, right there. Bill just sighed again then smiled… “Oh Maude… I will give you whatever you want, just tell me…” Our hug was short, then I took Bill’s hand and led him to our chair. He sat down, and I turned one of the night-stand lamps on. Then I went to sit in his lap. He asked quietly, almost like he was afraid what I would say back… “Can you have no clothes on too?”

I started crying softly, put one of my hands gently on his cheek, and looked in his eyes. That was only right… I quickly left my bed time clothes on the end of the bed, then sat carefully in his lap. Well, both our bodies were responding, a lot, I expected nothing less, not with my man… But I pulled Bill’s head to my chest with no t-shirt in the way. He kissed one of the pointed parts briefly, then hugged me so tightly. We both wept softly together, and calmed down.

We were both naked, and could easily have… I don’t think either of us would have stopped the other if we said “Let’s just…” We had both already pledged ourselves to each other, for forever anyway. But what we both felt… Skin to skin, I have NEVER felt this close to anyone, as I did sitting on Bill’s lap, naked. I… treasured this man so much already. But for him to give, and allow me to get closer to him than anyone else on this planet… I just had to try to voice this… “Bill, I feel so unbelievably close to you right now… Please don’t ever…”

Bill softly, haltingly replied “I hope it never ends…”

Our bodies didn’t calm all the way down, I didn’t expect that. But the feeling of such painfully desperate closeness… That never left as we sat there, reveling in our devotion and committment to each other… And I just had to question… There had to be more to Bill and I than just falling in love over a very brief period less than two weeks ago. Well, we didn’t know, but… Well, it was like we were reaching into each other’s souls, our skin touching allowing us to hug from the inside out; I don’t know how else to describe it. It was both exhilarating and deeply humbling at the same time.

After an hour maybe sitting together, hugging, I asked Bill if we could turn the lights off. We didn’t really need them, not any more. Almost crying, he said softly “Hurry back, precious… I need you so much…” I did hurry… Back in his lap, in his tight hug, feeling as much of his body, his skin next to my skin, as close as I could, well as much as we could right now… I don’t think either of us wanted to move. We wept softly together most of the time. Then we would look at each other, smile, kiss, then cry and hug some more. As midnight settled quietly over the desert around us, miles of inhospitable hot blackness, Bill and I, we were so deeply reaching, crying out for each other, for the closeness we desperately needed, and from just each other alone… And I had to think too, after we are actually able to fully experience each other’s bodies, I was pretty sure we would still be able to sit here like this, transfixed by our utter committment too and dependence on each other.

Bill began to gently kiss my shoulder, and I guess I just knew… “Oh, Maude I need you so… Thank you for letting us sit together like this, I feel so close to the only woman on this planet that could ever… and I need her… I need you… so desperately… And I hope we can do this often…” he paused briefly. “But we need to get dressed… Feeling so close to you emotionally is making it very difficult to not be closer to you physically.” Yes, that day couldn’t come soon enough…

I got up to take care of my man. That was what he needed. All our bed time clothes were on the bed, and I slowly dressed. Then Bill got up and slowly did the same.

Standing facing each other, Bill gently took my hand, and gently held the ring he had placed there just nights ago now. “Oh Maude, I really need you… I want to cry for hours, but with work tomorrow, er today…”

I reached down and ever so gently touched his amazing male bigness… through his shorts, but still, for the first time… I shivered. “Patience, my precious man…” Then I kissed his lips. Right where we were at the end of the bed, Bill laid down on his back, and slowly scooted up to the pillows. I enthusiastically followed him, and curled up next to him, and put my head on his chest. We both fell quickly asleep.

I just had to wonder how each day with this amazing man could be so much more of a treasure than the last…


1. Maude: Meanderings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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