Saturday morning… One more day until we could just relax together a whole day. And, waking up next to my man… Right away, Bill had me curl up next to him again, and lay on his chest. Well, he asked first how that sounded. I didn’t even wait. While I lay there, trying not to cry too loudly, I… Bill’s shorts looked, they… He looked so amazing… I knew things had to wait, but still… I had come to not be bothered by sleeping in my jeans and t-shirt, but in bed next to my Bill…

I tried to move my mind away from that. Bill was going nowhere, he could go nowhere else. I was pretty sure my man would get us married just as soon… I moved my head up on his chest onto his shoulders, so my lips were right next to his cheek. I just kissed his cheek a bunch for a while. Bill just smiled. “I really love you, Maude… I hope you don’t get tired of hearing that… I don’t think I can ever say it enough…” I just smiled. I felt exactly the same way. Just to make sure he understood, I propped myself up on my arms and kissed his lips. Well, more than once.

Then I looked at the clock. “Bill, we need to get going. But tomorrow is sunday so we get the whole day to ourselves.”

Bill arched his head up a little and kissed my lips again. “Is that safe?” he asked with a big grin. That made no sense to me. But Bill quickly added “Wow, I have no clue why I said that…”

I just smiled. “Well Bill, you are my man, and I gave you everything. I don’t feel safe around anyone else on this entire planet.” Then I smiled again.

Bill smiled again, then looked so lovingly at me, and said nothing briefly. Then he said quietly “I can get up after you do, Maude…”

“I don’t want to get up, but…” Well, I slowly got up and we were both soon in our bathrooms getting ready. I brushed my hair and put it up in those two pony-tails for everyone (especially Bill) to enjoy.  Still, it took Bill a little longer because he needed to get dressed, to get his work clothes on. I like his white shorts better. Well, I sleep in my work clothes…

We were soon walking slowly, together, to the Diner. Hugging tightly, walking in step, I think we had both come to treasure such simple pleasures. “Are you ready for a busy saturday, Bill? I asked playfully.

“Oh Maude… Around you, not much else matters. I think I am ready for just about anything as long as you are near.” Bill said this seriously. I agreed with every word…

I let us in the front door of the Diner, and we both got quickly to work. And Bill talked to the cook right away; the cook was feeling a lot better. He mentioned what Bill and I already felt, tomorrow would be a nice break. A steady stream of customers soon started through our front door…

Less than an hour after we opened, one of the local ladies motioned me into her booth, and I slid in next to her. It was my friend Delores, she was alone this time. Working on my journal I put this together, then realized that I was such a zombie that I never said very much about her in previous entries… Delores has been there for me so many times… But I never mentioned her hazel eyes and dark brown hair that curled lazily down to her shoulders. Though “a little older” Edna had said carefully, Delores looks young, well trim, not like some of the other older couples we had seen. Edna knew her well, and told me her secret once. Delores walks two miles each and every day, and is careful what she eats. Edna sighed and explained that Delores’ husband was a truck-driver and, when he was home, he could barely get out of the recliner in front of the TV. I had seen that when I stayed there this last christmas. Well, it wasn’t all his fault Edna said. It is just hard to find decent food on the road. But still, Edna felt bad for Delores. She was one of Edna’s good friends. Delores has helped me in so many ways already.

But, right now, today, Delores wanted information. She scooted a little closer to me, and asked quietly “Oh, Maude, you and Bill look so amazing together… Tell, me the truth, how is everything, really? How is Bill treating you, especially when nobody else is around?”

Well, I had overheard this type of conversation a few times before. The girl would be beaming with starry eyes, and relate in dreamy fashion how amazing… Of course, that could never happen to me…  Wait…

But when I began to answer Delores, I almost started crying. “Bill… really is amazing… whether others are around or not… He is kind, considerate… He even thinks through things that will be a problem for me, and solves them even before I realize… He absolutely always puts me first, too. Well, he asked me to marry him, and I don’t have any reason to doubt…” I did cry briefly, then I tried to calm down. Well, I really love my Bill.

Delores smiled at me. “We all envy you, Maude.” Delores paused briefly. “Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Well, there was. And I tried to communicate what I was after. “Well, there is something. Since it is hot, Bill has trouble sleeping with a lot of clothes on, and he just wears some of Ed’s white shorts for me, and that seems to be working. I usually sleep in my work clothes, and that’s fine for me, but I would just like something… well… a little nicer for around Bill…” I ran out of words… I didn’t know how well that all came across…

Delores smiled, and put her hand up right away. “Say no more! I can take care of that for you, Maude.” I thanked her of course, and said there was no rush. Delores told me to get up and get back to work making other people’s day, especially Bill’s. Then she was out the door and gone.

The lunch rush was insane, even with Bill doing more than half of what I used to do. Bill even asked the cook to try and slow things down a little. He explained we certainly didn’t want to overwhelm him. People could easily wait a little while more for his excellent cooking. This was really true! The cook started limiting how many meals he cooked at a time during the rush. He said later this really helped him stay relaxed.

Delores came back in the middle of the afternoon, just briefly. She found me, and handed me a gift-wrapped box with a beautiful pink bow on top. “Oh, Delores…” I protested. I was about to say more.

“Maude, it is no problem. I don’t need an excuse to go shopping, and the Mall down the interstate is air conditioned, and I walked another mile while I was there. Besides, Edna asked some of us ladies to keep an eye out for you. This small gift is the least I can do.” She paused again, then smiled. “I hope Bill likes it.” Then she left. I wanted to cry. Delores had already done so much for me…

Trying to avoid crying, I just stood there, still holding up this beautifully wrapped gift, as she walked out the front door of the Diner and down the steps. “Hi, Beautiful” Bill said as he walked up behind me and kissed my neck. I closed my eyes briefly, and sighed. “What’s that?” he asked.

“One of the local ladies got me this. It is a present.” I suspected it was really for Bill, but didn’t say anything about that. I really didn’t know. Bill took the present back into the kitchen, and we both got back to work.

Another stinking hot afternoon, my man does the fans windows and shades so well… And he does a lot of everything else, too. I watched him lovingly between taking orders. And he found some time to hug and kiss me too. The dinner rush was intense, Bill said, but was over early, and the locals were all gone by 8:30. Bill had already done a lot of the cleaning. He is really good about cleaning partial areas, and then just finishing up when he can. I don’t know how he keeps track of all that. I couldn’t…

Bill remembered the present when we were locking the door. I let him back in, and in the dark, he soon came out with the box in his hand. I guess he was learning his way around the Diner quickly.

One of the other men had given Bill a spare flashlight out of his truck. I guess that was a good sign, for the men to be asking Bill too, how they could help us. Now we could walk home as soon as we were done at the Diner! We didn’t need to wait for the moonlight. Bill took care of the flashlight, and I just hugged him tightly. Walking slowly… hugging Bill… I think we both sighed a lot on the way home. Noting that I was paying no attention to where Bill was leading us, I told him clearly that I would follow him wherever he wanted to take me.

His answer: “Home in our bed, Maude. That is like heaven to me.”

I just wept softly, and I think Bill understood that I felt the same way. I think I was already shivering just a little. But I hoped Bill wouldn’t…

“Maude, are you ok?” my man asked softly.

“Deeply in love…” I answered just as softly. It was true…

There was less need to hurry home tonight, since the Diner was closed tomorrow anyway. Still, we were soon up the stairs, and into our house. I liked the sound of that, our house. I hugged Bill tightly once he locked us inside. “Bill, I just…” I couldn’t… “Oh, Bill, I’m such a mess tonight…”

Bill offered a little rocking chair time, and I calmed down in his embrace while he rocked us slowly.

As I had hoped, Bill decided we should get ready for bed next. I picked the beautifully wrapped box up off the bed, took it into my bathroom, set it down on an out of the way shelf, then we both brushed our teeth. Then I took Bill’s hand, and walked him to his bathroom. I sat on the couch as he changed into his white shorts. I smiled when he came out. I didn’t need to say anything about that. He looked amazing. Well, he said the look in my eyes told him that. I would learn that look, too. Then I grabbed clean work clothes, and held Bill’s hand and we walked back into my bedroom. I left him sitting on the rocking chair (his choice) and I went into the bathroom, and closed the door. Well, I opened up that box, and put my present on. The bottom, pants part was probably ok, short, but ok. But the top piece of clothing… I wrestled a minute, then opened the door and asked Bill to come in. I was facing the mirror. I watched Bill’s face. Seeing me from behind, he gasped. He looked over my shoulder, and immediately closed his eyes. He gently wove both of his arms around my waist, hugged me tightly, then shivered, then said quietly “Maude, you are very, very beautiful…”

I wasn’t quite sure… Sounding just a little afraid, I said quietly “Bill, it was a present…”

Bill tried to reproduce my giggle, which put me at ease. Then he whispered in my ear “If you wear this, I won’t be able to sleep at all. Your body is very beautiful, Maude.” My man said that to me… I just melted…

But, I tried to explain. “Well, it just seems so unfair to me that I can enjoy some of your body with those shorts you wear, but I sleep in… work clothes…” I was crying softly by the time I was done. Bill’s eyes were open though, and he kissed me on the side of my neck.

“Maude, you are so amazing…” He was thinking briefly, then he said this. “I am not sure I have earned all of your body just yet, even though I hope to soon… Let’s try this.” Without making me change, Bill took my hand and led me to his clean laundry in the living room, and pulled out one of his clean white T-Shirts. He really asked this quietly. “How about you wear one of my white T-Shirts with those shorts for now. Then when we are married…” After he asked that, he looked lovingly at my body, and sighed.

I thought a minute, then asked “Bill, where is the T-Shirt you took off tonight?” He quickly pulled it out of a different pile. “If it is not too dirty, can I wear that one? It smells like my man…” Bill handed me the one that smelled like him. I took his hand, then walked back into our room. I turned out all the lights, then stood in front of the rocking chair. “Just for a little while” I said. I threw the T-Shirt on the bed for now. Bill obediently sat down, and I sat in his lap. I know he was shivering, and I was too. But I pulled his head to my chest. “Just relax, my precious man.” We both soon calmed down. And, I know that we both sighed a lot. Both our bodies were trying to respond, but we were both wrapped up so deeply in our devotion to each other that waiting was not really a problem… well not too much. Enjoying just a little bit helped us both, I think. And, wow, his fingers on my bare legs… I had never felt that before, ever, as far back… After a while, I kissed him and got up. Without even asking him to turn around, I changed into that T-Shirt. I was already his as far as I was concerned, and I didn’t want to close the bathroom door on him while I changed. We were soon in bed, and then we both shivered a while more. But I laid on his chest, and we both calmed down again. I was soon asleep like that.


1. Maude: Meanderings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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