Maybe the salesmorons hybernated during the winter, too. I don’t remember having much problems with them during that time. That was probably good though. I didn’t need that on top of everything else. I mean, four of them had tried to gang-rape me last fall. That really shook me up. But, after a while, I am sure it just sank to the back of the pile. And, as I mentioned, I did have a few problems with these vile men intentionlly touching me where they shouldn’t. It wasn’t even… They didn’t even try to make it look like an accident. It was usually my bottom they went after. I slapped them if I could. I thought about telling the sheriff about each one. I ruled that out because I didn’t want to seem like I was whining to him for every little thing… Well, each thing wasn’t little to me. I felt like dirt after one of them did that, and a shower wouldn’t help. Then, I realized… These vile men were slowly crushing me inside. They were chipping away at my resolve. I guess their plan was to beat me down so far, I would let them take what they were after. Maybe they were right. And, on top of everything else I was fighting to keep going, or fighting to stop from crashing down… These petty thefts were just plain unfair…

It was a friday night of maybe the third week in may and we were swamped. We were beyond swamped… And it was stinking hot… I was so tired… The Diner cleared out at 9 that evening, and it was 9:30 before I was done cleaning. Like I said, I was so tired, I left some of the cleaning alone. Nothing seriously important, but… I was so fried… I locked the Diner, then headed around back. It even took me a while to realize that a salesmoron was back there. Before I even knew what he was doing, he had slowly taken both my hands, and used one of his hands to pin both of my hands, straight up, against the back wall of the Diner. Then he smiled… Cigarette smoke… coffee… body odor… I wanted to throw up. And his breath…

He said quietly “Maude, listen. This here is really simple. All you need to do is let me take what I want. Then, I won’t hurt you, and we will have a nice time, then I will leave, and we can both forget everything, forget this ever happened. How does that sound?” I tried to pull my hands free. I could barely move anything, my feet were just barely on the ground. “Oh, no, Maude. The best thing to do is just play along.” Then he started touching me.

I kicked him hard, right away, where I knew it would hurt him a lot. Well, he left me no choice. I was otherwise defenseless. He was quickly doubled over on the ground. “Maude, I’ll get you” he shouted. I ran home as fast as my head let me. I needed to do laundry, but I didn’t even bother. I locked all the doors, the windows (even though it was hot). And then I found the cell phone thing the Sheriff had given me months ago. I made sure it was on the charger. I wanted to use it if I needed it tonight, which I thought highly likely. Well, nobody came, and I finally fell asleep. I woke up the next morning and got ready for work. I picked up the Sheriff’s cell phone thing, put it in my pocket, and poked my head out the door. I actually carried that cell phone all the way to work. It was quiet.

Of course, the Diner pulled me into another bruizer day. Saturdays are usually like that. I kept the cell phone thing in my pocket all day too, just in case. In the middle of the afternoon, one of the sheriff’s deputies came in for some coffee. I mentioned quietly to him “Please let the Sheriff know I was attacked again last night. I am pretty sure he will be back.”

The deputy looked up without looking at me, smiled, and said “Will do.” Well, maybe I was his daughter, and she just reminded him about her soccer game tomorrow, I don’t know. Well, all I could do was hope for the best. And the day didn’t let up at all. We were so busy… It was so hot…

I was actually locking myself out of the Diner, and only then did I remember last night. I was in trouble, I thought. I had done ALL of the cleaning, and it was now around 10 at night. There was still a little light left, so I could see around me at least. Walking around the side of the Diner, I reached into my pocket and pulled the Sheriff’s cell phone thing out of my pocket as I rounded the corner to the back parking lot…

…Right then, that same salesmoron back-hand slapped me so hard… That cell phone flew yards I was sure. But the force spun me around, and I landed hard on the concrete. The back of my head hit first… I almost blacked out, and my head hurt so bad… He could take anything he wanted I guess… Unable to move, I just lay there… “Maude, you are mine now” he said triumphantly. I felt him start to undo the thing on my jeans… I couldn’t stop him… I hurt so bad, I couldn’t do anything…


I was so glad to hear this, even if it took a little while to realize what was actually happening… Headlights were quickly shining brightly… I had to close my eyes; the bright light hurt, too. I started crying softly, I’m sure. And I could comprehend very little of what was going on after that. I just hoped they had their gun things out. And I hoped he didn’t get away…

I guess, after minutes, that vile beast was in one of the patrol cars and on his way to jail. I think the sheriff had actually seen him hit me. The shriff was so mad… Later, the Sheriff brought me his cell phone thing out of the grass, then tried to help me up. Still crying, I said quietly “Take me home, please…” The Sheriff sighed, then took me home. He helped me up the stairs and to my couch. I could not walk another step. “Can you please lock my door on the way out?” He did, and then he was gone.

My head hurt too much. I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to. I did what I always did. I laid there and just cried quietly. I had no idea how late it was or anything… I may have dozed off a few times, but would quickly wake up, feeling like I was spinning after he slapped me across the back parking lot. My head still hurt a lot.

Waking up once, crying… “I should just give in, and let them take what nobody can ever give back… I should just let them all take from me… I have nothing left…” Then I realized… That would not make any difference… It would make me their slave… forever… I was not sure I could keep the Diner going while carrying that…

But, honestly, I didn’t know what else I could do. This salesmoron’s brutal attack… There would just be another… and another… And keeping the Diner going, that would just be meal after meal, day after day, week after week… year after year… And it would all drag painfully on until I was 98…

Maybe I already had nothing left… Maybe giving in to the piranha wouldn’t really change anything… Nothing good could ever…

It was good the next day was sunday and the Diner was closed. I cried softly all that sunday.


1. Maude: Beginnings is copyright 2017 by Shysage.




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