Hi, this is princess’ magic teacher. She asked me to put together a chapter to end her story, sort of an overview of our time together, but from my perspective. I really enjoy writing assignments like this! I don’t think she knew that though. She will now.

It was clear when I first met her, that she was very needy. I grew up in a big city too, but I am not sure why… I quickly buried byself in books and magic, and books about magic. I was pretty focused, and mostly ignored what was going on around me, in school. Well, princess had a much rougher time, and I am just not sure why. The minute she looked up at me, with tears in her eyes, next to that fountain in town, I could tell she needed a friend, maybe a bunch of us. We all jumped in to help this mare. And, I am not sure… Contrary to what the colts and phillies at her school told her, she was very pretty. Her light brown hair complimented her blue eyes, and soft blue coat. She was on the small side, to be sure, but that… Some small horses are just smaller than others. And, I have no clue what they were trying to say about her eyes. I think it was more that some of the horses in school with her, well they singled her out, and came up with any reason possible to make fun of her. Her teachers should have… Well, that just didn’t matter. She was here, and we would do our best to help her.

She arrived among us early in the summer. She quickly found a nice house near town, and we helped her get it weathered in as soon as we could. But, it seemed to some of us that, with each passing day, she was slowly becoming more calm. I really think just getting away from the environment where she was teased so much, that really helped. She loved the meadow, that much was clear. She loved the summer too, and the warmth of the sun. I think all this was just so new, and such a welcome change to our precious friend. She basked in the summer months, and it seem this brought some measure of healing. She explained she didn’t want a name because of all the hurtful names she had been given… We decided to call her Hope, and we hoped for the best as much as she did.

As the weather started to cool, we all noticed a real but very subtle change in our friend Hope. The winter would soon settle on the meadow, and surviving that was no small task. The castle has spoiled me in that regard, but the rest of our friends, well staying warm takes a lot of planning and attention as each cold, winter day wanders slowly along. And, I think she realized she didn’t have mom and dad helping now. She would have to take care of everything herself. Maybe it was more than that, or in addition to that… Our precious friend was realizing her vulnerability. She didn’t like that. She didn’t like being alone. There was a lot going on in our circle, but we tried the best we could to help her through this.

We did spend some time together on her magic. I realized right away that her primary problem was the spells she knew, or lack there-of. First thing, I gave her a few sets of higher level spells. I was hoping this would really help. But I also concluded that connecting her intentions with controlling those spells, that would be difficult for this Unicorn. It just meant she had to practice more. And I fould out too that her magical glyph vocabulary was way too small, and I helped her with that. None of this surprised me. I am well aware of the limitations you can encounter when teaching young Unicorns magic, and in a big city no less! After mending her vocabulary and giving her some higher level spells, her magic seemed to blossom. That is always fun to watch.

But, none of this solved her other concern. Enduring a winter by yourself can be harsh. Each day seems to just crawl slowly by, and for even a stable horse; winter can just be grueling. I have been fortunate. For years now, I have never really had to go through a winter alone, and could always count on amazing, real friends to help me when I needed it. Once the cold of winter set in, and the snows began, it was just difficult for any of us to do much for Hope. Her neighbor to the west had already done a lot to help her, and bringing some wood, well we were all so glad we could help her any way we could. And her neighbor tried to visit Hope as much as weather allowed, which was not much. Hope was glad to help her neighbor too. Being a Unicorn can be a real life-saver at times. Winter did settle over our town, over our meadow. It just didn’t seem like there was much we could do to help Hope through it. All we could do was hope for the best, try to pick up again in the spring.

But when her neighbor arrived to a stallion in front of Hope’s fireplace, we were concerned, very concerned. Most stallions do whatever they feel necessary to get what they want from a mare, which is usually only one thing. This is common knowledge. Hope was hurting, but she certainly didn’t need that. We knew we had little time. Fortunately, Doc didn’t need much coaxing. He would be able to tell if… what… Well, he could maybe shed some light on this new mess. He braved one brewing storm to try to prevent another, and ran out to Hope’s house in the snow with Hope’s neighbor, to check this stallion out. What the Doc found aligned with what Hope was saying. While her neighbor talked with Hope on the porch, the Doc came to the conclusion what was not driving this stallion’s actions. The Doc told me the stallion was probably hurting inside, he really had spent maybe 2 days in the snow, was really blind, and probably felt terrible he was so dependent on anyhorse else, let alone a mare.

Well, that helped the rest of us relax. If something did happen, it would probably not be an awful tragedy. Maybe a minor tragedy, that unfolded a little more slowly, but… We just had to wait and see. We had Hope into town for a bath one not quite as cold afternoon. While out on her porch talking, her neighbor said Hope really was a mess from getting that stallion in out of the cold. We had her into town to fix that. We also wanted to get some more experience… We wanted to watch the stallion, to try to get to know him a little better, see how he responded, since we really didn’t know him at all. And again, our best sensitivities were that he was needy two. This just might work out ok. They were both Unicorn’s, almost the same color except for their hair, and about the same age, too. Ok, well if Hope had told us about their Hornfire right away, we would not have been concerned any longer. Hornfire all but confirms a Unicorn mare and stallion for life-partner status. It is very rare, but knowing it happened; that would have been all we needed to know. But we wouldn’t find out about that until weeks later.

But a few days later, a terrible Unicorn… well, a mean magical bully, I guess, shoved his way into our town, and demanded magic practice from every Unicorn. As a winter storm began to rage, this bully knocked over a few houses to show he meant business. He just didn’t care about anyhorse else besides himself. Hope and the stallion came a little late, and we only then learned that Hope had fallen on ice and knocked herself out during yesterday’s storm. The blind stallion had spent hours rescuing her. Hope’s stallion brought both of them into town; Hope was on his back, hugging his neck. It looked bad, I won’t lie…

…But that bully… Though blind, Hope’s stallion verbally confronted that bully right away, and was quickly promised punishment. Hope moved closer to the bully’s wagon, and shook one wheel. Her stallion traced Hope’s magic, then he used his magic, grabbed that entire wagon, and flipped it over on that bully, breaking his Unicorn horn in the process. Who knows how many other horses’ lives that simple action spared. But we all learned a lot about this blind Unicorn stallion by his words in the half hour or so he carried Hope into town that day. He didn’t hesitate to confront this mean Unicorn, he was focused on helping others, and he preferred no recognition for essentially doing that. From then on, we just waited. I think we all relaxed. We were maybe looking forward to a wedding soon. We hoped that would be the case, anyway. It was.

I really feel bad that prince and princess (Hope and her Stallion gave each other those names) got caught up in our difficulty with Summer and Shysage. I still don’t know exactly what went wrong, and it clearly wasn’t Summer and Shysage’s fault; both had done so much for… But, somehow friendship broke, or sometthing. And we honestly were glad prince and princess were in a better position to help them. Princess and her Stallion really did rescue them, and in the nick of time, too. Whatever our issues were, it left Summer and Shysage very vulnerable. And we refused to see the handwriting on the wall after that first narrow escape; prince and princess’ quick and loving action prevented a terrible tragedy. It was only a matter of time, though. Soon something worse, something far stronger found them, found the Phantom Alicorn… Now they are gone… I will carry that to my… That will probably be a long time… Like I said. Friendship is… But we failed them both… Now, I keep asking myself if we really believe that…

…Prince and princess seem to be doing well together though, and we are so glad to be able to add them to our group of friends. They are both very nice, and such a cute couple together, too. I wish I had a Unicorn Stallion that would carry me on his… Wow, did I really say that?


[Sigh…] This looks like the end…

1. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage





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