During the warmth of the summer, prince once suggested a trip back to visit our moms and dads. Of course we would go together! He was just sure his parents would absolutely love me. I knew my mom and dad would feel the same way about my prince. But prince suggested this in the middle of the afternoon while falling asleep, because I was gently brushing his hair. I was busy with magic or looking, and prince’s idea really didn’t sink in. The subject never came up again, until the first day, well the first night that wasn’t warm. As prince pulled the big blanket over us to keep us warm as we snuggled, he mentioned that idea again. He seemed neutral about it, but also added that, if we were going to do this, it had to be soon, or else we would wait until next summer. The more I thought about the idea, the more I liked it. Until prince came, I missed my mom and dad deeply. I guess I still did. My prince just kept my mind elsewhere for the most part, and I didn’t mind that. Within a short while, I said quietly “Stallion, I would really like to make such a trip.” That was all he needed to hear. He said he would see that it happened.

The next day, after brushing each other’s hair, we walked into town together and let my magic teacher know about our trip. She was delighted of course, and said she hoped everything went well for us. I asked about somehorse keeping an eye on our house and such, and she mentioned that any of our friends that could fly would be delighted to do that, and probably would anyway without being asked. We both hugged her briefly, then we wandered back home.

Not too long after we got back to the house, our neighbor to the west ran up. She brought over what she called her saddle bag for us to use. We were about to go bask in the meadow together; I was so glad she came when she did! We hugged her and thanked her of course, then she ran back off to her house. Well, one of the two bags held maybe six oat pies for the trip, just in case. This was an amazing idea. We just didn’t know what we would find as we traveled. The other side was empty, but prince carefully placed my coat in there. He felt that, if it got cold, I would put my coat on, then he would put me on his back. Even in snow, this seemed to work well for us.

We spent that afternoon in the meadow, basking in the warm sun like we usually did, then we cherished each other that evening. Well, maybe things overlapped a little, I don’t know. I love giving to my Stallion so much! I think my prince… While basking, he explained that our options for cherishing times might be a little slim until we got back home. He felt we might want to spend time at the pond that evening. We did. Wow, did we…

After sleeping soundly in our room, we set off to the east the next morning. We were headed back to, well, the big city. Prince said the trip might take 3 days to his big city. Still, we were not in a big hurry. We walked most of the day, but we walked side by side, and just enjoyed each other’s presence. It was a nice warm day, so this road trip was a lot of fun, and very meaningful for both of us. We talked most of the day, about all sorts of things. But prince found out that my big city was the next big city beyond his. We would visit his mom and dad first, then walk to my big city to visit my mom and dad. And, I think that prince has a much better sense of direction than I do. He knew which way to go, and led the way. I clearly told him I would follow him anywhere, anyway.

We spent that night under a large tree next to a pond. Well, it was a pond, so… We enjoyed ourselves again. It was clear we were out in the middle of nowhere anyway. I am not sure why, but I remembered the day prince kissed my whole body. He was trying to show me I was beautiful to him, and he carefully avoided a few areas. But he also asked that we wait before I did the same thing to him. Maybe I was done waiting; I asked prince if I could kiss all of him that night. He got up and closed his eyes. I think that was a yes! Wow, was that fun, and hard too. And a high, full moon helped by casting its soft, slightly blue glow for us. I kissed him just about all over. Wow, we were both pretty excited when I was done. Then we just reveled in cherishing each other. It was so quiet… I could listen to every little sound my prince made! He said the same thing. Our cherishing that evening was just amazing. And we took our time. There was no reason not to.

We walked all day the next day as well, and talked almost the whole time again. Later that afternoon, I realized that prince was constantly looking up ahead, and all around us. He said he was just keeping vigilant for any hazards that might pop up. He didn’t expect any, but there were animals in the meadows away from the cities that could be difficult. Oh, wow! I told prince I was so glad I didn’t run into any of that when I first came through here. I could barely start a leaf on fire… I would have died… From there, crying softly, I told my prince about the many ways I was sure I would be dead by now, if he hadn’t come to me, collapsed next to my path down to my pond. He felt I would probably have been fine. Then I mentioned falling on the ice and knocking myself out. He started crying… That had so scared him… And the prospect of me freezing to death in a blizzard on my frozen pond… Well. we stopped and hugged a little while. I told him over and over that I was so thankful for my Stallion. We both cried softly, found a nice big tree, and stopped for the day. Snuggled together behind some bushes nearby, we cherished each other. That was amazing too. And, again, it was just so quiet… After we were both so relaxed (falling asleep), prince mentioned that we were close to his big city and would probably arrive at his house before noon tomorrow. Then he fell asleep. I did too.

I think prince was pretty excited about me meeting his family. He woke me up early, said we should leave soon, but that I could snooze a little while longer if I needed to. We were both on our bellies next to each other, so I sort of layed back, with my neck and head against his, and worked on waking up. It felt early, and I don’t think I get along with early very well. We were soon on our way. My prince started us with a pretty good pace. “Precious Stallion, can we slow down just a little, please?” I asked softly.

My prince sighed. “Thank you, precious Mare, you are the only reason I’m alive today. I am excited about meeting my family, but only because I want them to meet you.” Prince said this, then we stopped and we kissed for a little while right where we were. Then we started walking again, at a calmer pace. We found oats and a lake on the way, and ate breakfast there, then splashed each other in the water for a little while. By then we could see prince’s big city off ahead. And, it was clear it would be a climb to get there. But from that point on, prince kept our pace slow, and we were quickly enjoying our time together again. Even as we climbed a steep hill, and were soon walking down streets filled with other small horses like us, prince and I found plenty to talk about. He talked some about when he was younger, but he had already told me a lot of that. And we talked together… Well, before I knew it, we were standing in front of the door to his mom and dad’s house. “Let me go in first” he said with a grin.

Prince opened the door, left it open, then walked inside. I stopped half way in the opened door. Wow, his house was busy! All Unicorns, they shouted his real name when he walked in. His oldest younger brother started using his magic right away, to punch prince, I think. Prince put up with this briefly, then picked his brother up, held him completely up-side-down for a brief time, then gently put him on the floor, still up-side-down. His brother said “Aww… That was fun…”

An even younger brother was standing off to the side. Eyes shut tight, he was concentrating, exerting, working hard at casting some spell. He was facing prince, and so prince was the likely target. But this young Unicorn was having trouble with the spell. Prince walked carefully over to him, said “Hi squirt”, put his head next to his little brother’s briefly, then said quietly “Just keep practicing. That can be an important part of learning magic. Be patient, it will come!” His little brother opened his eyes and smiled.

There was a very young foal standing next to prince’s mom. This young phillie had probably not been talking long. And she had been staring at me since I walked in behind prince. “Mommy… mare?” she said quietly. Prince’s mom just smiled.

Prince’s mom was laying on her belly with her legs out to the side, near the fireplace. She was obviously very heavy with another foal. After clearing the way of siblings, prince walked over and put his head next to her’s for a little while. “I knew you would come back, dear…” she said. Then, a little more quietly, she asked “Is she your Mare?”

Prince motioned me over, and I put my head down next to prince’s mom just like he had. Tears came to her eyes. Then prince said “Mom, dad, brothers, sister, this is my Mare princess, the most amazing Unicorn mare in the kingdom.” While I blushed, prince put his head next to mine.

But I couldn’t leave that alone. “Well, prince is the most amazing Unicorn stallion in the kingdom, so I guess we are even.” After I said that, we both laughed.

Prince’s dad was laying down next to his Mare, prince’s mom. “Son, we are so proud of you.” There was a brief pause. “The big-wigs at public works are not happy, but that job is just terrible. They should really pay 3 horses to do that. You endured it longer than most, and your magic was easily the most powerful they had seen.” Then prince’s dad thought some and spoke a little more quietly “You were not planning on staying here, were you? Because I don’t think…”

Prince smiled. “We are just here for the afternoon. We actually live near a small town out west, in a nice house in the meadow. We are visiting parents this trip, then we will head back home.”

Prince’s dad smiled, then said “Well, good. But I think you should still keep a low profile here in town. And mom is due any day now, too.” Wow, 6 small horses in this small house… Well, prince had said that his parents like having foals, or liked the process of having foals (me too!) There would clearly not be enough room for us tonight. That was ok.

Prince laid on his belly facing his mom and dad, and I was quickly right next to him. Big then little brother fought briefly over the spot right next to prince, and his sister laid down carefully next to me. “You look very pretty” I said quietly to her.

She smiled and blushed. “Thanks you…” she said quietly. Well, she was just so cute. I hugged her with my closest front leg, picking it up and laying it carefully over her neck. She seemed to not want to move away from that. Well, I guess I was family now, anyway. She had a big sister, or something. It just didn’t matter.

Prince explained first how we met, including me tearing up the meadow trying to rescue him during a blizzard. Well, he included him rescuing me when I knocked myself out on the ice too, even though he was blind at the time. Well, that whole chain of events still amazes me. We should both be dead. And we both rescued the other, it seems. Prince also had me include our hornfire, and prince’s whole family gasped at that. I guess it really is very rare. Prince asked me too tell them a little about my younger years, focusing on me moving to the meadow and such. I hit the highlights, anyway. When I talked about the teasing, prince’s parents looked at each other, and tried not to cry. Maybe their foals were having similar problems.

Prince’s very young little sister never moved from under my leg, and the afternoon went by way too fast. When he felt it was time to go, prince got up. I carefully pulled my leg away from his little sister, and almost fell over. “Your nice” she said quietly. Once I was standing up, I hugged her little neck again.

“You are so cute” I said back, then rubbed her nose with mine quickly. That made her sneeze, then she laughed, a cute little giggle.

Prince put his head next to his mom’s again. Getting up would have been difficult for her. She cried softly, until prince said “We will try and visit next summer, unless we have a foal by then.” Prince looked at me after he said that, and smiled at me. I blushed. I felt that was very likely now. I didn’t mind that prospect at all. Prince put his head briefly next to everyhorse else’s, even his little sister.

I did the same thing next. Prince’s mom said quietly “Welcome to the family, dear”

I whispered quietly in her ear “Prince is amazing…” This made her cry more. But I gave this head hug to the rest of the stallions there, prince’s dad, then his two prothers. When I got to his little sister, I did that, then hugged her briefly. I said quietly “I want to come see you again!” Her smile was amazing after I said that.

Before we left, prince looked at his dad, and said quietly “If you ever get tired of this place, you are welcome to stay out west with us, until you find your own place. There is just so much open meadow…”

Prince’s dad answered quietly “Well, we will keep that as an option.”

Prince headed for the door, and I quickly followed. “Goodby” everyhorse inside was saying. Well, I could tell the young mare, prince’s little sister was crying now. I felt really bad about that, and started to weep softly, myself.

Prince said quietly “I hope she is not the one being teased. That would be so wrong…” He was quiet briefly, then he said “Well, it really made a big difference, what you did, spending time with her like that. I think for stallions, well, life in the big city is manageable, anyway. But I think mares have a far more difficult time here… So, thank you. I think she needed that.”

We walked in silence for a while. We followed the exact same path to the edge, then down from that city, and were again back into the meadow once we were far away. Prince said his dad was right, and he picked the shortest path to his parents house. Walking through the city to the east would shorten our trip quite a bit, but would just not be a good idea. I didn’t argue.

We found some food and water, then we found a nice tree. Remembering a mental note I had made earlier this summer, I asked prince about crawling up under his front legs, putting my back along his belly like Summer and Shysage did. Then I explained that I had to do basically that to get him up on my wagon… Prince just smiled, then picked up his front leg. I crawled carefully up to my prince, and he pulled me close, hugged me tightly right away. Wow, this was nice! My head was along the bottom of prince’s head and neck, and my back was up against his belly. And, if I arched my back just a little… Yes, this was very nice. But then I remembered what happened to our two amazing friends, and wept softly for them…

It would be dark soon. The walking that today had held was not too tiring, but the visit made us both tired. We fell quickly asleep just like that.


1. There is no background music for the rest of this story; just the breeze blowing gently across the meadow, the crickets at night, and the occasional bird chirping…

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage




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