Summer and Shyage were gone… forever… And everyhorse cried a lot, but then… they left, and went back to their lives… I don’t know about prince, but I just wanted to scream, to cry out… Everyhorse kept saying… Why didn’t anyhorse even… But prince was right. There was a lot more we really wanted to know about this, what had happened, what was happening. That may not have even been our business. And it was all water under the bridge now. They were… And a week later, it was like nothing ever happened. It was just very weird. We will never forget them though…

But it was the middle of the summer, and we had plenty of warm weather left. That meant plenty of basking in the sun together, and cherishing each other later in the evening, if we wanted. We wanted that a lot. And, over time, I think prince and I, we became much better at cherishing each other with our magic. All I had to focus on was learning how to better cherish my Stallion. And I tried to spend time working on coming up with more effective ways to do that, usually while basking together in the grass. Prince was trying to do the same thing, and we both discussed this. We were practicing, experimenting with each other! Some of the things we tried, well, we tried them anyway. But, generally, growing in our ability to reach into each other’s hearts, and learning how to better caress each other, this just helped our love to grow so much deeper.

And, compared to last year, I don’t think I worked much at preparing for the coming winter. Planting a garden, that just didn’t happen. We had plenty of food, grass and oats especially, just in the meadow all around us. And I was pretty sure that our new friends would help us out with oat pies and such once winter set in. And… maybe I was so busy enjoying my Stallion, that I just didn’t want to take time away from that. One evening down at the pond, after we were laying next to each other, completely relaxed, I mentioned slowly that we didn’t get a garden in this summer. Prince smiled. “Do you miss it?” he asked. I didn’t answer because I was busy looking into his eyes. He continued. “I think we will be ok. Besides, from what your magic teacher said, we can probably get what we need in town.” My prince stopped right there, thinking. Then he added “But… I think since I have you… We will be fine.” We hugged after that. I felt the same way. Preparing for winter last year, I was, and felt absolutely alone, and that really weighed heavily on me, and I invested a lot of time trying to get ready. But with prince near… As long as I had my coat on, prince could set me up on his back, and we could go just about anywhere, and still stay comfortable… mmmmm…

Well, we got back to brushing each other’s hair every morning, first thing. We, well prince generally started at least one small piece of wood on fire, just so we had light for this simple way of giving. And we took our time, and just savored… I found out quickly, that I could admire my prince’s body while doing that. His eyes are amazing, but… all of him… And I am just guessing, maybe he does the same thing. For a lot of reasons, that has become such a meaningful way together, for us to start our day.

Some days, and for various reasons, we walked into town. We did start writing down my story. Prince thought that was a really good idea, and he, we made that a priority. And we found that did take quite a bit of writing material; paper and ink mostly. The mare at the store said we can have as much as we wanted. We don’t want to overdo it, but, once we started writing… We kept going back. We also spent more time with my magic teacher. We would work on magic, but I think the focus was more on doing magic together, since she usually rounded up a bunch of other Unicorns for that. And there were often others — my neighbor came and enjoyed that time with us on a few occasions. Well, I didn’t see my new quiet friend at all, the rest of that summer… But I did get to meet more of the mares in town. One of the Unicorn mares always brought her daughter, a cute little Unicorn phillie named Camille. She was fun to watch. Learning Unicorn magic brought such joy to her eyes.

But most mornings we did not head into town. Instead, we spent them on our bellies near the house, under the shade of the trees around it. We worked on my story. Prince usually did the writing, since his writing is easier to read than mine. He usually just wrote what I said. And, it was not uncommon for us to run into something that made me or him cry, and we would just stop right there, put the writing stuff away, walk down to the pond, and cry a while together. I think we both found out that working through what actually happened between us, together… Well, it gave us more opportunities to understand, to appreciate what actually brought us to where we are now. Maybe that was Shysage’s hope, we didn’t know.

Most afternoons, we spent out in our meadow. We absolutely loved to bask in the warmth of the sun together, and that usually led to… cherishing each other at the pond, later. And, if it rained, we sat next to each other and drank the rain in, and got cleaned up at the same time. Sitting next to my prince in a steady, warm drizzle… Wow… I don’t know, the rain does something nice to his body…

Maybe it was because we could… We spent most evenings down at the pond, slowly, gently, cherishing each other. And, I think that, as we both became better at feeling, giving to each other, we could draw that whole process out, and savor it even longer! I don’t know, maybe prince and I, we are both inquisitive, inventive by nature. We both worked on ways to help the other feel as absolutely amazing as we could. Prince has the ability to feel something without needing to be able to see it. I am pretty sure this is the result of the fact that his magical ability is pretty substantial. And prince already found out that actually dusting a little gentle wind magic inside my Unicorn horn feels so absolutely amazing to me.

So, this is what I did. One afternoon when we were basking in the sun, I asked prince if I could experiment on him a little. Well, he made that amazing contented noise right away. I think that was a yes. But I also think he was half asleep, laying there on his side in the warmth of the sun. I got up, then laid on my belly, facing him, with my head up but near his, and he was on his side sort of sideways to me. Well, I used a little levitation, added a little wind, and started gently caressing the front of his head, above his eyes. They were closed anyway. He said “Hmmmm…” right away. I was pretty sure this was just comforting, relaxing. Well, I could see from his hair where that was, where my magic was touching him, and that is why I needed to be able to see, why I moved. I slid the point of my magic, slowly, back on his head towards his Unicorn horn. And I watched his hair so I always knew where my magic was touching him. And I carefully moved that point to the base of his Unicorn horn. I am sure it was very relaxing, and my drowsy Stallion was probably soaking this all up, maybe as he was falling asleep.

But this was the tricky part. I knew I couldn’t feel inside his horn, like he can do to me. But I also suspected that my magic would still work inside his horn, if I could get, intentionally place my magic in there. He was holding his head still; he was half asleep! I carefully, intentionally moved that point to a location I knew was just inside his horn. I was afraid of hurting him, so I moved just inside, maybe just past the outer wall; not very far. And I didn’t use the wind spell at all, that first time. But he did feel that, and just sighed. He probably was too tired to realize what I was doing. He didn’t know I had an amazing surprise for him! I didn’t move the point of the spell at all, and just added a little wind. He inhaled quickly and deeply, then let out… It sounded like this: “mmmMMM–” then his eyes opened quickly, then “–Wow… Mare, WHAT…” Well, I could tell, my Stallion responded amazingly… What I was doing felt very nice to him! So nice, in fact, that he quickly did the very same thing back to me! And together, without moving, we cherished each other, heart and soul and body, just like that, as long as we could, which turned out to be quite an amazing while. And, we never even made it to the pond, even though it was the middle of the afternoon. Later, laying relaxed in the grass together, kissing, prince laughed. “We are newlyweds… What would anyhorse else expect!” It was quiet for a while, but I could tell my prince was deep in thought. “Princess, we should really not tell anyhorse… Us touching each other inside our horns, that can be so abused…” He didn’t need to say anything more. Still, that was probably one of my better experiments. We would enjoy that a lot together. As time passed and we both learned to better cherish each other’s bodies, and we didn’t seem to need it as much.

But adding a little wind magic inside his ear was definitely a big mistake. I tried that, just once. It made his ear itch like mad… He must have shaken his head for minutes after I did that! He got up and ran down to the pond, and jumped in, still shaking his head madly. I think the water helped. I followed him of course. Still, I felt bad. He didn’t leave me feeling bad for very long. I think the pond water does something to us!

Well, something else could do things to us, too. Part of being a horse is learning what green things you can eat, and what green things you probably should not eat. Most of the plants I saw in our meadow I easily recognized. And, boy am I glad prince was near me! We always stayed together when we ate in the field. I had taken a few bites of this plant, and prince said quietly “That will give you a stomach ache. It isn’t poisonous, it just doesn’t digest very well.” I smiled, we kissed, then moved somewhere else. I found some oats, and we finished eating. Later in the afternoon, my stomach was not very happy. It wasn’t sore, it just felt very full, and I normally don’t eat near that much. It was just uncomfortable. And, basking on my side in the sun was not helping, so I rolled back over onto my belly, and just enjoyed looking at my Stallion. It didn’t take long for him to realize how I felt, what had happened. He got up and laid on his belly next to me, sort of curling his body, his legs around me like he always does. Well, I could feel…

I sighed, and said softly “Prince, I know what you said about always putting me first, and you have so faithfully carried that out since we married, and I really appreciate that. But I want you to let me occasionally give you amazingness, even if I don’t feel like receiving back, like tonight. With my stomach like it is, I don’t think I can feel very amazing. But, honestly, giving that feeling to you feels so amazing to my heart. I guess I am asking you to make a few exceptions to your rule.”

Prince was crying when I was done. From what I felt, I suspected he needed that, but he was simply afraid or unwilling to ask me. My sore belly took care of that, I guess. And I had answered his question even before he could bring himself to ask me. Well, I love my Stallion so much! He let me slowly, calmly cherish him… It wasn’t difficult at all, and I know he felt so amazing… And he made the cutest sounds. I was absolutely in no hurry; I took my time. Well, me giving him that, it was just so… I smiled the whole time; I so enjoyed giving to him. And it made me feel amazing, in my heart, like I said. After he couldn’t move, I laid next to him and put my head on top of his. “I love you so much prince… Thank you for letting me give you that…” I stopped in thought, then added “I think once a foal grows large inside me, this may happen often. I hope you will still let me enjoy giving to you!” He cried some more… Well, we cried together. And, from that amazing day, we often ran into times where one of us freely enjoyed just giving to the other. Prince can make me feel so amazing… Cherishing each other; it seemed like we had so many options. And our times together were always priceless, no matter which of us gave and received.

But it was like summer just calmed down for us, slowed way down maybe, for us newlyweds. We could enjoy it together, enjoy each other! And again, with my prince… Life was so much better, I felt so much better inside… Everything was just amazing with my prince always at my side.


1. There is no background music for the rest of this story.  Just listen for the breeze blowing gently across the meadow, the crickets at night, and the occasional bird chirping…

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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