For many days, we mourned for our friends Summer and Shysage. Well, we mourned for all our friends, really. But I think that, as the days passed, both prince and I began to realize that maybe only time could heal those wounds. It didn’t seem like that was happening, at all, as far as we could tell. And, honestly, we agreed that there was a lot that we just didn’t know. We really needed to let this go, for now anyway, until we were given more knowledge. And prince pointed out that may be years from now, but we couldn’t just barge in and ask. To a point, that may not even be our business. We just needed to do what we knew, freely and deeply love all of them. And prince said quietly one afternoon that we would go find Summer and Shysage early this fall. That made us both feel a little better, anyway. We wanted them to be warm and cared for this next winter, no matter how hard it was for prince and I. Shivering outside all last winter… I couldn’t even imagine… It seemed we could save them from that at least. And I got the slight impression that our other mare friends might just appreciate prince and I helping Summer and Shysage, perhaps in ways that the rest of them couldn’t, for some strange reason. That didn’t solve anything though. It made me want to cry.

The other thing we faced… It seemed so insignificant at the time, since Shysage really would have died unless prince and I had not found them, found him moments after that fire thing exloded lava in all directions. Well, we were still reeling from that, too.

But, still… Prince and I, we had spent much of the winter and all of the spring, slowly growing in our love for each other, our passion and devotion, cherishing each other, cherishing each other’s bodies, building to the point where we could absolutely give completely to each other. This was very important to prince and I, but didn’t draw a candle compared to what was happening around us.

But, now that the peril and the associated mourning had mostly flowed down-stream… Prince said it best. It seemed like we worked at building something amazing, and when we were just about ready, well, other things jumped loudly to the fore. We had to wait. We just didn’t know quite how to resurrect weeks of feeling and growing longing. Of course we still wanted that, to feel each other fully, but getting back to that point was the question. And prince was again adamant that we not just jump in and be done. Wow, was I thankful for that! Still, I think we were waiting for some kind of spark, I don’t know. And a number of days, we laid on our bellies together down by the pond. It was plenty warm by then, even after the sun went down. I think we were waiting, I don’t know.

A few days later, we were basking in the sun together in the afternoon, down by the pond. We were on our sides, facing each other. We were kissing; we did that a lot in the afternoon. It was mostly just comforting. But I tried something new. While we kissed, I used my magic to touch my Stallion, but not just any place. I touched him that place which we had carefully avoided, a very sensative place. My stallion made that most amazing contented sound right away. I didn’t stop. And, as I did that, my prince began to slowly touch me in my most amazing area. Wow. I said “Mmmmm”, well a few times. For a while, that was all we did.

And I had to realize… We were waiting for some sort of spark, maybe. Well, this was it — we were giving to each other again! I know that sounds so simple. We were waiting for something to happen. What happened, was that, since I could, I gently caressed my Stallion on a place that I knew he would cherish, I was cherishing him. Of course, he was giving back, cherishing me with his magic, too. Wow, what he was doing felt so amazing… For a long time, that was all we did. And more wow, that felt so wonderful… Then prince said quietly “We really should save this for later… In the middle of the afternoon may not be the best…”

“Can you wait, Stallion?” I asked playfully.

“Want to, no, but we really should.” he said back slowly.

A while later, we put our magic away, and just kissed, laying there on our sides in the warm sun. Prince said we were simmering. I laughed at that! He… what he was doing had felt so amazing to me. I was looking forward to more… I think he felt the same. We got up and walked into the meadow together, and ate some. I think we both realized that tonight might just be very special, so we wanted to get ready, taking care of other stuff. Then we walked back down to the pond, and laid down on our sides. Prince had us lay there, legs all tangled together, he said. We could still kiss that way, but, well, using magic was easier. Well, it was easier for me, I had to see. Wow, I liked what I saw. Yes, my Stallion is very handsome to me.

Then we just waited for the sun to set. We kissed on and off, but this made the waiting not real easy. Prince had me put my head down on his. That felt amazing too, so comforting. We both closed our eyes, and just waited. It wouldn’t look real questionable if somehorse walked up. Well, maybe not… I think we both hoped our neighbors didn’t have any urgent needs! As the first firefly buzzed over us, blinking his light, prince said quietly “I love you, princess…” Well, I took that as my signal, and used my magic to cherish my Stallion again! I know he enjoyed that. And prince did the same to me… Oh, wow… We cherished each other like that for a while. Just that, all by itself, was so amazing… And we were in no hurry. We enjoyed the way we were making each other feel… And I need to say too… I knew the way I was making my prince feel (amazing). And, to a certain degree, I also felt his response inside me! He later said he enjoyed the same secondary pleasure from what he was giving to me, too… Even though it was warm out, we shivered again, but only briefly. Then we just reveled in what we were giving to each other.

After a point, it was clear to me… “Prince, I need…” That was all I could say, but it was all I had to say. Prince stopped cherishing my sensitive area. He felt for the inside of my Unicorn horn, added a little wind… maybe a bunch of wind… Oh… wow! I… That felt so… All those amazing feelings inside lept powerfully higher… It wasn’t long… I started crying softly… “Prince…” I needed him… I absolutely needed him… That was prince’s signal. Well, there is nothing new under the stars… And, wow… We both felt… so… absolutely… amazing… Finally… A little while later, we ended up on our sides, facing each other, half out of the water, crying softly together, not really wanting to move at all… Wow, I love my prince…

After crying together softly for a while, prince apologetically asked if it was ok that he touched inside my Uniciron horn for a little while like he did. He explained that he wanted to make absolutely sure I was ready. After listening to those disgusting Unicorns brag about just taking… Prince said he wanted to make so sure I would enjoy myself, first if possible. I was still crying softly, but I shuddered violently. “Stallion, you can do that any time you want. You just need to be ready for whatever might happen as a result.” He smiled, and we kissed a little while more. Then I got this worried look on my face. “Stallion, you enjoyed…” I stopped there, but my face surely reflected the alarm I felt.

Prince smiled, and made that amazing contented sound. Then he said quietly “Yes, princess… You felt… amazing…”

We kissed a while longer, but then I playfully said the obvious. “Prince, we may have a foal on the way, now.”

Prince got this cute grin on his face. “Princess, it is a package deal. We enjoy the feelings, we accept the responsibility.” It was quiet a minute, then prince added “Any foal of yours will obviously be amazing!”

Well, he said this on purpose. I smiled, and said quietly “They will be from you too, my precious prince…” I think we both were looking forward to that.

We kissed for quite a while more, and didn’t feel any need to get up. Well, I didn’t even want to move. But, it was clear prince was lost in thought. Then he asked quietly “Princess, usually hornfire leaves two visions. I know you saw me shivering in the corner. What was your other one?”

I smiled right away, then tried to not cry “Oh, prince…” Then I sighed. “Uhm… what we just did… Seeing that before I felt there was even a remote possibility, well it was very hard then. I had to block it out… completely… But it was amazingly accurate!”

“Wow… Well, my hornfire vision of you… in the sun… Even though I couldn’t see then… It was pretty clear to me after that… You were the one I needed… wanted…” We cried together about that for a while, too…

It was late, and I think prince suspected I didn’t want to move, to even try to walk. He climbed up out of the pond, shook water off, then gently picked me up. He held me over the water and let most of the water drip off. Then he placed me, nestled me on his back again. My prince walked us home, and we slept in our room that night, just like that.


1. The Background Music for this entire story is entitled “The Divine” from the “Forever Today” add-on for the original soundtrack for the “Seekers of Adoulin” expansion for Final Fantasy XI, and is copywritten by Square Enix. Players of FFXI will recognize this tune immediately, and this tune is fitting since a lot of this story takes place in the dead of winter. Please purchase this tune, and play it softly in the background while you read each chapter.

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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