It seemed like that winter would never end… The cold, the wind, the snow, it just seemed to go on for so long… But finally, it began to get warmer. Well, it began to get not quite as cold. During the winter, we slept most nights with me on prince’s back in front of the fire. We were both nice and warm like that, and we were close, pleasantly close. Well, maybe very pleasantly close! We didn’t really mind the cold too much as a result. As spring slowly crept over our meadow, there were a few nights when we could actually sleep next to each other, really snuggle next to each other, and prince used his magic to pull our new blanket over us. Well, that was nice too! I took my coat off since we were using the blanket. Wow, did we feel close; skin up against skin, all over, that felt wonderful. And a few of those nights, we slept facing each other, with legs tangled madly. Well, I don’t know how well we slept like that; being so close just made us want to run down to the pond. It was much too cold for that.

Mornings, I still practiced magic. There was a lot of catching up for me to do. Rather than bore my prince all morning, we usually worked on one of many types of magic for a while, then I would practice a more calm, safer type of magic on prince, which he enjoyed. Cherishing with magic was still reserved for evenings though, except for brushing each other’s hair! We still enjoyed that new tradition, first thing, just about every morning.

We also generally were outside at some point in the middle of the day. I think our walks got longer, and we spent a few afternoons at my quiet friend’s house. That was very nice. It was still more comfortable, at first, for me to ride on prince’s back. Well, we both cherished that, too. But as the warmth grew, I would often get to walk right next to my Stallion. It was like we would lean ever so gently against each other. That made walking interesting!

And, walking together in the pouring rain, that was interesting too! We got caught in a rain storm a time or two that spring. The first time the rain was cold, very cold, so prince put me on his back, and we found a nice tree, and waited the rain storm out underneath. Time on prince’s back… The second rainstorm was warm… We didn’t even try to get out of it. We were walking together, and didn’t have our coats on because we didn’t need them that day. When it started raining, we laid down next to each other in the fresh green grass in the meadow, and just enjoyed it. Well, I was on my belly and prince curled his body around mine. And we were quickly soaked! Well, we were clean by the end of that rain, too. I put some of that nice smelling stuff on when we got home. My prince really appreciated that!

And green began popping up out of the meadow! Honestly, before my prince came, there was just so much bottled up inside me. I couldn’t appreciate delicate details of the changing of the seasons. All that pain, all that inner turmoil I carried, my prince had washed it away! I was so much more relaxed, calm, and could take time to simply enjoy life, enjoy each day for whatever it held. I explained all that to prince one warmish afternoon, and we cried together for a while. I guess I have had the same impact on my Stallion. As soon as we saw grass growing, we began to spend afternoons laying in the grass together. It was too windy and cool for the pond yet. We would bask together there in the sun soon enough. But on the side of our home away from the wind, we could often find a patch of new grass, in the sun, and lay together, for hours. Out of the wind, the sun felt amazing. And prince was careful to lay on the side of me to block what little wind we did feel. I… My prince just seems to go out of his way to care for me. I treasure that in him!

And it was only as the snow melted that we could actually see the mess I made, next to the path to the pond, and, really all over around there, the day I pulled prince out of the snow, and struggled to get him into my house. It was an absolute nightmare for me to get this bigger stallion up on my pulling wagon, and keep him there long enough to get him home and inside to the fire. I tore up the ground, and dug into the dirt with my hooves, all around that area. No wonder I was such a muddy mess after that… The snow had covered it all up, but now… Prince noticed that on one of our afternoon walks, right after the snow was mostly gone. I started crying right away. Then I explained a little more about that awful afternoon and night. Then he cried… Well, we cried together. And we didn’t have to put up with all that dirt for long; the meadow quickly covered it back up with nice, green grass. We spent more than one afternoon laying together in the grass in that very spot, just crying softly together. We really had rescued each other, in a lot of ways. And, how my prince made it this far, and then dropped to the ground exhausted right next to my path… That was all just scary…

Birds, chipmunks, squirrels, a rabbit or two… Our meadow just seemed to be quickly coming back alive, it seemed. Well, my flying friend; I am absolutely sure she was up in the air flying, laughing, just as soon as she could. Prince and I were cooped up inside, together at least, all winter. But we could actually practice magic, and also use magic to make life in the cold a lot easier. I can’t imagine how others get along, especially if you are shivering in a corner, counting the days until you can fly again! Our flying friend laughed loudly, like she had been shut in all winter. Maybe she had!

When the trees around our home began to put on leaves, well we both realized that warmer weather was on it’s way. It was slowly getting warmer during the afternoons, and prince and I were increasingly taking advantage of that warmth, to walk, to soak up some sun… And, of course, having prince always at my side, that just added such a rich dimension to my, our lives no matter what we did. One afternoon we spent on our bellies in the middle of where my garden was last year. I asked prince about the garden, if he had any preferences, what he would like to see happen. Even being able to work on that together, that was so amazing. Prince admitted he was pretty much a city boy, and so he had little knowledge about gardens and such. Tears came to me as I admitted that I spent my entire life in some big city before I came here last summer. We cried together briefly, then prince said quietly “We can ask our neighbor.” That was an excellent idea. I didn’t and probably would not have thought about that.

As I mentioned, evenings were meant for cherishing magic, and touches too. I think prince and I, we both realized that we were approaching that point in our magical sharing, that time at the pond some evening was the next step. Of course, we both looked longingly forward to that! Until we could do that, we spent a lot of time just refining those ways we did know that we could cherish each other. Our evenings were just amazing… And we both looked forward to the end of each day. Once it was warm enough, we could actually cherish each other outside, surrounded by fresh grass. Prince said we needed to be careful. If one of our friends should come, we didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Well, I think we tried to be careful. When the crickets came out, we did too, if it was warm enough. And, again, we weren’t just after nice feelings for nice feeling’s sake. We loved each other so deeply, and cherishing the other with our magic, our touches, this just became an extension of that deep love, that complete commitment we already shared.

That spring held a few surprises during the time we shared together in the evenings. This was probably good, because we increasingly felt like we had to exercise self control in order to even wait until some warm evening down at our pond! Prince made it clear that it didn’t have to happen that way, and if I really, really wanted that, he would take care of me. I never doubted that.

One evening, we had spent some time cherishing each other, and were just facing each other, kissing some. Then prince moved his head so it was right next to mine, and we just relaxed together like that. Our heads were touching, and that… It isn’t amazingly exciting, but it is so very comforting. We were doing that for a while, then I yawned. The very tip of my Unicorn horn touched the very tip of prince’s. Wow, that felt very nice. It wasn’t just exciting, because it was to some degree. But, it was like, somehow, our hearts, our souls were connected, I don’t know. It was like we could hug, inside and out. That is what it felt like; it was definitely a Unicorn thing. We stayed like that for a while. It was the most amazing feeling. And, we did that often, after discovering such a simple way of giving that one evening. It certainly wasn’t hornfire. Prince didn’t think that would ever happen again. But he also said hornfire is so rare, it is really amazing that we even once experienced that. But hugging by touching the tips of our Unicorn horns… We will probably never stop enjoying that!

And this was so amazing! Prince has a lot more control when mixing wind and levitation, and he can touch with his magic a lot better than I can. When I told him that, he frowned and said that he wasn’t that much better at it than me. Then he blushed, so I don’t think he was lying. Then he smiled and said that he wanted to be able to cherish me more, so that he never just took what he wanted and went to sleep! That made me cry… I love prince so much… But one warm evening, we were laying outside in the grass, together… I think I have mentioned that prince can touch me with his magic, and I generally can’t feel that process. I asked him to touch me all over, but using just a hint of wind magic mixed in, so I could actually feel where he was touching me. Well, I shivered when I asked that. I absolutely knew this would be amazing. But, since prince can actually feel… me… when he does that, he shivered too.

Without asking, I rolled over on my back in the grass, and just relaxed. After sighing deeply, my prince started feeling… neck, shoulders, hind legs, well he slowly moved all over. And since he was including just a little wind, I felt exactly where he was, where his touch, his gentle caress was. Well, he really could feel me all over! That whole process felt so amazing, so wonderful… And there were obviously areas he carefully avoided (he said that was hard for him) since we were trying to save that for the pond. But he gently felt my entire body, except for my back, the top of my neck, and the top of my head, since I was laying on my back. Then he said he had to stop. Well, I knew he had to stop, too. I could tell! And he asked me to roll back over on my belly, before he couldn’t… stop… So, I rolled back on my belly, and we tried to calm down by touching Unicorn horns together for a while. That part worked, and we both calmed most of the way down.

When it was time to get some sleep, we wandered back to our home and inside together, and laid on our bellies, side by side, in our room. We usually slept like that since it was warming up. We rarely even used our fireplace any more. It was warm enough by then that we just didn’t need to. Well, I was falling asleep. Prince asked softly if I would like him to finish touching me with his magic. I put my head down on his front legs and said slowly “Yes, prince, that would feel… Yes…” I honestly was pretty sure this would just be very relaxing. I would be asleep before he was done with my back, the top of my neck, my head… And, I almost was.

He slowly worked up my back and neck, which really was so relaxing. Then, my head, moving up to my Unicorn horn. I felt all that, it was so relaxing. I was almost asleep… When get got to my Unicorn horn, he didn’t just touch my Unicorn horn, he used his feelings to reach inside my horn, and dust some gentle wind magic in there. When he did that… I… was on fire inside right away… He had not even done that for very long… “Oh, prince… Stop… No… Please…” I shivered violently. I wanted to run down to the pond right away…

“Oh, princess, what did I do…” prince asked apologetically…

“Wow… Wow… Wow… Precious prince… You didn’t just touch my Unicorn horn, you reached inside it…” This came out all disjointed as I said these words quickly and between breaths… Then I said “Oh, prince…”

Prince still sounded apologetic… “Princess, yes, I did that on purpose… It is just that I love all of you…” Prince paused briefly than asked quietly “Did that feel nice?”

THATTHAT… That…”  I got this much out, then took a deep breath.  “That should wait for the pond…” That was all I could say…

Prince calmed me down, or rather, I think we waited for those feelings to subside, as prince slowly ran his magical touch down my back.  That was all we could do, except run to the pond maybe. After a while. we were asleep together. But, for me anyway, well probably for both of us… Our first night at the pond couldn’t happen soon enough…


1. The Background Music for this entire story is entitled “The Divine” from the “Forever Today” add-on for the original soundtrack for the “Seekers of Adoulin” expansion for Final Fantasy XI, and is copywritten by Square Enix. Players of FFXI will recognize this tune immediately, and this tune is fitting since a lot of this story takes place in the dead of winter. Please purchase this tune, and play it softly in the background while you read each chapter.

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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