When I woke up the next morning, the fire was low. It was cold in our house. Wow, our house… Remembering that we were married by my magic teacher yesterday, I cried very quietly for a while after I thought that. Little did I even suspect that I would be married half a year later, when I wandered up to this old house with no roof last summer… I guess I doubted I would ever find a stallion who wanted to put up with me… But, it was our house now… Well, it was cold in our house, and probably colder outside. But prince was keeping me warm, and I was the best blanket he ever had, he said. I didn’t feel very compelled to try to get another log on the fire. Prince would probably do that when he woke up. He was still asleep.

But I did see the hairbrush, off to the right, on the floor next to the fireplace. Time for some magic practice! My first goal for myself was to just pick it up, then put it gently down. I did that for a while, but that wasn’t very hard. Carefully turning that small hairbrush was a lot more difficult. I could easily cast the simple levitation spell to pick it up, but carefully controlling the brush, where it went, what it did, that proved a lot more difficult. Head up, eyes focused, I practiced that for a while. Progress was slow, but at least I was making progress.

At some point, I realized that prince was awake, and had moved his head right next to mine. He was feeling my magic, and watching me use it too. I had tried to make as little sound as possible to avoid waking him up. But I was realizing that using magic woke prince up as easily as noise, it seemed. Well, his magic is a lot deeper than mine, and so I think he is a lot more sensitive to magic use. “Try brushing my closest front leg” he suggested quietly. Well, prince must be very patient. For maybe two hours, he watched me slowly, clumsily work through the motions required to actually brush the fur on his leg, and in the right direction too. I laughed on occasion at some of the wierd things my magic did with that brush. But that was all part of learning magic. For some, it came easily. For me, it would just be slow and take a lot of practice. But I was learning. And prince moved his front leg a few times to help me learn how to focus on the object, not just the location. So I was doing pretty good, then he moved his leg, his hoof, and, well… I had to find everything again… But I kept at it.

“Prince, we can do something else if you want…” I said quietly. I didn’t want my stallion to spend our first day married being bored, watching me slowly learn such basic magic skills…

He suprised me by gently picking me up off his back, and putting me down on the floor. He set me down, and I just laid on my belly right there. I was facing him, his body was almost sideways to me. “Mmmmm… My Stallion…” I thought that, then I said that.

Prince was looking at me, too. “My… precious… Mare…” prince said quietly back. He thought a minute, then said “I was hoping you could… we could brush each other’s hair.” Wow, yes! That would be an amazing way to start our day!

“Are you sure you want me poking your eyes with this brush?” I asked as I grinned. He just smiled. I think that was a yes. I did start with the hair around his eyes. I went slow, and tried to be careful. Prince closed his eyes as I started there. And I learned that, using your magic to play around with some object is one thing. But actually using my magic on my Stallion like this… There was suddenly a lot more motivation to carefully work everything together so that I actually brushed his hair. But I also found it easier to control my magic on him, I don’t know. Well, this was true unless I found myself really looking at him… Wow, he is handsome… His eyes were closed as I brushed the hair around his eyes, on his head, but tears slowly formed, and wandered down his face. That made me cry too.

And, I think I was in a hurry at first. Prince said quietly “Princess, I am enjoying every second of this. Take your time.” I just slowed way down, and… I think we both just enjoyed such a simple task. And, once I was done with all the hair on prince’s head, I stopped, and tried to decide how to start in on his mane, down his neck. He grabbed the brush away with a smile, and said “my turn”, then he slowly brushed my hair for a while, too. We both… This really was an amazing way to start our day together… our lives together… Wow…

Once we calmed back down, prince said we needed to head out back. I knew what he, we needed to do. So many goodies yesterday, and plenty of tasty things to drink… We both walked out the door, and headed around… and took care of what we needed. It was probably around noon. But it was snowing madly and the snow was piling up quickly. I guess my magic teacher was right about another winter storm! Well, we were both cold, so prince put his coat on; he used his magic to gently put me up on his back again. I suggested a trip down to the pond and back, before we went back inside, out of the cold. Prince walked slowly, because we were really just enjoying the day together. Prince said something at one point about being under hoof today as well, and I said the same thing as last time — “Stallion…” Not scolding, but with clear disappointment about what he said. But I guess I really could say that now; he was my Stallion! Starting to cry, I explained that, well, I wanted him under hoof. I wanted him always near… And I explained that I almost said that days ago now, the first time he mentioned being under hoof. But I couldn’t say anything, not then… I still felt the same now, however. I didn’t ever want to be away from him…

Prince smiled, and said “So, you want me under hoof every day?”

“Absolutely” I said right away. “And I hope that never changes.” I hugged his neck tightly after that.

We were down by the pond by then, and prince asked me to direct him to the place where I usually basked in the sun last summer. It was around the edge of the lake some from the path. Once he moved to the spot I showed him, he just laid down on his belly, right there, in the deep snow. I was pretty sure he ended up thinking about what he saw in his hornfire vision; me laying on my side, here, turning just a little purple in the warm summer sun. I was pretty sure I felt… Then he shivered. “Oh princess, I can hardly wait…”

Right as he said that, I realized that, well… I would be able to see my Stallion, laying on his side, basking in the warm sun too… I… That would be amazing… Just thinking about that, I shivered too… “Oh prince, I will see you…” Well, I couldn’t finish. This summer really would be amazing… for both of us…

Soon, we were both shivering, because we were cold now. The wind was blowing hard, driving the snow at a good angle. Prince said it was time to get inside, and he got up, holding me on his back with his magic as he did. We easily followed our path up to the house. While I kept prince warm, he transferred more logs from the porch into the house, then he pulled more wood from the snow covered wood pile, shook the snow off, then added it to the stack on the front porch. He also pulled the water bucket outside. We both took a drink, then prince scooped up fresh snow, had me melt it, then scooped it carefully again. He put the water bucket back in the house, still heaping with snow on the top. The extra snow quickly melted inside the house, and we had plenty of water. Then he walked us inside, closed the door, and he put another log on the fire.

Prince then laid down on his belly facing the fire. I was still on his back, hugging his neck tightly. My head was up, and he put his head right next to mine, and we gazed into the fire for a while. I was thinking… We were in our home… I was hugging my Stallion… We were married… Maybe it hit me again, all these things that I never thought would ever happen to me, and I started crying. Maybe it was one of those things; I think prince understood that, felt that… We cried together for a little while, just relaxing in front of the fire. As we lay there crying softly, prince began to use his magic to lovingly stroke the fur on one of my front legs again. Well, it helped me calm down, anyway. Maybe it helped him calm down too. I said “Mmmmm…” and just enjoyed what he was doing. Prince said that too. I think he was enjoying giving that to me. Still, I was soon curious. “Prince, how can you do that, use your magic where you cannot see it? There is just no way I could do that…” My leg, the one he was gently stroking, was wrapped around, hanging down in front of his neck. There is no way he could see there. He was looking into the fire.

He answered quietly. “Since my magic is deeper, I can feel fairly well with my magic, things that are close, anyway. Once I magically felt your front leg, then I could gently do that.” He wasn’t bragging by any means, just explaining it to me. And his answer made a lot of sense. I could only hope to be able to feel without seeing like that. I was pretty sure there was a lot of magic practice between me and being able to do that. Still, being able to gently touch and stroke my Stallion now on places where I could see, even that was amazing.

A few minutes later, prince stopped what he was doing on my front leg, and moved. He was doing the same thing now, but in the center of my back. He surely couldn’t see there. “Mmmmm…” I said softly. He just sighed, in agreement, I think. But that got me thinking. “Is feeling like that hard, or magically taxing? Part of this was that I wanted to understand.

Prince was quiet, and moved his gentle stroking from my back down to one of my hind legs, the one which was hanging down, mostly behind him. Well, of course it felt very nice. I said “Mmmmm…” again. I also realized that there was probably no part of my body that prince could not feel like that. That realization made me shiver again. Of course I trusted my Stallion. This was not a problem at all. “I want to learn… that…” I said quietly.

My prince shivered too, and said quietly “I will help you until you can…” And it didn’t matter how long that took, how long I took… My prince would surely do that for me, with me… We ended up crying a while more. Married to another amazing Unicorn… How did I ever…

Without moving or looking, prince brought over an oat pie, broke it in half on the floor in front of us, and we shared that for dinner. Then he brought the water bucket over, and we both got a drink. Then he added a log to the fire. Then he moved his head back next to mine, and gently rubbed his head forwards, then backward… This wasn’t magic. It still felt wonderful, so comforting… We just gently rubbed our heads together for a while. “Wow, I haven’t heard your story yet, princess. I just realized that…” Prince said this after maybe an hour of silence.

I smiled, and worked hard at not crying. “Well, it really doesn’t make any difference. It was a disaster until I came here, when it became a little less of a disaster, because I met some real friends. But now, with you under hoof… forever…” I did cry, and couldn’t finish. Prince used his magic to gently rub along my back again. That was so comforting and I did calm down.

“Well, at some point I would like to hear my princess’ story. I just want to get to know my Mare better.” That made us both cry softly for a while. Prince used his magic again on my back, and I gently rubbed my head back and forth against his. Still, we cried together for some time. The priceless gem we now had, I think it took both of us by surprise, and neither of us thought we would ever… Our heads were side by side again, and I tried to kiss prince like that. He carefully used his magic to pick me up and put me on the floor where I was before. We kissed for a while. And again, all sorts of new feelings came and went, for both of us. We were in no hurry. We were just savoring my Stallion being under hoof. Yes, I wanted this always.

Later, much later, prince asked me how I wanted to sleep. He liked me on his back because I kept him nice and warm, but he said he wanted me to be comfortable too. It was clearly very cold outside; it was cold in our house even with a good fire going. I didn’t need to think though. I smiled and said softly “Prince, I love it on your back. You keep me warm too, I can hug you all night… And besides, a nice part of me is up against you, and my leg rests on an amazing part of you. I treasure all of that.” Prince picked me up and put me down over his back right away. I think he agreed. We were soon asleep.


1. The Background Music for this entire story is entitled “The Divine” from the “Forever Today” add-on for the original soundtrack for the “Seekers of Adoulin” expansion for Final Fantasy XI, and is copywritten by Square Enix. Players of FFXI will recognize this tune immediately, and this tune is fitting since a lot of this story takes place in the dead of winter. Please purchase this tune, and play it softly in the background while you read each chapter.

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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