We woke up together like we usually do, well since I fell on the pond, anyway. I was on prince’s back, straddling it with my legs as he lay on his belly with his hind legs out to one side. One of my front legs was around his neck. As I slept, that leg would often fall, but almost unconsciously, I would pull it back up. Prince pointed that out a few nights ago. He said it was cute. I just needed to hug him, to be hugging him, I think. Part of me was up against his back, my hoof was up against part of him, well this was all just so comforting. I think we both knew one day it would probably be more. Based on what prince had told me, I don’t think he was in any hurry. That was fine with me. We had, well, the rest of our lives, together! There would be plenty of time to explore that, to explore each other together, the feelings we could give.

But we both woke up at around the same time. I picked my head up, and prince gently moved his head so it was right next to mine. We just enjoyed that, and watched the low fire together. I don’t think either of us felt compelled to do anything, anything else at all. We just did nothing, together… and close… I was pretty sure we both felt that was amazing. It was winter and cold, but we were both comfortable… and content.

And maybe, now that the major issues were settled, and taken care of (another big understatement), other smaller stuff could be taken care of. “Princess, what is that thing in the pocket of your coat? I have noticed it since, well, soon after you fell. Is it important?”

Of course he meant my pretty warm winter coat, not my skin. I couldn’t see what he was talking about, and I didn’t remember. Up until prince could see, every day just became increasingly difficult for me. I think I easily lost a lot of details. “Can you reach in and get it, Stallion?” Wow, even asking that made me want to cry tears of delight.

“Let me try” he said quietly.  I soon felt his magic reaching into that pocket, which was pretty deep. And honestly, feeling him doing that, feeling his magic doing that, I really liked that. That part of my coat was just over my side near one of my front legs, but still. I approved. I said “Mmmmm…” as he worked on grabbing whatever it was, using his magic, which was obviously better than mine. It didn’t matter; that would make him my teacher!

As I said “Mmmmm…” some more, prince slowly, gently pulled a hairbrush out of my coat pocket. I forgot all about it! The day my amazing mare friends had me into town just to give me a bath, one of them brushed my mane and tail, then gave me this brush! That coat pocket is where it ended up. And now my prince had it.

First thing, prince whisked it away to his nose. “You smell nice…” he said quietly. Well, I did that day, anyway. Then prince held it out in front of both of us, up a little, like a hard won trophy. “You know what this means, don’t you?” he asked quietly.

I smiled, and said quickly “More magic practice…” then I thought a minute, then added “…together!”

Prince smiled. “Well, yes, that too. But when you are ready, I want to put you down on the floor and check this brush out… to make sure… it works… ok…”

Wow, he said that slow, and had a lot of trouble with the words. I think he was really looking forward… “Now, please!” I said excitedly. He got up, then gently picked me up and put me on the floor. He carefully put another log on the fire. Then he had me stand facing him. He tested that brush… We were both soon crying quietly. I mean, seriously it was just a hair brush, and prince was just brushing my hair. But I think we both felt the meaning behind so simple a gesture, a gift, really. Prince clearly was in no hurry. He took his time, and we both just enjoyed it… It felt absolutely amazing to me, and I think prince realized that, and so it felt amazing to him too…

Well, before too long, prince said slowly “Wow, you are so beautiful…” Up until that point, I had wondered if prince just said that to me before, because he knew I was hurting… But it was clear he really felt that way… That made me cry more, and me crying made him cry too.

Still crying, I said slowly “When can I brush your mane?”

Prince smiled, and said quietly while crying softly “You need a lot of practice for that I think, and I will enjoy every second of it…” I knew we both would… Prince slowly brushed my mane out, and he… It was clear he really felt what he had said, and he was fighting hard to not cry more. Then he had me turn around, and he brushed my tail. We were both crying pretty hard by the time he was done with that. We had to be done for now, and prince put me up on his back, and I hugged his neck right away and we cried together for a while, and only slowly calmed down.

Soon after, there was a knock at the door. Prince kept me on his back, hugging me close as he got up, and we both went together to see who it was. It was my new quiet friend. “I think you both need to come with me” she said. I wasn’t worried; she was smiling! I guessed what was about to happen and was quickly useless, a mess inside, crying softly, mostly ignoring everything else going on around me.

Prince asked quietly “Do we need anything else?”

My quiet friend said quietly “Probably not.”

The three of us started across the snow, heading towards the spire, heading into town.

On the way, my quiet friend said “Prince, can you leave princess at the same place in town? Then we need you to wait a while for us at the library in the castle.”

Prince said quietly “That will be fine.”

Yes, I was useless.

All my amazing new friends gave me a bath again. They were all excited. But I acted like the most amazing thing in the universe had actually happened to me; it did! I was pretty out of it. I was about to get what was far beyond my wildest dreams, and I knew it… I think I cried softly most of that afternoon. They would ask me questions, and I would do my best to answer them. I was just… This was just… My prince was just…

Prince didn’t have a coat on though, since I was usually his coat. But he said later that he found the library in the castle, and found a good magic book while the castle dragon snored in his bed near one of the doors. That dragon woke up soon after prince settled in to his book.

“Good grief, they give me the strangest jobs” the dragon grumbled to himself. Then he got up and walked over to prince. “This way, please” he said roughly. The dragon led prince out of the library, and to the steps outside. The castle has no front door, and yet stays strangly warm inside, even though we had not seen a fireplace at all. Well, standing on the top step, there was a slow flow of warmish air out of the castle. The dragon had prince stand sideways on the top step, which prince did. The dragon returned with a full bucket of water, and dumped it un-ceremoniously over prince. Prince said “Again, please.” The dragon grumbled some more, but came back with another bucket of water. Prince tried to say “The head, please”, but he was a little slow. The dragon brought another bucket of water, and pretty much threw the water straight at prince’s head. “One more for this side please…” the dragon came out a little later with the fourth bucket of water and dumped it on prince. Prince then carefully turned so his other side faced the castle. The dragon was definitely not happy at the four more buckets of water he had to drag out and dump on prince. But prince felt he was finally clean. He thought that was important today. When prince’s shower was done, the dragon tossed the bucket to the side at the top of the steps, and returned to his bed in the library, and was quickly snoring again.

Prince returned to reading his magic book. But he admitted that, as time went on, he found it increasingly more difficult to focus on anything… What he was about to do was also slowly dawning on him. All he could think about was me… I was soon to officially be his Mare! He finally had to just put the book down. Then he just tried to wait for me. He said that was pretty hard towards the end…

All my new mare friends had me so clean, and smelling so nice. One of the mares (another Unicorn) carefully braided my tail, and put a beautiful pink bow near the end. And they also added a few smaller pink bows with long ribbons in my mane. Well, they said I looked amazing, and I had to agree.

When it was time, we all walked quickly over to the castle, and headed into the library. It was very cold outside! I finally got my prince back… He smelled nice too! And my nice magic teacher actually married us. I think I cried almost the whole time, and so remember very little, what was said, what was done… We didn’t have rings, but my magic teacher just worked around that. The important thing, she said, was what was in our hearts. Well, I did understand from what she said that prince and I were to be married forever. Yes… I could live with that. But she also stressed that we both had to work constantly to do anything we could to take care of each other. There was no doubt in my mind… I would be staying awake at night trying to discover new ways to take care of my prince!

My magic teacher finally got to the end where she said prince could kiss me. Well, he did. It was short, but he explained later that, in a room filled with mostly unmarried mares, that was probably the considerate thing to do. Besides, he whispered in my ear that we could kiss more tonight. But with that, it was done… Prince and his princess were married… forever…

We had a celebration next, I think. There were quickly a ton of goodies in the library, and I think some of my new friends had made a lot of them. And the cupcakes… The cooking staff at the castle had made good food too, but maybe we filled up on dessert, I don’t know. Prince and I worked our way carefully around all of our new friends. Prince bowed with respect, and felt uncomfortable doing anything more. Wow, I hugged every mare tightly, and cried on shoulders most of the afternoon. Maybe they had seen a marriage or two, but to me… This had to be the start of such amazingness…

I hugged my magic teacher last, and cried with her for a little while. She… I told her she had done so much for me, well all these real friends had. Each one had gone so far out of their way for this small insignificant mare with… nevermind… There were a few presents, but my magic teacher said she would get them to us soon. Then she sent us home. I guess another winter storm was on it’s way, and she wanted us to make it home safely, tonight of all nights. My pretty friend helped me get my coat on… They had cleaned it again, and it smelled nice too. Then prince put his coat on, which meant he picked me up and put me on his back. Of course, I hugged his neck right away.

Prince walked us out of the library, out of the castle, carefully down the steps and slowly home. We were warm, and the sun was still up. I think we both told each other a few times “I love you”. I was pretty sure we both meant it. But even having each other now… I think tears flowed for both of us, most of the walk home. Prince put some wood in the fireplace, and started it burning. Then he laid on his belly in front of the fire with me on his back, while I hugged him tightly. “Princess, what do you want to do tonight?” he asked softly.

I didn’t have to think. “I want to kiss my Stallion for a while, then sleep maybe… I’m beat…”

“Well, tell me when you want to do that. Kissing my Mare sounds amazing to me too” prince answered.

“Now, please?” I said excitedly.

Prince put me carefully on the floor, and we laid on our bellies facing each other and kissed for a while. Well, I think amazing things were turning on in both our bodies. But prince and I talked. I think we both knew where the end-point… Sooner or later we would so deeply enjoy each other that a foal could, probably would result. I found out that prince would absolutely welcome that, a foal. But we also both agreed that we would take our time, and explore our feelings together, leading up to that point. Honestly, I really treasured that in my prince. I had no idea how long that process would take… We may get so involved that things go very quickly. And we could if we wanted to. But prince felt we should just wait and see, and feel no rush. We should just lovingly give each other what we could, and deepen, learn more about that together.

Still, kissing my prince for a while, that made me feel amazing inside. And, at one point, prince pulled away a little, and then used his magic to gently stroke from the edge of my mouth up along the side of my head, up to below my ears. Wow… I started crying. “Prince, I wanna learn that…” He smiled, and we kissed some more. Yes, we had so much to learn, and plenty of time to enjoy it together.

Much later than we had planned, prince put me back up on his back. I could still feel part of me up against his back, and my back hoof was still down over… Well, there was no doubt in my mind… From here on, tears would be joy, and I would savor every moment with my prince. We would savor every moment together.


1. The Background Music for this entire story is entitled “The Divine” from the “Forever Today” add-on for the original soundtrack for the “Seekers of Adoulin” expansion for Final Fantasy XI, and is copywritten by Square Enix. Players of FFXI will recognize this tune immediately, and this tune is fitting since a lot of this story takes place in the dead of winter. Please purchase this tune, and play it softly in the background while you read each chapter.

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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