Prince and I had gone to sleep laying on our sides, on our bellies right next to each other. Well, prince woke me up in the middle of the night. He gently pressed his nose against mine, on and off until I woke up. And that made me smile. Well, I didn’t have to not smile. That just made me want to cry. Prince said “I’m cold… Can I have my princess blanket back?” That made me smile again. I guess we both had come to enjoy such a simple thing, and he didn’t have a coat on. He took my smile as a yes, and asked me to get up. Right next to him like that, it wasn’t the easiest. Once I was standing, prince got up, then used his magic to gently put me on his back, well straddling his back like we always do. As I quickly wrapped both of my front legs around his neck, he said softly “Ah… Much better…” We could have put another log on the fire, but I think we both preferred me there. Maybe it was really cold outside, but we were both much warmer like this. We went quickly back to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up before prince did. My front legs were still around his neck, and my head was down next to his neck too. I didn’t move; I really didn’t want to wake him. I just watched the very low fire for a while. Well, at one point I needed to stretch, and I did, just slowly. But then I felt… Part of me was up against… I smiled… So many nice adjustments to make now. But… I was quickly crying… Compared to a week ago, when I worked so hard to hold any hope at bay… I knew this stallion that I rescued was handsome; I had to get close to just about every part of his body, as I repeatedly and clumsily attempted to get him up on my pulling wagon. Hope lept to life at just about every turn since then, and I tried unsuccessfully… But now… My prince had promised me everything, far more than I ever thought even possible, let alone probable… I tried to cry quietly, but I couldn’t stop crying…

“Princess, what’s wrong…” prince asked so lovingly. I was not surprised that my crying woke him up. Of course, he was concerned.

Still crying softly, I hugged him tightly, and put my nose up against his. I wanted him to know nothing was seriously wrong. I… he was soon crying softly with me. I tried to explain.

“Oh prince, before, when you first came… I had to work so hard to keep from even hoping… You were so handsome to me, and I quickly saw so much… But I had no right… I couldn’t… And until you saw, could see again… It was just hard… I wanted so bad… But, I just couldn’t…” I paused while crying, then added “But now…” I didn’t really have to say anything more. Prince understood, and we both cried together for a while.

After we both calmed down to sniffles, prince said quietly “My hornfire vision of you told me everything I needed to know, even though I was blind. Like I said, I didn’t, don’t want to miss you basking in the sun ever again… I knew from that vision that you were beautiful, well to me, anyway. And watching your heart unfold before my blind eyes as you cared for me… I knew you were hurting, but I didn’t know what to do, what I should do…” Prince was staring blindly into the fire by then. Those were hard days for us both, I think. I touched my nose to his again. He smiled. That was enough for me. Then he said quietly “You are so precious…” That made me cry again. I hugged him tightly for a few minutes.

“Hey, lets do some magic together. How does that sound?” prince asked quietly. Oh… wow… And I had just stopped crying… “I need to put you back on the floor next to me though, then I’ll put a log on the fire.”

“Maybe put a log on the fire, let me hug you some more, and then put me on the floor?” I asked hesitantly. Prince had to choke back tears. These nice adjustments; this was all so amazing, for both of us I think. I said how I felt. “I hope this never ends…”

The house warmed, prince put me back on the floor, then said “Aww…” then I laid on my belly, and prince pulled me close again. Using his magic, he found that dried fruit we practiced magic with a few days ago. Really it seemed like ages ago to me, that was before… But Prince cleared some ashes away to make room for it, then he set it down in the center of that clear area, down on the brick surface of the fireplace. “Princess, I want you to just barely move that fruit. Use your lowest magic spell, and just barely move it, back and forth.

I… couldn’t… stop… smiling… We were doing magic… together… I absolutely would enjoy every minute of this. “A Unicorn stallion to do magic with… Thank you, prince…” I said quietly.

Prince curled his neck, and put his head so his nose was on the top of my head. Then he slowly ran his nose down the back of my neck, over my mane. I sighed slowly. He said quietly “You are so amazing…”

When I could, I started playing around with that fruit. I moved it a lot at first, and even had to go pull it back to its spot a few times. But, as I practiced, I got to where I could just barely move it, just barely touch it. Well, that was an hour later. Magic practice is just like that. You practice most magic by doing it over and over. Once prince was sure I had managed that, he said quietly “Ok, now try that with one of my front hooves.”

I just looked at him. “Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you…”

“Well, my hoof won’t come off, and you are using a low level spell. Give it a try” he answered reassuringly.

Well, I did. And he tried to not hold his hoof too steady, so it was easier for me to see when I was actually moving it. That low level spell could never move his hoof a lot, though. I practiced another hour until I felt I could easily control that action.

Prince had me stop, then said “Now watch this. Look down at your left front hoof and leg.” Prince used his magic to gently press up against my hoof, which I felt, then he slowly ran the point of that slight pressure up along my leg to the first joint, which wasn’t very far. I felt all of that. I wanted to hug him again. When he was done, he quickly asked “Did you see that?”

I smiled. “No, I was too busy feeling that…”

He smiled too. “Watch the fur on your coat while I do that.” He did it again, and I melted again, but I also saw that I could see his slight pressure in my fur. Well, the fur points mostly towards my hoof, so it sort of bent it gently up some, but I saw it.

“Can you go down from that joint to my hoof?” I asked with a smile. Well, he did. Wow that felt nice. But I did see that the slight pressure was visible in the fur of my coat; my horse coat of course… well my skin…

“Princess, try that on me. And I will try to hold my leg still for that. You don’t want to use a lot of pressure. Just watched for the movement of my fur.”

That’s what I did. And why was I suddenly so fascinated with watching his fur all of a sudden? It took a while. And I enjoyed practicing. And prince told me each time if I should press more or less. Such a simple gesture, but it required a lot of control. It took a while, took me a while, before I could adjust the pressure, the motion, to get everything right. And, after a while, I could tell by the movement of his fur that I was doing pretty good.

Well, that and he was smiling, with this amazing look in his eyes. He stopped telling me anything, and I kept gently running my magic from his lowest leg joint down to the beginning of his hoof. Then I stopped, and he kept smiling. “I love you, princess… You can practice your magic on me any time you want.” That made me cry. I could not have asked for more in a Stallion…

Head to head, nose to nose, we stared together into the fire like that for a while. “It is probably around noon. I need to go, and would really like to take us for a walk, if it isn’t too terrible outside.”

“Prince, we haven’t even been outside since…” I said, then smiled.

Prince jumped right in. “It is winter, and well, we are pretty pre-occupied…” Wow, what an understatement. I got up, and prince quickly had me back on his back. I know that sounds funny. I hugged his neck right away. He hugged me back with his magic as he got up. He opened the door and took us out. He took the water bucket, offered me some water and I drank a lot. Then he drank the rest, scooped the bucket full of snow, and had me melt the snow. The bucket went back inside next to the door, and prince closed the door. We walked out back, and prince put me down, we took care of that, then prince “put his coat back on” he said with a laugh. He put me up on his back again. “Where to, princess?” prince asked softly. Yes… I can get used to this…

“Pond maybe?” I asked after some thought. That’s where we went. It was a cold day, of course, but with few clouds and no wind. We were both comfortable. And prince walked very slowly. We were just enjoying our time together, I think. Honestly, I was not too… I didn’t care where we went as long as I was with prince. My head next to his, we could really go anywhere. We made it to the pond, and prince said he wanted to actually see the walk along the creek feeding my pond. He took us around the pond, then carefully, slowly up along the creek.

I lost track of the time, simply because I was not paying attention. “Prince, I… You can take me anywhere… I just want to be with you…” I didn’t cry, but tears fell.

Prince felt the same I think. “This seems so much like a dream come true to me, princess…”

We followed that creek for a long time. And when I finally looked up, and looked around, the spire of the castle was not where I thought it should be. It was way over to the side. Well, we could follow the creek back, of course.

Instead, my new quiet friend met us. I… It was hard to know if she was out for a walk, or actually came out to see us.

“Hi, you two” she said with a smile.

I smiled too. “Prince asked me to marry him. I can hardly wait…” It was hard to say that without crying. But my quiet friend had to work at not crying, too. I think she expected that…

Then she said quietly “Well, like I said, that other name was temporary. Anyway, I’ll let everyhorse else know for you.”

Prince added quietly “And let the doc know I can see again, if you would, please.”

My quiet friend laughed. “Yea, I could tell. I’ll let him know for you.” Then she walked off, hopefully back to her own house. It really was a cold day. Prince and I kept each other warm, but with just a coat on like she had…

Prince and I sighed at the same time. “Such nice, new friends” I said quietly. Then I said “Stallion, I think you should take us home.”

“More magic practice?” he asked eagerly.

“Yes, I think your other front leg needs practice too” I said as I laughed.

Prince just smiled, turned and started walking back to our pond along the creek. “Well, it is easy to learn that when you are working with the same location. But you do need to practice so you can do that even if I move my leg, my hoof. We should practice that some, too.”

“Sounds like Unicorn fun” I answered quietly. I was trying not to cry. I so deeply meant that. Prince walked slowly back along the creek, both because he had to be very careful, and also because we weren’t really in a hurry. I think we both were just savoring our time together. Occasionally, prince would point something nice out to me, and I would do the same. We took our time and enjoyed our walk. Well, we were really enjoying this amazing new world of together, another nice adjustment for both of us, I think.

We did make it back to our house just as it was getting dark and windy. We put a log on the fire, split an oat pie, got a drink, then prince put me down next to him so we could have some magic fun. I practiced gently rubbing along his other front leg until I was good at it. That didn’t take long. Then he had me switch back to his closest front leg, and he moved it after each time I did it right. That exercise, it took me a while to master that, maybe two hours. And I had to concentrate a lot to connect location with action… Well, and then, every time I actually connected, and rubbed gently down prince’s lower leg, down to his hoof, he did the same to me! That… was… encouragement for me to keep going, and I did. He quietly admitted he was enjoying this too. I couldn’t ask for much more than that.

We practiced together for hours, maybe giving to each other in the process with such a simple thing. Much later that night, prince put me on his back, and we fell asleep, together…


1. The Background Music for this entire story is entitled “The Divine” from the “Forever Today” add-on for the original soundtrack for the “Seekers of Adoulin” expansion for Final Fantasy XI, and is copywritten by Square Enix. Players of FFXI will recognize this tune immediately, and this tune is fitting since a lot of this story takes place in the dead of winter. Please purchase this tune, and play it softly in the background while you read each chapter.

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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