I don’t know if it was early or late when I woke up the next morning. My head was still next to his neck, as I hugged him with one of my front legs. I picked my head up, then I smiled. He was already awake, and he smiled when I did.  I put my head back down next to his neck, and hugged tightly.  Still, sounding as vulnerable as I honestly felt… “Was yesterday a dream?” I asked quietly.

He answered right away. “If it was, I hope we never wake up…”

I hugged him tighter at that, and tried not to cry loudly. I felt the same way. We just relaxed together there, in front of the fire. He had already put another log on the fire, and the house was nice and warm. I stared into the fire. As my mind wandered, I realized that one of my hind legs was resting on part of this stallion that I shouldn’t… I had been resting my leg, my hoof there for days now, not even realizing… I don’t know… I just started moving my hoof ever so slightly… I felt, he felt that right away.

“That… should wait” he said slowly… He sighed, then added “Miss, can you climb down please?”

Well, I was worried about what I had done, but still slid off his back, and I didn’t fall this time. Once I was off, he got up too, and turned to face me. “Can I call you princess?” he asked quietly. “That is what you are to me, and I want to start calling you that.” I thought… This was the nicest name I ever remember being called… I smiled… I think he took that as a yes.

Maybe I should have expected what he would do next… He put his head on one side of my head, then turned his head to put his Unicorn horn on the opposite side of my Unicorn horn… Nohorse needed to tell me what to too… I moved to exactly mimic his position, which crossed our horns of course.

“Princess, will you marry me?” he asked quietly.

Wow was I slow… Princess? I… Who was that?

He smiled. “Miss, I’m talking to you. I want you to be my princess…”

As his question slowly dawned on my soul… I got this much out… “Only if it lasts forever…”

While I cried slowly harder and harder, he cried too, but quietly said “I have no other intention… I want nothing else…”

I don’t know how, but he managed to get me back up on his back as I cried fiercely. I grabbed his neck with both front legs right away. “Ok, now you can do that…” he said through his tears. I did, just briefly. And we cried together hours more.

We did manage to calm down though. I said quietly “If my name is princess, your name has to be prince.”

“I can live with that” he said quietly, then he smiled.

We cried together some more.

Maybe around noon I asked “Prince, can we go for a walk?”

He replied right away. “Princess I will take you wherever you want to go.” That just made me cry again. And I guess me crying made him cry again too. Maybe we both had some adjusting to do… I don’t think either of us minded… this…

I picked my head up, and put it next to his. “Take me to the pond, Stallion.” He smiled… That made me smile… Still, I quickly rephrased that. I would not spend the rest of our lives together ordering him around. “Wait… Amazing stallion, can you take me down to the pond, please? And I would like to stay on your back.”

His magic shifted on my back as he got up, then he gently picked me up and put me down on the floor. “Miss, er princess, we have eaten little and drank nothing for the last few days. I think we need to fix that.” He used his magic to bring the water bucket over and he held it in front of me. I drank… a lot, wow I was thirsty… Then he drank what was left in the bucket. “We can refill this later” he said quietly.

Then he asked me to lay down on the floor in front of the fire. I laid back down there, the exact same spot where I was for the first few days he was here. I would much rather have been on his back. Well, those first few days were just… hard…

He brought over two oat pies with his magic, and carefully set them down in front of me. Then he laid down on his belly next to me, with his hind legs out to the side, the same way as mine were. I smiled, and then scooted over until I was right up against him, as close to him as I could get. Our shoulders were touching… My side and back were up against his belly, his… even though my coat, never mind. This… I wasn’t on his back, but this was ok. But I realized that my coat needed to go next time we did this.

But we were going to go for a walk, and prince wanted us to eat first. I ate three quarters of one oat pie and was stuffed. Prince ate the rest. And before we did anything else, we took those two collars off. Well, prince gently took mine off, then his. We didn’t need them any more, since prince could see now. Still, they were a heart-warming reminder of the last week or two. Prince put them both, together, up on that table, on top of the nice smelling flowers from last summer’s garden. As he did that, he said quietly “I love you, princess…”

“Should I cry buckets now or later?” I asked honestly.

“Later… Lets go for a walk together, first” he replied. And, that word together… wow…

I cried softly anyway, as he gently picked me up and put me on his back again. Then he told me to sit still and hang on (hug his neck tightly, which I did right away anyway) as he got us outside. He had to use his magic to work the door. Before closing the door, he reached in, brough the water bucket out, scooped it totally full of fresh snow, then held it in front of me. “Water, please?” I used my lowest level fire spell until the snow was water, then prince promptly drank all of it. He scooped more snow, then had me melt that, and put it inside the door, then closed it.

“I think we need another water bucket” I said, laughing… with tears in my eyes…

Prince looked down towards the pond, clearly deep in thought… “How did I ever find you…” he said quietly. That made me cry again, and he cried too. We walked slowly down the path to the pond. I realized that I didn’t need to guide him any more, and that made me cry more.

“I love you, prince… You came to me during the first winter storm… I don’t think I could have survived another day without you…” This just came out, from deep inside my soul.

This made prince cry more too. He hugged me with his magic, then shifted it as he laid on his belly in the snow. We were down by the pond… I hugged his neck, but put my head up next to his. “Tell me what it is like, down here in the summer” he said quietly.

I thought a minute, then realized that I could actually think again. This was not easy to say… “Prince, what you probably saw… I absolutely loved to lay in the sun down here last summer… The warmth of the sun felt amazing… And I often took a bath in the pond afterwards. But, honestly… I was so… I felt so… alone…” I was crying by now. “I don’t want to try and describe it to you… I want to show you… I want you to be there with me… I don’t want to be alone again… ever… I just want you…” We both cried together for a while, there in the cold snow…

It was snowing again, but we didn’t really want or need to move. We were keeping each other warm, and when some snow would build up on my head, my nose, I shook it off. When the snow completely covered prince’s front legs, he suggested that we go home. That phrase made me cry too. I had been looking for that very thing, not being able to give it a name… But with him at my side… We had a home now… Prince got us carefully up, then walked us very slowly back to our home… I think I sighed a few times. “I love you, princess” he said that every time I sighed.

One of those times, I replied quietly “Well, I don’t know how…” Again, this just came out, I don’t know… I was thinking about all that teasing I had to listen to at school, everything they had to say about me… That had left me thinking it would be a miracle if I ever got a stallion…

But when I said that out loud, prince stopped in his tracks. “Princess… I am gonna put you down for a minute, get ready.” He said this gently; it was clear he wasn’t mad, and I wasn’t fearful as a result. I was quickly standing, facing him, and getting cold…

“Close your eyes” he said softly. I did, and quickly felt his mouth up against mine… his lips… We kissed… I sighed, then melted… And I guess, in the last few days, it seemed like parts of my body that lay dormant since… They seemed to be waking up in all sorts of wondrous, new ways… I kept my eyes closed, like he asked, and just… Shortly later, he pulled his mouth away. “Princess, we should really be inside for this. I need your coat off.” I didn’t know what to say, didn’t say anything, and he quickly had me back on his back, holding on tight, as he walked us back up to our home. On the way, I was honestly thinking through what he might have in mind. Well, he proposed, and I accepted. We had already pledged our lives together. He really could do, well, anything. I just smiled. I couldn’t think of anything bad about that.

He didn’t say anything more, as he walked us up to the house, and inside. He put another log on the fire, then said quietly “Princess, I’m gonna put you down, get ready.” He was obviously getting very good at that. But, I got cold right away, and shivered. I thought it was that. Well, he wanted my coat off next, and he did most of that. I think he is much better at small levitation tasks than I am. Hopefully, he could teach me! I smiled as I thought that.

Prince stood in the middle of the room, facing away from the door. He asked me to stand in front of him, facing him, like we were before. Then he had me close my eyes. He was kissing me again, right away. It felt amazing. But he said to keep my eyes closed. He slowly worked his way around me, kissing just about every part of my body he could reach. He slowly… kissed… everything… Well, he carefully avoided a few “tender areas” he called them. He apologized and said there would be a time, that wasn’t his point right now. But he slowly worked his way, walking slowly around me as I stood there with my eyes closed (shivering), as my prince kissed just about my whole body. He even kissed my tail!

When he was done, he was back in front of me, kissing my mouth again. Then he had me open my eyes, and we just looked into each other’s eyes. Then he said this. “I hope it is ok, but I only kissed those parts of your body that are absolutely beautiful to me. Well, a few I wanted to, but…” I collapsed into tears right away, and quickly was on the floor crying… Of course, prince put me quickly back on his back, and laid us down in front of the fire. I hugged his neck tightly, right away as I cried. Prince said he only kissed the parts he thought were beautiful, but that was all of me… He kissed every part of me that he felt comfortable… My prince was telling me that every single part of my body was beautiful to him… He even kissed my eyes! It just didn’t matter any more what the colts and phillies at school thought, what they said, all the mean, hurtful things they tried to pound inside me… My prince loved all of me… He could have said all of me was beautiful… But he showed me… From that point on, I forgot about everything else. My Stallion said I was beautiful. That was that. And, that was his goal.

I calmed down later, and just hugged his neck tightly. We found I could move my head forward and our lips could touch just a little. Well, I think we both treasured even that. I sighed a lot and he did too. I fought briefly, then just asked. “Prince, can I kiss every part of your body that I think is handsome too?” I smiled when I was done asking, but he did too.

“Princess, let’s wait until after we are married to do that again.” Prince said this, then he smiled again. so I did too. But then his whole tone became much more serious as he added “It was hard, because you really are so beautiful to me… But I wanted you to know how I really felt. You needed to know that.” That made me cry again. He was right.

So many amazingly good reasons to cry… What an incredible change! We cried together until we fell asleep that night.


1. The Background Music for this entire story is entitled “The Divine” from the “Forever Today” add-on for the original soundtrack for the “Seekers of Adoulin” expansion for Final Fantasy XI, and is copywritten by Square Enix. Players of FFXI will recognize this tune immediately, and this tune is fitting since a lot of this story takes place in the dead of winter. Please purchase this tune, and play it softly in the background while you read each chapter.

2. This story, “CSR Princess” is vol. 14 of the Chronicles of Summer Rain, and is copyright 2017 by Shysage



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