Notes that arise while posting CSR Princess will be located here…

b. Starting with chapter 15, some of the remaining chapters of this novel will carry the Teen category.  There will be no gory details, and not all chapters will need it, but I want to avoid any guess-work or misunderstandings.  I recommend that you should be 15 years old or older to read the Teen chapters.  Some things are better if you wait patiently for them!  I doubt this will make any overall difference; maybe I am being overly conservative, as usual…

a. Ok, so CSR Princess is a novel. Maybe you found a chapter excerpt that you liked. Rather than read (just) the full chapter, you really should start with Chapter 1 (at the bottom), and read forward!  This is a story and successive chapters build on previous ones.  That chapter that looked cool, will probably read even more cool, if you start from the beginning!


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